Fighting the council tax con and other legal experience

"are we not free, rather then surfs or slaves..."  ~ g bowen
Welcome to the sex tree council tax defence centre. Where i chart my slow progress through the law after appearing in Durham north magistrates court  on 27th March 09 after receiving a summons  to explain myself before  a magistrate, on a matter I knew nothing about.

Apparently someone has invented a rule where I have to pay this unelected minority money against my will, and I'm told its compulsory and I have no choice, and that there is no defence, and if you don't pay it, they will threaten to  steal your stuff  and you have to pay even if you have no money coming in which sounds like slavery to me.

Defence: the many do not rule the one, parliament is not the law and no one should be forced into funding a government it didn't consent to as the entire thing is worse then ship money ever was. The council wasn't even formed with a majority as the majority of people voted no to it before it was formed and there was mail going through the post criticising the elections as well.

I kind of messed up my royal court experience who argued "it's a democracy and can't be argued" when they threw my case out as I missed my cue and bottled it.

Understand I have no issue with taxing income and profit which is giving a share of revenue to the collective in order to fund constructive projects which help the people as that's expected, but I draw the line of paying when I have zero money coming in.

Anyway I found the entire thing was ultra vires Furthermore my view was I'd not pay for terrorism in gods name as they funded Durham police and the religious Mutaween known as social services which broke into my house illegally without warrant back in 2008 and I regarded them as terrorist organisations at the time.

Yes I turned the entire thing into an issue of belief and was still annoyed at them having not replaced my door which they promised to and I was in the bath when they broke in at the time. I should have just filed on the police, social services back in 2008 but I didn't as I got distracted with transferring last of savings and was hit with å° in bank charges, and it was the police and social services so like I was going to get any where there.

I only wanted to live in peace and bring money in. See the Palestine/Israeli peace process for more - as that's where this lot is going now as the entire thing just escalated out of control. Anyway I threatened to declare independence citing article 15, 17 of the united nations declaration of human rights which i attached to the paperwork to the royal courts for my treatment on the grounds they were ignoring human rights law, and as such I was willing to stand as one against many, in defence of my land, and person which i did I eventually as I wasn't on speaking terms to government or anyone at all. Je etait stressed.

~the satanic witch out
more experiences of a satanic witch

Defender Issue 1 - A 2 page document, tipping you off on what to expect when you get there from my experience of a hearing (please note i lost!) which is why i wrote this up afterwards!

Defender Issue 2 - How to sue christ... as it's bugging the crap out of me, and is only indirectly linked to this case...

I am Not A Slave - protest advert i am still annoyed and this time its war! and this is relevant to this case...

In the meantime i was stuck with trying to navigate the appeal maze, i ran into one solicitor i knew from my detainment on mental health and he said i knew more then him, which was a great help for someone who isn't legally qualified whereupon he agreed that yes, it is designed to put you off appealing, though this was the lawyer who said you had to prove a writ of habeous corpus (as far as I understand it you don't) as I never got to see the evidence of why I was detained.

[reminds me to make sure i get a judges/multiple courts on speed dial least i get threatened again... numbers welcome or try 02079476000 for emergency apps... See CPR for more]

What follows is my paperwork as an indication of what not to do (Bit Embarrassing Really)

Responses received from the defendant : North Durham magistrates court todate
06/04/09 Response letter One HMRC  post EX160
08/04/09 Response letter Two HMRC
Easter for 4 days the courts are closed, and time still counts as emails are ignored!
14/04/09 Response letter Three HMRC
22/4/09 Response letter Four HMRC (in original attachment format)
interested parties - council
23/03/09 council response 1
05/04/09 my response 1
17/04/09 received 2nd class post council response 2
22/04/09my response 2
25th August 09 another final demand
2nd Sept 09 Response to August Demand
12/sept/09 council threats page 1, council threats page 2
12/oct/09 Another summons to explain myself AKA show up at court without representation so we can get a court order against you...
Evidence presented in appeal case for council tax
Exhibit A - the original summons
Exhibit B - a protest letter from labour re elections
Exhibit C - "defences" given out by the prosecution when you get there
Exhibit D - a statement of my mortgage arrears
Exhibit E - a statement of my mortgage arrears (other house)
Exhibit F - draft letter to clerk sent on 13th, outlining issues for case stated prior to going judicial review. this etails the issues of trial, and contains information relevant to other section on this form. which was originally going to be by case stated, till i came conscious of time wasting re deadlines. see for other draft correspondence/statement of fact. this is labelled grounds of appeal as well.
Exhibit G poster ran in council elections last year, to elect the antichrist president the first democratically elected president of europe.
Exhibit H a business card wildly circulated around Durham to promote my site, with the antichrist campaign on. (lead to some prejudice in parts of Durham) though other people love me, including ex councillors depending on whos side your on... either way it has resulted in prejudice from certain public institutions, who are acting in a terrorist capacity as funded through an unelected council, who are seeking funds through intimidation and duress (as not all of them like me very much).... apple? anyone
Exhibit I proof of postage to show it was within the time limits
Exhibit J letter 1 from council, containing threat of invasion
Exhibit K letter 2 from council, another direct threat of invasion in breach of article 1, protocol 1 inter alia
related legal stuff
Previous complaint to police - re illegal break ins. funded by the council. now you may have issues with trying to detain witches for religious conversion. i myself don't. especially when on the receiving end of the Durham Christian brigade, the keystone cops. post Kenya massacre and an illegal detainment which cost me a fortune in business and my career
Attempts to gain evidence failed - in December i had no access to cash/bank accounts to pay the data access fees, and its almost as if any written evidence if it existed has disappeared police blocked letters, trying to Fob me off with an inspector who was the most insulting/patronising men i have met. Then a letter showed up a few months giving me a refund for the access fee i couldn't pay. (no check for the door!)
police letter 1
Dear mrs shaw - my response
police response back as all goes quiet for another 3 months... (presumably)
14/05/09 n244 disclosure request for evidence so i can litigate events of 27th Oct 09
Durham politics - other stuff
copy of the lap dancing fiasco judgment notice the 3 signitures of the magistrates invovled... [size warning 5 pages, scanned in at 1.3MB after roberta sent it me in the post, and is an amusing read...]
random aside:

