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These calculators are of use when calculating if a company is worth investing in. Following the Rule One Investment Method they tell you what's good and what's bad. Please be aware, that numbers aren't the only criteria for choosing if a company is good or not.

For example, you should consider their moat, and their business. Is it something you understand? do you know the directors, the board? Do you understand their values? Is it commodities? Is it good and services? What do they do? Do you even know? What's the demand? Is there any competition yet? can you Compete? and do you want to invest for the long term?

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Growth Rate (Quick): (Aim for ROIC, Sales, Equity (book value),EPS growth over 10% (each year) for 10 years):
No Years:
Start Rate:  
End Rate:  
Growth Rate:

(Advanced) Calculate the percentage growth each year for the ten year period.
Year: 10987654321
Growth (year to year):
Growth (avg):

Sticker Price Calculator: (If growth fulfils criteria, Calculate what price would be the best price to buy the stock today)
Estimate PE:  
No Years in Future:  
Growth Rate (%):  
Current EPS:  
Future Stock Value:
Todays Sticker Price:
MOS price (Margin of Safety):
Gareth Bowen .com is not qualified to give financial advice, it is assume you know what your doing, and that you use these calculators at your own risk, if at all.
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