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"Washing Up Liquid No Longer Effective"

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Posted At:4:05 PM

last night the dead said that the washing up liquid would be no longer effective becuase of the vials from the 4 x 8 teams that were set up by philip, william, harry and dead today metnioned andrew also.

this was after i arriveed back at my flat, to be told that the sergent one had entereed 4 hours previously and swipped the back wall weith something.

hour or so later i noted that my blue snoey headphones which i bought for £5 were missing and just ranked it another theft by them, i also noted that the stick in a planet had been turned the other way but that was noted early this morning, and i noted book mark in dictionary which referenced area that the dead had mentioned where i'm told the vial stuff had come from.

given that one one occursion those teams had actually p ut may 2019 label on a plug, i know they have got in but the theft and destruction of items by them is taking the piss given they are millionaires.

the dead say each of those 4 teams (train, rail, automative, and post office) were given vials, 4 each to put in areas which if i understand it correctly are stronger or more subtle strains from other areas, i.e. immune to the anti bac washing up liquid and are intended to well kill people slowly after being out of the area.

told that they are given those to give them prestiege a sense of power importance and thats how that monarchy keeps control of the area, and the dead say that it is them who are doing the nhs kills, and that 4000 people dead or something for failure of monarchy to pass information on to the nhs.

i logged the summary stuff with the police, but given the dead said that one of those people were planning on entering my flat to release one, or another one i was wary to leave my flat incase it got hit again, or any more thefts take place, i watched gosforth park and then hitch (an anoying film) to remind me of the notion of love, and the gosforth park reminded me of the number of people on staff...

those 4 teams i'm told are on top of the cia, nsa, mi5, police and judge teams that were already mentioned, i count 9 teams mentioned in that lot and later on the cruelty taoory card, and the 7 bloody swords were pointed out, and after falling a sleep for a few hours which triggered emotional reset, on waking i was reminded that they were hitting other areas and anyone who looked at this site, (when andrews name was mentioned) thus making it not a short term fuck but a permenant fuck, and all i can do is point out what i'm told incase its true or incase it matters, as i can confirm that people were taking my wifi down and that the emf emissions in my flat from a circuit were shut off when calling into police and essentially telling the cia beam weapon bitch to stop in the name of love on one occassion as they were hitting the bed area with that lot.

reminded the beam weapon stuff, i was told needed mote vitimina a,c and e to compensate for exposure, and the dead ommented that was what was responsible for the destrucvtion on my jacket few years back as she didn't want anyone looking good. (quick recap of current events) and news articles on embassy staff being made ill previously...

noty sure if saying anything changes anything other then to remind people that they are getting through far too many type of lock currently electronic and mechanical key press, leaver and 3 star cylinder and through alarms and as such is taking the piss!

the label and the cambrouleigh one taking laptop apart in my room to disconenct the speaker cable which im told was hit they did to nhs once was enough for me the other month, and not sure which way to go with washing up liquid being useless on ceramics at the end of yesterday with that type of plant.

as bank balabnce showed up expenditure more then ingoings and given the thefts by the police and other teams, including the washing machine switch which has never been collected, which will never be used its generally waste drain of my money which means i have to do nothing, and the talk talk phone bill that showed up was extortinate and i have few numbers in phone book as mobile phone was taken out ages back, though on looking at that bill i thought buying phone throwing it in an hour, and making the comment "still cheaper then talk talk" would make a good throw away movie line... as decided i cant make any phone calls via landline anymore and beside everyone stopped speaking to me because of the fuck anyhow...

and even if anyone looked in the interim, the dead said people had after i added court case r v davis on cross examination of accusors to news article... to help bolster people incarcerated without crime, charge, evidence or trial on mental health wards i don't have any plans currently on how to make that scale of problem go away... as thats just a group of assholes killing people, and wealth assholes at that!

and even if the dead have said that hrm elizabeth ii comes back without any family next time round, it still doesn;t help me out in the short term, as the dead at one point wanted me to say (i forget wording) return replace what you damaged or we kill you, and i'm curious how that would work and who i;m stupposed to say that too, so said something more along the lines of demending she (elizabeth ii) step down for loss of people (note kenya 1952, norther ireland, devolution) and genocide on mental health wards, or even the canada stuff thats been pointed out inter alia and those type of speeches not in my head currently.