how to appeal (after you have been given the run around):
Warning you have 21 days and that time will go quickly, in trying to find people get answers back! especially if they are drip fed. not everyone is helpful - most will try and put you off appealing/doing anything, delay you at every turn. some though are very, very quick in their responses. showing that either the law can be used to help or hinder, depending what side your on. namely the more you know up front, the quicker you can prepare get it in on time, and remember i don't know what I'm talking about which is why I'm 2 weeks down, 1 week to go and I've still no idea how many more hoops to fill.

1> find number of magistrates court, phone office.
2> get email address, to send files to.
3> send letter for appeal. with form ex160 if your eligible for benefit. this one costs à° or its free if your on benefit, or your income is below 12k for a single person. (steps up if your a couple and or have kids) this seemed to accomplish nothing, and be there to put people off. but you have to do it anyway. how odd.

until eventually (in my case at least) your told to send a letter in to appeal via case stated  or  the judicial review route. while being quoted à° in costs to process it, though I think judicial review is cheaper, though you and I might be screwed if we loose (especially because i am broke) but in the first instance, it would appear that the same forms as for the magistrate are being used by the high court as well, which means I can at least file the bloody forms,  yipee (see above)

about time, i took some action to stop this bulling lark - i keep getting as far as writing complaints up, then scrapping them. as i have no idea what to do next! and i'm still not sure i do either, so it should be bemusing at the very least...  (in a not really, but you have to learn sometime kind of way... which is what this is learning! how not to get screwed by the other side!)

or remember
stark [the shark] says "trial is war", and "truth is relative", so be prepared for them to use it against you in a court of law, least the devil come and rip you apart or something like that

or danny crany [boston legal] "I have an erection. That's a good sign. I'm ready to go to trial. Lock and load..."

or [ally mcbeal *cringe*]

nelly porter: You having fun with this case? 
ling woo: It's okay. I prefer being a plaintiff, but a defendant's nice too. I get a martyr glow.

lock and load, and file... sun glasses on, lets go, "i'm sorry your honour have we won yet?" as no proof has been offered to date...

