List of facts/observations we take for granted as i try and piece the puzzle together
Period Table List Elements List Compounds List Isotopes List Processes Just The Facts
Fact Category
water ripples when a stone gets thrown in physical reality
Magnets:North South Poles attract, like poles repel physical reality
metal is attracted to both poles physical reality
diamagentic material (i.e. bismuth) are repelled from both poles physical reality
snooker table - kinetic energy travels through balls, flinging last one off physical reality
heat rises physical reality
budhist monks raise their body temperature spriritual reality
material A + material B = exothermic reaction physical reality
material C + material D = endothermic reaction physical reality
light bends around certain materials/in certain fields physical reality
material a + material b convert photons into power physical reality
LEDS material a + meterial b with power produce light physical reality
iron + copper coil turn sound waves into power physical reality
neutrino hitting a chlorine atom transforms it into a radioactive isotope of argon (davis experiment/atmosphere) physical reality
people can levitate??? myths and legends
clairvoiyance - painted penis example (finding both images in the center pages of the book/never seen before) spriritual reality
auras/ precognative dreams before things happen, before phone call is recieved... spriritual reality
resonance frequency (as things shatter) physical reality
heat added to objects makes them expand physical reality
curie effect (heat added to magents) destroyes the field physical reality
currie effect (object cools down) field returns physical reality
heat removed from objects makes the consense physical reality
fridges: compresing a gas forces the heat out physical reality
fridges: expanding the gas absorbs the heat from the suroundings *cough* physical reality
human transmisting light darkened room (hands of light book) physical reality
humans absorbing light in darkened room (hands of light book) physical reality
reik/qi wong healing - hands getting hot? spriritual reality
heat immisions from a black hole physical reality
we can turn one element into another (atmosphere/the underground experiments) physical reality
tides move the sea (see the moon/sun for more) physical reality
i recieve information at range from third parties (beyonf the fice senses) spriritual reality
someone who is colour blind can't see whats really there physical reality
bats navigate by sound (some humans do now as well) physical reality
human moves inanimate objects [weak/fiction?] myths and legends
β− decay: nutron turns into a proton. electron (e-) and antineutrino discarded physical reality
β+ decay: energy is used to convert a proton into a neutron. apositron (e+) and a neutrino (νe): physical reality
Gamma Decay: protons/nutrons stay the same. electromagnetic radation (photon) is released physical reality
heat immision from black holes physical reality
rotating metal coil around magnet produces electricty (or vice versa) physical reality
applying electriciy to a coil will magnatise metal physical reality
junction of dissimilar metals will produce an electric potential related to temperature (Thermocouples) physical reality
electric resister produces heat when electricity flows through it physical reality
heat/light causes elements to vibrate physical reality
photon released when electron returns to ground state physical reality
resonance frequeny i.e. breaking wine glass with sound physical reality
sound is a "mechanial" wave (vibration through matter) physical reality
electric current: flow of electrons (ions) around a "circuit" physical reality
A magnetic field is what? guessing games
magnetic field: electrons and positron move in opposite direction from gama ray physical reality
electron positron annihilation => gamma ray (photon) physical reality
Two-photon physics: two photons (Gama rays) coliding can produce matter? guessing games
spirit can manifest as light, or sound physical reality
diodes: current travels better one direction physical reality
heat discharges electriity? physical reality
scatering effect/angle of reboud/waves? physical reality
Diffraction physical reality
snow flakes physical reality
EMP Pulse physical reality
we can speed up/slow down light change it to matter/back again physical reality
neutronis/antinutrions the same? guessing games
plasma: partially ionized gas, with the electrons floating free physical reality
Bateries (potential differene) physical reality
Connecting in series doubles the voltage physical reality
superfluid liquid (helium) physical reality
the great work (the philospers stone) physical reality
solar power, heat and mirrors can melt steal/build power stations physical reality
acustic levitation physical reality
Burn Salt Water with radio waves physical reality
humans DO emit energy beams from eye (ocular extramission) physical reality
My attempts at trying to crate another universal theory 26/10/09
the devils science notes:how to generate power
my photon notes
my alchemy notes
energy calculator
Have I missed a fact/observation out? know something i don't kmow? pass it on at so we can further our understanding here, in the meantime we encourge you to maintain your own list as its so easy to forget your knowlege or whats stairing you in the face. keep it updated when you find something new out as you try and solve the puzzle of life. please note this list was for my own benefit. as i am trying to merge my psychic experiences with my scientific ones, as i play my experiences over the hearsay of other people. i expect you to do the same, so distinguish your sources, and what you have heard....
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