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Name: DCSF (department for children, schools and familes
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lol i've been seing images of a toilet seat going into a black hole, all week. and i thought it was aplay on the military (i.e. you don't believe toilet seats cost that much...) but i think it was pointing to this instead: and on top of the other stuff i've been shown in the past, i am begining to woudner now about a lot of things, as the timing is a little neat....
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hirearchical list of budget costs, with optional links to other budgets/other sites... so you can knock together a master quick (avoid data entry)
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child projects + Budget Breakdown
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Random Fact: while working for a previous company. i headed a team of 3 developers who wrote a cost planning system for a house builder, it allowed you to drill into the budget to see how money was allocted. i wrote 80% of the system at the time. project cost was about £400,000 allocated over 18 months, i no longer have the code, and it never went live (centex [the company] was brought out/sold inter alia however at least two companies i know of, still have the code for the drill down budget system i wrote. [it also covered payment of contractors as well])

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