and "its worse then a hex" [its a law suit]  ~ danny crane gareth bowen... here today, ooooooooooops
Delaying tactics used/seen - being directed to the wrong office, county court instead of magistrates court. they do not have the forms. they may stone wall you with a request for a form number, and direct you to the civil procedure rules, if you do not now. and in my case you will find that they don't use that court very often and its based elsewhere. or that the reception is only staffed on certain days, either way it will be the other office. find the court Address/numbers here.
there are some complications with spirit as far as the israli/palestine peace process goes. but we won't go into that here. as its perhaps irelevent now.
My crap attempts at drafting
Date Attachment
21/4/10 new tactics from bailiffs: sealed envelope containing another of those letters, and a notice of seizure for my car. never open your door, and never ever sign one of these things. i was in town advertising at the time.
another final notice
notice of seizure side 1
notice of seizure side 2
I would also refer you to castle doctrine, and justified homicide if anyone tries to breach, as i um the pros and cons of a retalitory strike if they take my car as we do not recognise their government, or their courts here and will defend this land to the death! (ot sratve to death in silent meditation depending which one comes first)
19/4/10 new council tax tax bill for house i rent (this isn't getting paid either! and is the one i cant rent out legally because of safety checks, though it is up with the estate agent, but they couldn't contact me as i was without phone. no money for decoration as well, and no car to get over there as well! this bill is because I've not been able to rent it in the break. nothing selling either, and its supposed to be pension notwithstanding we wouldn't be able to afford home seller packs either. which is further twist of irony to the lot
17/4/10 over do reminder its not getting paid on principle, even if i do get the cash! none of them are now! as i had a noose around my neck the first balief letter, and you broke into my house illegally for being a witch, and deliberately tried to put me out of business as well. ergo go to hell!
/4/2010 oh look another demand
25/3/10 I think this is one of the psychological tactics, 5 letter in post today: demand 1,
demand 2,
demand 3,
demand 4,
and the 5th was an advert for labour which we didn't read and opened last. needless to say we're annoyed, and they seem to be doing funny thing with dates [the bailiffs] as well
15/3/10 demand notice 1
demand notice 2
demand notice 3
nothing says it better then pressure tactics in the post... and the more you pressure the worse we get, and its only because i'm a pacafist that no ones blowing anything up! these demands are ulta vires it breach protocol one , article 1 inter alia and you have no juristiction here! and we shall defend the land accordingly to death. note i am a satanic witch, not a christan, and like my property to the extent i may blow stuff up/call jihad if its removed by force if only because i'm looking for a new twist on the other religions here, as it distracts from work and its definitly not inthe public interests to have anothe religion calling jihad at the drop of a hat! as i will not co-operate if thesextree goes under at all.
notwithstanding the offer to rent space on my flag still stands. you can have your national flag in the top corner for 12 million, or you can rent the lot for 120 million, and i will do "dom" for a price, whips/the chains the lot - but it depends what you have in mind, as i'm sub generally. i.e. not dom at all ;)
p.s. i am defaulting on my phone, and electricity is next! (2nd reminder and i cant pay that at all!)
12/3/10 council tax demand p1
council tax demand p2
i will never pay another council tax demand for as long as i live! even if i had the money as you should have been paying me benefit it here. instead you are illegaly breaking into witches houses without warrent/persecuting people for belief, while beating up old blokes as you talk about "mental health" your doctors are nothing but illiterate f**kwits who have no respect for time, money or the law. and i hope you all go bust!
ps we formed a seperate state: see article 15, 17 of united nations human rights act and i will die, before i backtrack now. so take your demand and shove it up your arse!
2/3/10 council tax demand and this is getting silly now
24/2/10 2 letters recieved in post this morning invasion threat 1
invasion threat 2 no one has been on my land, our blinds are up - and i guarentee any invasion of our landwill be met with force, as it looks like they are plotting to break the law here! we do not recognise your government here! and we have no money to spare as we try and get our news site off the ground
5/feb/10 balif demand letter
law student hint:(look at the sequence of previous letters!)
4/feb/10 double whammy:
balif demand letter 1
balif demand letter 2
21/1/2010 Another demand from balifs which we are going to ignore, as we've made out mind up here! and if anything we should have turned our backs on the blond bimbos, and had it out with the parlimentarian instead if we were going to do it all over again. see regrets for more
16th jan 2010 1st notice from balif company (apear to have lost letter) as we got distracted with a suicide attempt instead but it was identical to this one. Unfortunatly theres a sharp nasty pain, which goes up the skull into your head. which is very unpleasent which rules hanging out as the pain from the larynx being crushed hurts too much to go through with it here, and I don't seem to have the balls to plunge a knife in. so we;re going to kill anyone who >invades our land instead,as thats perhaps easir in the long run with things. we do not recognise durham council, we do not recognise their law (we declared indepence citing article 15, 17 of the united nations decleration of rights) and any invasion of our land or our person will be met with lethal force. this stuff is operating in sych with the water, and bank one as well
15/11/09 stuff i sent them page 1 of supplied form
page 2 of supplied form
notice of intent (this had sticky note on. remending them id sent it to high court/court of appeal back in may! as i'm doing this by the book! *cough*
Parliament is not the law flyer
Lost In Woods Flyer [technically i can't run - i'm not british anymore/don't have the cash!]
Temptation Awaits Flyer
Human Rights Flyer
[times like this, i wished i'd brought zulu on dvd! so i guess i'm stuck with 300 instead]
5/11/09 demand for information supposedly they have a liablity order, but show no proof of it
30/10/09 Supposed to be in court today. woke up, looked at clock. then came to my senses. its the british justice system. there is no such thing as a fair trial here, and any argument i do. might impact on lisbon - and i want it signed (checz). obviously it won't go that far, as i will be seen as small, and trampled on so any rights i have, will be ignored as their is no representation there, and well they haven't actually said what its for either in my book as well. They already know i don't have the money, and can't pay it and that i should be on benefit and well all previous attempts have them ignoring article 6, as not one of the will address any arguments raised, its an excuse for a fob off and i don't see why i should put myself through that stress to legitamise a system i no longer about/want to be a part of. so i stayed in bed/meditated on stuff till 5pm which was perhaps a better use of my day. I'm anoyed with the psychic side, its a waste of my time.
29/10/09 no preperation/not ready - want to do question via 68.2 (1) b and get a stay till lisburns sorted out as i shouldn'tbe representing myself! and i don't really know what i'm defending yet. (technically its a guess - on the previous time!) and yes,  borer commision article 4, and a new advert suming my mood
12/oct/09 aother summons to kick it off all over again and yes they do know, i have 0 income, am fighting repossesion, and everything else, and i wont pay no either, because nothing was done about them trying to illegaly detain/persuecting witches, because of their belief set. i will not support or join any community, which pays for that kind of action. ergo seperate state, they can f**k off, and pester someone else, i do not recognise their government, and would rather die - then legitamise it now inter alia bon sur! as durham is a rotton burough through, and through much like the british justice system is and i probably need to sent a letter to the boundary commission as well...
12/sept/09 council threats page 1, council threats page 2
2/sept/09 response to council
25th August 09 arse. looks like we do the entire thing again: final demand a conspiracy to learn the law, as i try and sumerise the facts again.[this demand, is different from the previous one. which was last years!]
13TH AUGUST 09 decisions, decisions... To go to the court of appeal or not... (as the dice of fate role and i worry whats the point)
11/august/09 something i should never write, as i go, do i or don't I - argument if only because they say, i can't argue it!and i am getting anoyed...
refusal shows up
11th august 09
order refusing hearing and no reasons, as requested by me in person on the 7th. as i explicitly asked if he needed it in writing before being fobbed off again... as any appeal would have to be 7 days of the origional hearing, with a copy of the transcript and the reasons for reaching the decision... which are not present here, and you wounder why ship money dragged us to war... (peut-etra pas maintenant)
I go to london
7th august 09
HEARING IN PERSON, AT ROYAL COURTS COURT 1, defence doesn't show up. judges respond with it can'e be argued, though i do get in parliment is not the law, this could have gone better as i am still unsure how to "but in" when correcting judicery, and i let them frame the issue which was a misake. i stood in the royal courts of justice, and argued "parliment is not the law" and the response back was, its a democracy, despite the facts indicating otherwise. also i can't argue my grounds, with no reason why. which i thinks a breach of article 6, as judges are required to answer all points. [they compleatly ignored the wrong doing in the magistrates court] this had a 30 min slot, it needed at least an hour. as i didn't say as much as i could have done. (and i think they were expecting me to do something with the "it can't be argued bit" from the previous judges point, and not having a law degree. i commented on how i thought it could and refered back to my notice of renouncing british citizenship, and forming a seperate state... which may have been the wrong response to make)
high course response
13th june 09
oral hearing date page 1
oral hearing date page 2
oral hearing date page 3
map to royal courts side 1
map to royal courts side 2
CofA response 13/june/09 [strictly speaking i think they tried to deliver this on the 11th going by the dream i had -featured luc picard been chased by security/opening doors slowing him down, and things to big to push through, as well as the scisiors bit inter alia - pre knock from the postman when i got sirens, but i wasn't dressed, and no card was left and this then showed on the 13th after i asked at the post office as well..] response from the court of appeal
notwithanding i was appealing the refusal for interim relief, while i continued judical review under 54.12 which doesn't actually seem to cover the interim injunction bit, if you read the wording in the civil procedure rules inter alia bon sur....
6th June 09
confirmation/how to wait for listing date
2nd june 09

