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HSBC charimen  Stephen green is a hypocrite, a lier, and a theif and his hands are stained in  the  blood of innocent hard working individuals the world over... and i should know as i am on the reciving end of their hypocrisy

They are deliberatly running business into the ground, and are doing everything but support business in britian today...

My hands are clean, theres are not as they break their terms, and lie to government, people and the press at large...

Now i prefer muhammads stance, as the are happy when i make à« in over payments, and  yet when i try and invest in business and bring money in to the uk, grow someting grom scratch, they would sooner move as quick as possible, and do everything in their power to destroy that business,  cuttintg overdrafts with no warning, to starve me out,  trying to reposses, and do everything but, what they said they would do elsewhere...

Their promises are worthless, they have no integrity, honour or respect, and they only care  for greed, and would prefer to milk the poor for everything they have, instead of promoting business in europe as is

The banks are getting anoying again, and seem to treating us with  utter contempt, while they fob people off/have it both ways... and well it has to end, as they are screwing business up with an apparent disregard with the effect on lives, and the ripple effect on the world over...

corospondence to date
recieved/sent letter
21/4/2010 demand for payment house 1
demand for payment house 2
21/1/2010 hsbc demand for payment p1
hsbc demand for payment p1

hsbc demand (house2) for payment p1
hsbc demand (house2) for payment p2
dec 09 misleading letter about bank charges - supreme court rulling missing here. as well as me ignoring calls as i cna't afford to pick up that phone,and for them to cut my overdraft off like they did in uly. as that kills me now so yes i am deliberatly ignoring the calls (which ring every day) as i know they will cut me off like they did last time. leave me with no cash to get through christmas at all. my other house still needs a tenant. (and government legislation) means i have no cash to pay for the inspections. so even if i do find a tenant. it might not go through. and that rent (if it was being rented) is the only thing which has made me last this long. as i get no benefit at all! in fact anything they have done, has just wasted my time and stopped me selling/adding to my site, and the psychic sides complicating it as well now. as thats trying to stop me do anything at all! and its anoying me now. as i refuse to spend 24 hours in meditation as the banks, government and britian destroy my life. i will not do the job thing - ignore it - while they rip me apart, build me up again. as i am deliberatly trying to fight it, add more to my site. but its getting harder by the day. and even uploading this lot was a struggle (until i did something) and it vanished... which is odd! up above/down below is as hypocritical as each other as far as change goes.
18th july 09 my response
9th July 09 page 1 threat, Page 2 threat
6th june 09 another od notice sent after they reduced my å°° overdraft to â° without telling me, on the 2nd, i found out on the 5th after i called them for somethign else!!! and tried to find out why attempts to pay hosting were being refused. result 2 weeks no access to cash, no warning. Just å ©n my wallet for food, and they have the gaul to say - i requested it! its outright fraud. while costing me almost à ©n call charges to the numbers they gave
1st june 09 page 1 demand, page 2 demand, page 3 demand,
1st june 09 page 1 demand, page 2 demand
23rd december 08 overdraft charges page 1 ,page 2 page 3
20th december 09HSBC misrepresent surpreme court verdict on bank charges (fraud on their part?). page 1, page 2
commission recomendation home loans 2001/191/EC
someone wins a 5 year reprieve from respossession
other info
spreadsheet of my outgoings to date
initial business plan for investment in this site (dec 08)
update of site progress
we are not, and have never been in receipt of foriegn add or benefit - that includes britain, europe or any other nation on earth. you have scorned us, you have done everything to stop us, and we will suceed, or die trying, to make this the best site on earth.
gross domestic product: currently estimated at å°° a year, ignoring investment of time and effort into this site, which has yet no price, and will not see a return for awhile.... though admitedly when it does, it could be very high!!!!
current trade deficit: æ°¬000 - meaning i am worse then japan, and the other nations by far.

over payments on mortgage: I paid over 10k on my mortgages when i was earning 70k in contracting a year... and this seems all but forgot, as i am technically ahead on what i would have paid, if i had left it as is, which is anoying me as they appear to ignore 20 years banking history, and just focus on greed

Anyway All bills will be paid when we are making money again. until then we refer you to inter alia article 62 of the vienna convention on the law of treaties. any action to be taken through the un, we do not recognise any claim to the land, and the british courts aren't competant on human rights grounds. we will defened the land to the death, and anyone trying to breach our boarders again will be killed, and we will die - before we surrender the land! you have my word on it, for my counciounce is clear, while yours is not!!! as i will die to keep this site up - get it making money, and that means staying here, as i would rather die - then surender to evil again!!!!!
i.e. if you invade without my permission, you will die, if you try and hold me against my will, i will kill you and return to defend my land, as that is my duty, and anyone who tries to occupy it illegally will die - so if you come in here, you better be prepared to kill me, and anyone else that is here. as that is how much i will defend this land. you broke your agreement first, and constantly changed your terms, you have no honour, no integrity, you lie and say one thing and do another behind our backs... you are in it for greed, and have never wanted to help. we will build this site up, and make a fortune in due course. until that time, we ask you to wait, or you will find death instead! and i give you my word on that, as unlike you - i keep my word unless your breach it, in which case all agreements are null and void, and you broke your words, as far as i can tell...
~by order of the antichrist.

