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One Person, One Vote :
Change the voting laws to let anyone vote
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One Person, One Vote

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Change the voting Age and give every person in Britain the vote. On the grounds that if you are going to have a democracy you may as well have a democracy.

Ergo I propose that all kids from age 12 can vote and all kids below that age the parents get the proxy vote. mother for daughter. Father for son and nearest surviving relative in cases where they are missing one. On the grounds that they are the future and will have to inherit the mess left behind by the current parliaments i.e. deficit, damage to the environment, power things like that.

Also when I say everyone I mean everyone. Which includes all those prisoners as well as we're supposed to be integrating people back into society and if you exclude them then they will forever be at odds with your way of life.

This is another policy by Gareth Bowen posing as the antichrist.

Seriously dudes only 16.2% of the population voted the last British Labour Majority In (2005?) and that's not a democracy at all. Ironically the stats went up with the hung parliament which says it all really. I think it was something like 16.7% but that's going from the top of my head and well it's not a democracy as you need at least 50.1% of the population to call you that.

For the record it was originally one life, one vote - but it sends the wrong message out (don't ask)
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Remember The Sex Tree and it's Members Don't Necessarily Support The Above Campaign
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