return postage î¹µ
bastards sent this: a request for "the correct 86b" despite a call previously saying it was only the wording which mattered:
Letter recieved 2nd june
form sent back notwithstanding other calls threatening repossession in the crown court on other things - as i try and get this site transfered to the uk and operational again and yes i do hope the bastards [all of them, regardless of the case] burn in hell for eternity for their approaches, as i've pretty much given up on the legal system as of now, and expect someone [me?] will most likely die before the end of it...
Recieved 26/5/09


identical files to interested party/respondent & defendent:
postage 500g - î´°
postage 520g - î·°

judical review update - î¹µ (100g)
interim relief appeal - î·° (600g)
Total: ã®·5

binders x 6 = î³³
each holding 14 pages 28 sides (3.1p to print aside excluding mistakes, time,  paper and  things like that)
I get the files back finally - bankholiday! and another letter which appears to contradict the other one recieved 23/5/09 until i realise 54.12 b (4) and whats this they didn't send out a no 86 b which has to be back within 7 days of the date of the letter stamped 21/0/5/09 [ recieved on the 23rd] notwithstanding the files recieved today which need to be filed in 7 days... in the meantime the courts have a way of hanging up if you try and ask more then one thing, as the n244 for the police has vanished, and i think i'd better add this/expand my case as well:  [in the meantime i need to discover the merits of if one can appeal an interim injuction seperately while persuing the other, and if so what forms it on -given the deadlines of course]

notwithstanding i am anoyed at a solicitors firm i have never heard of/ and or consulted been added to my case file - which they intially tried to use to refuse calls because i am not them... "could be a computer glitch" to use their words...

core bundle update
1. Essential Reading List
* form 86 b renewal of app
* Notice of intent to form a seperate state

interim relief appeal

1. index
2. appellents notice [N161]
3. skeleton argument
4. Notice of intent to form a seperate state
5. judges descisons/refusal for relief
6. copy of interim relief app
7. letter 1 from council, threating distress
8. letter 2 from council threatining distress
9. origional judgement 

completed ex160
Civil Appeals Registry
Room E307
royal courts of justice
24/5/09notice of my intent, if justice is ignored - as the un is looking real good about now... with the idea of sticking them on the 4 corners of my land [subject to other avenues of appea and getting my files back, argggggggghl]
Recieved 23/may/09 high court response needless to say i am not happy, 7 day dealine to file with court of appeal, however they said an order had been satisfied in the post, and i have yet to get the files back, as the parcel was too big which is mondays job. i also missed another argument, and the basic article 6 regarding assumption, and forcing the person recieving the bill to prove they wern't liable, though this goes to slavery as well - and they say i can't argue this, f**king morons, and has me considering the un, though i have to pick up the international law statues book, before i write a response, in order to justify how serious this is, as i am all for renoucning the british bit of my european identiy - and declaring my land as an independent state, which is perhaps next, if i don't get the files back in - as i have limited cash 
5 x 64 pages (124 sides)
indexed, and bound in plastic folders
= ༢r /> +
postage at ᮶5
to royal courts next day delivery


disclosure order for police as well (see bottom)

Documents for new bundles:
1. Index
2. updated judical review form
3. another N463 for urgent review
4.  draft copy of order to stop the ultra vires invasion of my land...
5. N244 request for FULL document disclosure
6. explanation to missing decision/place holder
7. copy of decision looking to overturn  [this appears to be a copy of the result, not the judgment and the reasons - with the magistrates signitures on, which appears not to exist going by evidence to date]
8. statement of grounds
9. statement of facts
10. skeleton argument [form n163]
11. proposed reference under section 68.2(1) b to the ECJ [ form no 109]