Cut a long story short, i am in legal action with repossession and bank charges, and while this section needs a rewrite, it will hopefully provide a useful placeholder for things to come, and to put it in context, since december 08, i've been putting up with creditors calling every other day, demanding money back, where there is no money, and it distracts from business, as when you are getting  upto 5 calls a day threatening legal aciton from the same people (MBNA being the worst, as they don't seem to think financial regulations and harisment law applies, as they try and offshaw it to india and other places, when you make comment regarding this again

as you get calls from 7am to 11pm at night, with long silences on answerphone messages, and expensive call back charges... you would be wise to do a web search on any number you get, before responding to anything again... as your words will be wasted, and you may as well ignore them, and try and run your business regardless, as thats what will bring money in, not them. they have no concept of what money really is, and its just bonuses, and profit, and commision to them, and well who cares about people, and letting them live... as i go cause and effect, and well if the people are unhappy, then the banks, and the government go down... as well money is only a means to and end, and people have to live! and if they are being starved, well... it gets messy, and people die, which is bad for business, as we the people can't afford for people to starve, as well thats how war starts, and well thats bad for business, unless your business is war (but i'm not american, so can't comment on that, as i prefer defence instead, which is perhaps what this page is for. )

 Eitherway it gets tiring and sooner or later you no longer want to take any more calls, not even legitamate ones (what were they?) people want money, but no one wants to invest, make anything any more... and  so many times you can say the same thing, before you begin to loose your sanity, want to kill someone, and well give up - as it detracts from busienss, as its hard to be pro-active and optomistice, if people no longer listen to what you have to say, and or help, as they call you again the next day, to ask the same thing again, over and over... and well sooner or later you stop taking calls, as they are just wasting your time, and trying to put you under,  instead of investing in your time, business, and well helping you make money, by passing your details on, as well -HELLO, we make money, you make money, comprende! which is why the banks are f**king it up, as they are autmoatically systamatically trying to destroy anything with a future, and are refusing to pass details on, and well its not helpful, as it seems to ignore the fact, in order for the banks to prosper the people do, as they are just helpingthe people  put the structure in place, and well if there is no money coming in, and its all going out, well we're screwed, and by screwed i mean, britian, europe and the world...

i.e. one finds it hard to develop, sell a site if one is stressing about if one is going to eat, and or has to defend action, as it isn't conductive to good business... as we could have been further ahead now notwithstanding we endure regardless, and we do our best to ignore the banks, as they try and put us out of busienss, again...

December 08: mybank accounts were frozen and i was being charged over å° a month in fees. which were causing me to go over my overdraft again, and yes you guessed it, charging me again (and at someone bringing in âµ a month) that is a lot!!! they were happy to cancel everyone elses direct debit but not their own, which of course triggered more overdraft charges when the money wasn't there - in direct contradiction to what was said!! openly on phone

June 09: they did it again, on 2nd June without notice they reduced my overdraft from å°° to â° without telling me, they cut me off at what i was on - no money coming in till the 20th june, and i only found out on the à·¨en a payment was declined  - by which point they have charged me another à ©n fees on top of overdraft charges -  which will go on at the end of the month, as they leave me in a sitation where my balance is at à· overdrawn which almost threatened to stop my entire site/hosting transfer from taking place - and i'm starting to wounder if this was a  deliberate/spiteful attempt to put me out of business? as i can not access my accounts with out being charged å ¡ time, for each transaction considered till money comes in/assuming they let the money out of course

perhaps we should consider punative awards for loss of business, in illegal bank charges as i consider counter suing in turn, perhaps usings a ratio of the cost to the person, scaled up to match the cost of the bank... ergo if i loose 1/12 of my income in bank charges, while trying to live and run thesextree... perhaps in turn it is only right that hsbc should loose 1/12 of their income in turn... at how ever x billion that is... as i think this is the only ratio which will have the big - respecting the weak... as the damage is the same, or perhaps in the meantime, they can live us alone, and or even better start investing  us instead, with the idea of brining some cash into the country for once... as i am one man, and myspace is a 1000 strong, after the layoffs... notwithstanding the rest, which are all american/canadian and errrr not british/european at all