(see bottom links)
12. council tax extracts [the statute of assumption]
(see links on right for otherb statues)
13. treaty extracts
14. charter extracts
29/04/09 Court papers returned :
Response letter - high court
copy of remission certificate
and my proof of postage  

Please  compare their last excuse!!! against the 3 month deadline, as i look to prepare again - while remembering to add a statement of truth as well... (please note that the high court had said i didn't need copy of judgement on phone prior to sending, and north durham magistrates are arguing that i have to get a copy of the judgement from the council...
.. hence why you may understand my sceptism and why i am considering plan 68.2(1) b of the CPR as i argue subsidarity, and the fact that aleicester darling, labour and the 606 billion deficit isn't competant, and can you do what is nesessary under article 5 of the treaty and elect a president instead, to bring into alignment with article 34 of the charter of fundermental rights at the european level... in the meantime, i am looking for binding as well as adding to the grounds, and the other forms as i find them, if i don't mess up in the meantime, as i don't think they are playing fair... (also have transfer forms for the new leeds high court offices as well, which is another alternative for filing)
16/04/09posted stuff to the royal courts of justice, adminstration court office, strand, london, WC2A 2LL, next day delivery...
15/04/09screw it judical review, and the n463 and a draft statement of facts and i've probably/missed forgotten the other forms (applications?), as i've never done this before, with the idea of printing/sending tommorow.. before the friday deadline (as they say send in, in first instance and they may kick even if their is 2 more months max, as the first deadlines friday... which means next day post)
13/04/09 (4 days to go) 2nd (draft?) for case stated - note the signature (CPR 5.3 says thats ok, as she wanted me to post it in - PD5B discusses the pilot scheme for electonic filing, though this may be either a> a closely guarded secret or b> not everyone is doing it yet or c> its not applicable to everything, who knows its only the law ;)  those who like speed seem to tell you about it, its discussed in the civil procedure hand book.
First draft for case stated
first attachment letter (abandent) - pre second response. I was concious of time, and grew concerned, so emailed it in, with a warning it was draft - pre letter 2
31/3/09 my original "unsuitable" email - which I sent in as instructed by phone
Helpful Links
Civil procedure handbook 2008/2009 this is the most evil book ever devised, the rules of war for filing on time. buy this book, know this book and remember trial/burocracy is war before finding out there is another one as well *cringe* and this isn't all their is to the rules of war, and i still havent learn it yet!!...
Magistrates court: EX160 save time send this in when you email the court with your appeal (as they will only send it you anyways as they won't do anything till the fees are paid/your exempt) and this works for the high court too, or so i'm told...  free if your incomes below 12k/on benefit, or partial reduction thereof
practice directions applying to magistrates court from the criminal procedure rules, it tells you inter alia what the "independent legal advisors" job is supposed to be... read it before you go in! (V55)
High court: Judicial review forms and guidence leaflet these appear to have to be posted to London (if your not going by case stated)
N463 Judicial review application for urgent consideration
N244 form to order disclosure/interim app/injunction - high court( N265 list of document responses)
N16A application for an injuction - county court
N161 appellants notice - permission to appeal
book: blackstones guide to the criminal procedure rules 205  please don't do what i did, and buy a crimal procedure handbook - only to find out afterwards it was for the south african courts, oooooops
Criminal Procedure Rules (formally Magistrates㯵rts Rules 1981) detailing application by way of case stated (and i am so not amused...) 
Sex Tree Human Rights Law page...
Office For Judicial Complaints
relevent statues
The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992
Unsolicited Goods and Services Act 1971
Human Rights Act 1998
European Communities Act 1972
treaty establishing the europen union (treaty of rome) consolodated version
treaty of niece (Official Journal C 80 of 10 March 2001) note: see part 1, 1p  on the european communities act 1972, and 9. "Article 40 shall be replaced by the following Articles 40, 40a and 40b:..." on this one 
charter of fundermental rights
with respect to
The United Decleration of Human Rights
[please note: treaties are not applicable in british law - unless its signed into statue - which is why you want to refer to the european union statue, and reference the other treaties which bring it in, and any ECJ rullings which take precidence over uk national law as national law is not allowed to hide/replace union law inter alia - as you nail the bastards to the wall once and for all, least britian continue to break the law, which is the prefered choice of some - if not all -  british judges it would seem...]
charter of the united nations in particular article 55
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
other advice
how to file the court bundle (court of appeal)
the other eu treaties
case law database
Benham v UK (1996)

my legal experience todate...

1> speeding accusation back in  july? 06 when i picked up the psychic images of the letter before hand. nothing came of it. as i had already filled the bloody thing in once/they had insufficient evidence to prosecute/timed out after 6 months. police came around twice trying to coerce me into a confession in breach of article 6. they tried to get around the harassment loophole - by doing the one night for section 172, and the other night for the speeding offence. however they also broached the speeding offence on the first night, not that i said anything. as that forward facing picture could have been anyone and photos (as far as i know) can't be used as evidence to identify the driver in law...
and without the section 172 they can not prosecute for the other (well they can, but its hard to get a conviction) hence that politically sensitive inquisition approach to get you to confess, to something you didn't do - obviously - No proof... [psychic research started seriously nov 05 i think -  shamanic dance/lucid dream post whitby the one with the reiki style energy sensations started it off, ignoring sleeping with ac ertain   bdsm pro  dom who had precongnitive dreams/doing tarot prior to that date... ]

2> August 07 - spirit in the pub/telling me to tell the whole truth nothing but the truth, and the image of my ex going "eeek they are pulling him in" when i picked up a branch by the river. this is  when i first got serious proof of the other side...  before the police showed up the next door with  a common assault allegation which was later dropped.(she twisted my wrist, i broke the lock and she was pissed at me for giving my athame/tarot deck/wand/cloth (circa å°«) set to an Ex I  still loved... hence the surprise... notwithstanding the proof of spirit/ruling body language out ie. telepathy inter alia and i will gloss over the dedication to the royal family/cursing the ic money while trying to learn magick, which obviously doesn't work, as i think you just get shown stuff to humor you inte alia, as i'm sure the economic crisis was under way before that date... [see books/beast for more as you can't prove anything -and the money was ic, even if the magik wasn't - and this isn't the same as the goetia one which had me banned the next day from the angle pub (coincidence)  which came in 08 oh dear --more an oversight - we stopped burning witches right? i'm sure i spent more time, worying about the ins and outs, was it right/hows it backfire then actually cursing it... as i was playing the game, and its only purly coincidental i was thinking about the real world, at other times, as the magick was over several days, and errrrrrrrr i think i will shut up now... see no proof it works]

However this is where i  picked up the voices in the pub saying "how much does he know about sexual harassment law" which is about the time, all the big stuff kicked in see my book drafts for more at other locations, and on auras that i did at least prove i was getting information from inteligence other then me - i got so much information pointing inconsistencies out at the police station re human rights law. (re clairvoyance) that i wrote the complaint up, never filed it... that it got me thinking of doing the law again
,and they ignored my article 8 argument re dna evidence after the charges were dropped , threatened me with force to take it, and my fingerprints regardless  - and i won't comment on thesubsequent  human rights ruling which sided with my stance.. grrrrrrr [i'm starting to  think you have to put police to the test, and force them to use force, as its not a crime when they don't have lawful authority to err defend oneself, eitherway trust them not at all - on anything ever - as most haven't even read the law persay, let alone understand it - and i'm scepticle if  certain sergents who shall remain namelss have actually ever  read the blackstone criminal handbook for their sergenet exams ever - see the illegal beak in for more ]

3> deposit protection scheme, and me not taking it serious enough to file/sue quicker cover the holes - too much clairvoyance and i lost the case as they "Ignored the evidence" on a technicality. The bitch won... what comes about, swings about as i was stuck with criminal damage (it wasn't her, just she vacated early, didn't give notice and had encouraged kids to play - breached the contract leaving it vacant...and not telling me)

4> police refusing to write up criminal damage on my property, and his throw away comment saying "i don't like your politics", and here i was thinking  the police were just supposed to write evidence up, as seen/take the report... and it was the CPS job to prosecute or not.... (and they didn't investigate, got told about who did it by the kids later while the copper asked the women across the steet , the one  i had seen in my dreams, in that house, with my ex - f**king me as a thresome - and who later turned out to have the keys, and had been entering my house without consent, hence the dream., as the damage was done when she vacted in breach of terms...
[Q: Does spirit count as advance  notification to leaving as far as the law is concerned? and if so, can i tender evidence to the clairvouyance of her knowing about the damage? which was later co-oberated by neighbours as evidence against her? as i can't find any reference in the law books to that effect... i.e. is it hearsay and/or does it fall under one of the obscure exceptions to the hearsay rule? seriously i want to know, as its pissing me off now]

5> hacking incidents - they took the complaint, but no response from the met,   either way i traced it back to china and at the time i hadn't figured out how to get an injunction  for disclosure in this country, let alone china where i didn't (still don't really)  speak the language, same issue with india as well, blocked and tracked and no way to get it from the isps invovled... [Its one of those times you wished you had done  law  straight out of uni , not computing, and had founded an international law firm instead...]
6> police break in/the illegal detainment when i was in the bath, the police were nice/polite very unhelpful and ignoring the law and my reference to it. A cross between the mutaween and the keystone cops. with that bitch yevonne travers who committed fraud (breached section 126, 127 and 135 of the mental health act inter alia [no warrent/illegal break in/damage to property,illegal search,article 5, tresspass,etc] )
 i regret going with them trying to sort it out. 2 days illegally detained, while incurring back charges as i was prevented from transferring money in time, oh to have someone i know file habeous corpus. as well as loss of reputation, embarrassment degrading treatment by morons who knew nothing about article 5 with nurses saying "we're just following protocol" much like the natzis in the T-4 wards, as an illiterate f**kwith of a doctor, is playing silly buggers (power trip) i want to sue, not filed yet

Other issues...

7> Many other acts of being screwed in contracts/and me regretting i hadn't pushed it further and/or changed the wording beforehand even though i noticed the clause, didn't think it would be an issue - it was, notwithstanding other times, when i didn't know my rights/ too shy/scared to  stand up for myself. but that's going back awhile now, again i wished i'd learnt the law sooner...

with lots of cases of people not paying, when they should have paid, and waiting to see if i would push it....  being nice looses you lots rather reminiscent of "please sir, can i have some more" and getting shouted at, before hand

8> the time spirit, was telling me stuff about my car and how i dared asked a question and got them to admit it was a flaw on manufacture (software issue), only for them to say they wern't responsible and it was the manufacturer,  i then read afterwards sales and goods act which seems to inicate they were, which is the beauty of hindsight i guess... oooooops but at least i asked, and it was only becuse of the energy sensations i got while waiting...

oh for a spine...