 In the meantime I am  left without food for 2 weeks - as i make the å © had in my wallet - left over from the 3rd of june, mybirthday (i was chucked out the club, so didn't spend it) - to live on.. as instinct made me take out à ©nstead of the usual ଠas i dont usual carry money on me like that... notwithstanding the damage/upset and emergency negotations behind the scences/favours regaridng transfers of hosting... and bares the hall marks of decemeber when i was again living on out of date food/and nothing - hell even a women at tesco gave me a loaf of bread free for sandwitches inter alia

as we consider the other long term legal implications of repossesion, and ownership as what gives the banks the right - to starve people out? as they are so hypocritical to make me scream when it comes to contract law, as they try and bully people, out of cash with a two faced attitude which amounts to fraud...

as they deliberatly - hold back charges, and argue things like only å ©s going onto you account, while knowing the other charges in place - as they send letters out, after you've gone over, saying at your request we reviewed it, and other things like that... its tell government one thing, and do another... and i suspect ts all deliberate as i've written software  for the banks/mortgage industry before, and while i didn't work for hsbc i knew the amount of communication which went around - as everyone talked to everyone, in my day - as all the teams who are passing the buck/blamning other people/going ignorance as they cover each others ass, pass you onto someone else - if someone masses up - as all those teams are  working in the same office going from their addresses, as they try and fob the people off... which is why i think its a deliberate fraud/extortion at their end, and they are just in it for greed

as i don't think they are that ignorant to whats going on, having worked for banks before - as i recall john grishams book/film "the rain maker", and go yes.... no comment there

as i don't think this is legal anymore for inter alia the following reasons:

1.article 62 - 1969 vienna convention on the law of treaties  is a good starting point
2. law of equity - going in with clean hands...
3. banks deliberatly breaching the terms of their tracker mortgages - going over the promised "no more then 1% higher then bank of england base rate", and yet no sooner does the base rate go down, they stay over it deliberatly trying to scare and blackmail people into giving them more, and well who ever heard of lending to business, and investing in infrastruture and the future ahead...
4. property law - right of possesion and how people have been mislead on the rights of ownership, and the fiction of eminent domain - see allodial title and the civil war for more.

5. and what of their promises to the press, and government as they try and rake it in... with their stance on how they are investing in business, and how they have a duty to be ethical and support society...

proseuction will most probably argue that absolute freehold in possession is not ownership at all, and is mearly the extension of the fee simple model and is an estate of land,  which means your not really the owner, and britian is and your just given control of it to do with as you want - but only if they the people ( the 16.2% majority government say otherwise), which is why things like covenants exist... and that anything registered in the lands database has that that in the small print, and well you should have looked, as you don't need to write that on the deeds anymore... notwithtanding issues and verdict where if your told something by an expert, you can take it on trust.... and so the hypocrisy sucks, as government and the law is most likely going to come up with a verdict which suits them, and use humpty dumpty to support that fact, as lets face it - its going to be who shouts more, who is weak, and what they can get away with, which may help you or the banks, at this current time

at which point you look at contract law, the right of equity and notions of  honour - and instances where a promise has been made to sell you the land, and well how you acted on that promise, and you proceeded on the notion it was yours,  and well it is mine, i claim it as my own, and i will not let a bunch of unelected morons, who focus on greed tell me anything, i hade made my choice, and i will defend my land, to the death!!!! and well take a leaf out of 300's book, one against the hordes, and cut as many of them down, before the end!!!! and perhaps maybe - i will make it in business, before it comes to that, if not at least i tried,  and lived with no regrets, as every single one of those bastards who try and invade - will most surely deserve to die, as i am a freeman, and not a slave, and i will make my stand here, for better or wose, my concionce clear, as they are evil not me

i invested in business, i invested my skills in the best way i could, with a view to the future, and not the here and now, and well if they have the stratigic foresight of a wet fish, with no respect for life, well thats not my problem, as i will stand for freedom, human rights in the devils name, and if possible break the fear,  and well restore business again and pleasure again... as all money owed will be paid, when i bring it in!!! until that point, leave me the fuck alone, or help me sell my site, and or make it in the world at large...

[this needs a rewrite, and i shall add more later - i am a little distracted from development with the other letters, which will be posted here soon - which reminds me:

article 17 - united nations universal decleration of human right rights
(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Article 15.
(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality

and well i don't think i am british anyore, as i care too much about human rights, and well the due process of law - and well the british system, with their unlected 16.2% totalitaritan slave labour government isn't helping my kama much. Theyare more set on persuection then help... and their rulings continue to die, as i no longer thing they are competant anymore.