8> standing my ground, unable to pay anything as i go into mortgage arrears, fight debt collectors, and unsolicited goods and services acts. which initially scares the hell out of you, but i think i have grown more accustomed to bully tactics now, and pick up "we may" lots. some of those i could have sued back. and before i forget hsbc broke their terms first (if it gets that far) re 1% tracker rates not ever going above the bank of england base rate...  though i suspect that will depend on what mood everyone is, though they appear to being nice for now - with the governments recent shifts and all

in summary i hate the law. It's a lot of people talking, no one listening, and it hasn't helped at all!  as i've still got screwed every single time even with what little i know -
 With people siding with who their friends are/who shouts loudest/who seems bigger/[insert political reason here] and most seem to not even bother trying to explain anything, or even trys to  make the judment look fair - if anything the more i read, the more it looks a joke, and goes to prejudice.
Ergo i'm  scepticle if i should have bothered with any of it, ignorance is bliss be a slave, as no will care - unless they areon the receiving end of it, at which point your on your own c'est la vie. Perhaps why people get locked up for 18 months for playing paint ball, because their skin colour is wrong/they upset the wrong person, and well ooooops...

So unfortunatly NO USEFUL experience of the law here,  which is perhaps why you better go elsewhere, as i obviouslty suck at this, am doing something funermentaly wrong with the entire thing and to make matters worsemy applican for a legal conversion degree was turned down in spite of me arguing  protocol 1, article 2 on the ap, i think mentioning spirit was a mistake -  perhaps  i should  blame discrimination on spiritual grounds/and or need to sue to get on the course - not that i could pay for it mind... ooooooooops

Much like  those employment agnencies who refused to pass my details on, for allegedly having no legal/computing skills, despite being better qualified then any other candidate.. must be because i'm a witch, ooooooooooops and/or don't have big tits, which seems to be the other preference of late and well its probably too late now as 1> i no longer want to work for anyone as a slave, and 2> i may have almost figured out enough to file and sue anyone who did hire me, for any number of grounds [though they will ignore it anyway - unless you know the judge?], which is one of the few things i'm good at, if nothing else....

Reminds me television licence is easy these days and appears to be on its way out, so many holes that they may have finaly eased of harising people
- at worst you only need it to watch it live. which they have to provenotwithstanding the fact that is it most likely is a loser with European law , censorship if anyone pushed it that is.  as a licence for broadcasting *hint, hint* is separate from a licence for receiving it, as would you require a person who frequencs a pub to require a licence?  i think not...
which is all the wording says, and to quote dicey words are humpty dumpty they mean what ever you need it to mean,  as the judges
ignore the law, the words and side with who evers stronger...
or something like that,  and who evers watching, does no one watch trials these days?

must be because i forget to proof read stuff and/ am too open.don't soeak my mind ooooops
 or the fct that no one listens anymore to argument and or will snap/bite your head of instead because humpty broke

assuming i don't lock up like a scared bunny in front of authority again [that is starting to wear off, as there is only so many times you can have the police breaking into you in the bath, before you snap, and numbers loose their effect not that we have numbers in britian as democracy sucks and well is incompetant to boot]

c'est la vie - waste of time - immunity comes through experience/osmosis and rhe baptism of fire -now f**k off and speak to a professional, or offer me money for something else instead - male escort/tarot/computing - as its obvious i know nothing of the law, and these people will ignore it regardles of what happens next, oh for an army, unless i can get that  injuction
to work
as i'm getting sick and tired of morons, invading my land, damaging my property and not replacing them!!!!  perhaps i should have gone with thermite instead as those gypsis oviously lied, saying i was going to be running my own business, i'm bring nothing in, *sob* and well running around trying to listen to god/precognative dreams go tme screwed as well, should have been a slave, given up and errr what?

Please note anyone below 12k income doesn't have to pay to file an appeal, though you may get charged costs from the defence when you loose (if you loose, but at least we have europe as back us up - j'ai esperer... as britain justice system, isn't renowned for its impartiality in things like this, or the law in general for that matter. (see humpty dumpty for more)).

Arguments Main Points

1> i am not a slave (Article 4)
2> no one has the right to hold you against your will or bind you to a community you don't agree with. as the many do not rule the one. and i will not be a slave to their government anymore
3> that includes forcing you to pay for things you have not ageed (unsolicited goods and services act 1971 inter alia)
4> I willnot fund the illegal persecution of witches anymore. as christians have no right to impose their culture, and their belief set on anyone and deserve to have a nation of our own! as britian has betrayed everything we hold dear (freedom/honor/respect/integrity/crowley/persuit of knowlege in all its forms - free of the incomeptance and persuection of christian rule [article 15, 17, united nations decleration of rights], as i will not fund these illegal break ins anymore.
durham police illegally broke in, with social services and held me illegally for 48 hours against my will, because i am a witch and psychic.  while my business blew up with bank charges in what can only be described as a deliberate attempt to destroy my business
5> durham police and their terorism is funded by durham council
6> doors which were promised have no been replaced
7> i have no money to pay debt, and in fact if i were paying all my contractual comitments i would be in negative, worse the failure to pay anything was causing me to incur even more bank charges.... in a repative cycle and thus forcing me to default on loans
8> i have never entered an agreement with durham council to pay them money, not ever
9> i see no law which says it is compulsory to pay durham council anything
10> if there was a law which said an unlected majority had to be paid, against your will it would be ulta vires and against the law, as "no majority" has that right to hold a minority against their will, by force of arms...
11> further to that durham councils elections have probably breached protocol 1, article 3 going by current evidence of impriorities reported from elsewhere
12> the idea of  british democracy currently holds at the idea of 16.2% of the population holding a majority which can vote to invade another soverign states land, and that seems wrong...
13> the use of distress to invade our land and steal our belongings would be wrong and ultra vires with respect to inter alia protocol 1, article 1 of human rights law as no hostile force, or numbers should have that power (see hitler and World War II, and the G20 Sumit  for more)
14> we work together be we want to, not because we are scared into it, by force of arms which turns into evil in gods name
15> durham council is  funding terorists which are breaking into peoples houses because of their belief set, locking psychics up because they fear the other side, and psychic research and that is wrong
16> peple are dying all over the world because of that fear, see the kenya witch masacres last year where 11 witches were brutually masacred because morons fear the devil, and that is wrong
17> i would stand in the devils name, confront that fear and say neigh we  have no need to scare people into slavery anymore.  as we give money to charities, and pass knowlege on and help people suceed instead. unlike durham council which is funding surpression and fear.
18> as i reject any government, or body which would blackmail people into silence, with reprials as we are better then that, or should be at least.

please note:
I am cool with the concentual tie me up, whip me, make love to me short term slavery which consenting adults enter into for fun. just to show i am balanced in these things. and yeah parliment is not the law, as well for that stands above us uncensored (or should) see je suis roi for more

Reasons for appealing magistrates court Rulling inter alia ultra vires law:

1. no seperatation of powers between council and magistrates.
2. council pressganging people into rooms, with no legal council giving them paper indicating they have no rights
3. usher deliberatly gaining your attention, while making jokes about going to jail, with sign language while saying "see it was worth coming down today, you've learnt something new"
4. "independent legal advisor" prosecuting case, and pre trail going "magistrates have no power here", while arguing you can't argue any defence unless he says. including not having the money is not a defence
5. not being notified before hand, of what your being charged with. no knowlege of if this is a civil, criminal hearing. while they read statue out, with no prior warning beforehand.
6. degrading treatment designed to instil fear/peer pressure wrong doing. and guily before innocent with inter alia being led forward, forced to sit in a tiny chair, with the prosecution to the back of you, while magistrates look down on you
7. no proof offered by prosuection, in way of guilt and or any agreement ever being made
8. only one magistrate rulled, with no basis in law to do so. 9. I am not a slave and shouldn't be treated as one
10. no answers given to objections, moves to dismiss all being ignored and not commented on, with the "idependent legal advisors" trying the prosecution case, dictating events ignoring (v55.9) inter alia ...
11. and any law which was assumed to indicate guilt, would be ultra vires due to anti slavery law
12. the fact that we are not slaves, and i would stand against any government which would say otherwise. that we should be respected as equals and given a fair trial inter alia see above for and the appeal for more, as no one should expect bullying from authority figures period...
Change the Taxation System Now
The system is discrimnatory, and people are being screwed left right and centre and its not fair. if we want to work together, then lets work together, give everyone the same. pay benefit to everyone, regardless of if they are working or not, then tax everyone who is earning at a higher rate. this will force people to share the workload, and remind people we are a team, and no one will get left behind in the politics of the banks, and business screwing over the little guy. Me and many others have been left without the means of feeding ourselves, and or being able to contact anyone to complain (no money) and your forcing us to go to war! as there is no way of getting anything done, without getting into a fight, and that detracts from business. i don't want to fight with people, but if you force me to. i have no qualms about moving against parliment in violent revolution, and killing people again, as we're perhaps due another civil war, about now! as i am sick and tired of stupid people trying to fob people off, wasting it on burocracy, in an overly complicated system which no longer works. if ever! as those who have done nothing ever, are gettin s**t loads, while those who have done something, get nothing, and it sucks. period which is why i am all for renouncing my british cirizenship, and forming my own state. under article 15, 17, 22, 25 of the united nations human rights act. and and all people, wating to join me in je suis roi welcome, as i would like to our government to follow human rights law for once, as the standards have fallen so much, its a joke, as no one has any respect for human rights law at all. as the country make money, benefit goes up, as it looses money, benefit goes down, as we automate it instead. i.e. we should be rewarding invoation not penalising it, as is. so i am thinking perhaps we should sue them for breach of contract or something else!

Warning i am not a lawyer - i am not qualified to give legal advice, you can tell from my drafts that i suck at this. further if you find a lawyer which is any good/will tell you anything - then good luck to you, and pass them on, and be aware I have had many lawyers come back with wrong information relating to statue before now, so you would be well advised (I can't advise) to check/read around first! (in my humble and probably innacurate oppinon!!!) In the meantime i shall share what little i know, and it is a little. in the hope that one it will help others prepares, so we can fight of tyranny/fear/wrong doing together. as one litte high court appeal has taken me days/weeks abefore filing it, and its only a liability order (though the same could be said for shipmoney, and we see how that turned out!). incidently i'm starting to wounder if the court system if overly paranoid about being suid for negligence (the tort of) and that is why they tend to fob off instead, but I couldn't comment on that either... c'est la vie, and this justice lark sucks until proven otherwise, assuming proof still has a place in british law!!!! note these are my own views, and you would be wise to form your own views, least i be accused of hearding sheep or something like that
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