which is why i am considering quiting and forming my own state here at 38 railway close, and why i invite others to join their land with mine (they shall keep it under allodial title, as we work together because we want to - for mutual defence - in order to restore a government, which appreciates the law, and the notion of helping people be all they can be, without any of that slavery/fear crap labout and britian so enjoys, in the meantime i shall pledge my life to defend this land, and I will die rather then give it up, to evil in any name! obviously if lots join in, we may have to work out a new taxation system, where we give the same benefit to everyone, regardless of if they are working, and tax profit instead... but but until that time i stand alone pour je suis roi ici and i will die to defend this land obviously you don't have to bring your disputes to me if you don't want to, and well i don't expect any of you to fight for me, or join with - unless you want to - and well you can take the piss and argue with my verdicts all you like - if they are not blanced/overthrow me in another civil war, or my sucessors if your better at arguing the point assuming you do join with m, but until that time - my law stands je espere, as i aim to be just and fair, unlike britian maintenant, and i shall stand against this tryanny alone, as one against many - to the death to defend that honour, and freedom, that _they_ and europe have tossed to the wind... as my minds made up, and my concious is clear, in the devils name]

As you've lived their all your life (or pretty much all of it) and well wasn't their rules in equity inter alia saying that if someone in authority gave you their word, and said you owned the land, and it was your to do with as you will, that you actually own it... and well who gets off with goingback, and saying it was fee simple, and/or claiming eminent domain when there is no basis for it... wasn't their a civil war over this (see france) and well, if the monarch no longer ownes it, and then we invited them back, where does this ultra vires unelected parliment [16.2% majority voted them in] get off claiming it as theirs? as surely government was the people, and we aren't really slaves, and we had the first war to overthrow this noncence off...
not that it matters, as i am in control, and i will defend the land to the death - and tresspasers will be killed inter alia, as i will form my own government, and you can join me if you want - as i am sick off being fobed off, and well those property taxes are wrong, because i am not a slave and you do not own this land! i do...

and anyone stupid enough to invade will die - as i will pay everyone back eventually - when the country gets profitable again... assuming anyone does pay us for our skills... *sigh* which is another issue entirely with discrimination law, as no one likes witches anymore, and i think its time we had our own state, where only psychics were allowed to sit in office, as these other morons "chrisitans" are more intent on slavery/war/suffering and invading the land, which we will never do, as we are only going to defend it... and well its my land - and up yours!!!! as i will die before i relinquish it, you hae my word on it. as is everything now, and if i fail there - then this lifes a right off, and so be it - as i would sooner take the banks down with me, then surender the land

as any promise made was on the assumption we would be earning/bringing money in, and that people would support my skills, and not discriminate against me for being  a psychic and a witch [Perhaps i shoulf go for the wookyhole job, but i think they want a women - and aren't interested in knowlege, and well i have a job trying to run])

and if they didn't think my skills were up to the task, of earning - why did they invest in me, in the first place? they go to so much trouble to verify your income, and your skills - that surely if it goes wrong, its their fault. they shouldn't have taken the risk, and well... couldn't they have passed my details on, instead of going "No - give us the money, we can't pass on your details, advertise your services as it breaches data protection" as you go, do they really care about building anything? or is it just for the greed...

They made the same assumption as me, and then it changed - no they seek to blame me for the fact that the world changed, why not - i am a witch - the economic crisis must have been me... maybe i should go yeah it was me, do more then obamma and accept reponsibility instead of trying to pass the buck!!! as i would sooner invest in the people, then screw them again. which obviously means i am too honest, to get anywhere in life - while i try and do what i do best, and code mu way out of it. a one against many tryingto comepete with america and the rest of the world. perhaps build something new - like this site - while they and others look on, and mock me for it, how dare i take the big boys on, stand up for principle and do what they do not...

Notwithstanding the fact that i became psychic, and the fact that well no one wants my skills anymore, must have been a joke... and well the land is mine! and the british courts are incompetant,and well we're not listening to tehm, but we will follow  international law, which is why we love that law on treaties, and well human rights, and we will defend ourselves - to the maximum exten tof hte law, which britian isn't, as parliment is not the law, that standsabove us uncensored, and we the people will defend that law, in the devils name, because your evil and this is our land, and we will defend it - to the end of days, and if you want to bring your armies here... now this, you will die, and you will contin dying until you leave us alone, as this is our land, and we will never relinquish it, as you sold it to me, as mine - and well i took you on your word and if you wern't happy you shouldn't have given me the money period, as you ran your checks as did i. and well i was a sure thing, adn their was no reason for me not to be hired other then disrimantion (and that economic crisis) and well, i am going to die here - the qurstion is, how many of you will die as well - assuming your stupid enough to try and take my land...

it may be prepature putting any of this up - as it needs a proper right up, but its taking the piss not having money for food and i would rather focus on bringing money in, but the banks are making it hard to survive/operate grow as is, as no ones interested in business anymore... certaintly not the banks - who would much prefer you died, as theirs more profit in it inter alia


this stories interesting, when you consider lenders who sell stuff on without your permission as well.

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