as that would have to be why are people deliberatly going out their way to fuck and kill other people rathert then democracy helping improve the quality of all peoples lives, people who look away say nothing one thing, but thats deliberate theft, destruction and murder by them and that just destroys people and countries she governs as head of state... as that type of hierarchy or arsyness by people in charge just pisses people off, customer focus skills aside of people working on the projects jobs they want which raise the quality of life for other people or make things more efficent, less time consuming easier and frees people up... and notions of people who doing the better job get used, i.e. skill based... not sure what to do about the mentality of those breaking in, who spend their time deliberatly destroying people who just wanted to well to work on their own web site, as that makes me more books, consolodating reserch or software development none of which i have managed to get done particularly well over the last decade or so with what britain deliberatly does with torture inter alia...

so so much for writting proper article or putting all book marks up adfer loss of internet connection due to companies selling people out and writting shit operating sytems, and sloppy builds, whats with the defaulting wifi to on? when encryption is hacked and people uploading torjans to take camera stystems and computers down? no one is stocking anything in the stores, mail order fucked, and people breaking in trying to kill people with more hardy strains and subtlty is current information, esoteric explanations aside, and being told that the people including the monarchy dont know how that stuff works, and comments on agenda via spiriotul and other realms being told that particular one was connected to womens libio and needing more sex not to kick off... i sort of walked on the information for awhile but logged the specfics on the labels given to the 9 teams the dead mentioned there, and of course the noted missing £5 headphones) as well as of course the dead saying the last pair had been broken by the cia women who was pissed at not being able to pick up on that one pair, but the way the dead is speaking i'm not sure which headphones are good and which are not as far as their survalience stuff go, and well its just sounds like a bunch of over paid assholes who have no respect foor humanity or people at all, and not sure what to do with people like that!

as the dead commented on 150 people in britian doing that type of thing, and the other day the dead mentioned 80 america assets that needed to be removed, commenting on teams in other areas trying to remove people (clense areas) and the dead mentioned one of those cia assets guilty of murder)

oh told anyone buying chinease locks would be better advised to go via chinease women to cover tracks, as told chinos meow got lock information via chinease police or something and lock smith to find the exact lock and as such means trusting anyone seems a waste of time... so buying items cheap might not be safe assuming its not switched in mail which is problem pointed out.

now given all that info and anything else i have forgot to point out... entire thing seems stupid, so doing nothing for years to claw back to repair the items they stole and destroyed is only plan i have, as that means saving up on welfare to make necessary purchases and no social contact or phone, as cant afford to pay for beer or make new friends restore friend networks with all this going on...

so just going to shake my head and look away...

oh dead said that that the hold your head in shame comment i got over a decade ago when i was starving before the repossession of railway close was because those people knew me in earlier life and they were doing better then me in this life! as in that period after being worn down by people chassing for money with no money coming in, sucking up to businesses people just wasn't workable as was morally crushed, and getting tortured on mental health wards doesnt restore confidence in self either, or help and as such just a random comment as was reminded of it as someone wanted to know what that stuff was about..

think that was the 4ad era life or something

otehr random stuff:

what i think to be one ex's grand? mother (Stephanie thommens) was highlighting areas where i'm told another ex stood to take photos in durham (keri harthoorn) as dead were saying one visited durham a year or so ago, i didn't know about it, and didn't see them at all... amusing if true.

i didn't take any photos in those positions as that would have involved walking back, and the dead were as usual slow at giving information up.

interelations which the dead say on who knows who in previous lives, and deals or reasons for showing up this time round aside, not sure i have any collatral favours left...

and im avoiding the past life disccusion in one life, as told another ex not one mentioned above killed people in previous lives, and id have to double check if my earlier lives conflicted with her pissed of nature in earlier centuries as think all thats out of scope these days and suddenly forgot all the details...

and forgot the who knew who, who was met first time round this time inter alia and anyhow too much information perhaps distracts...

as wouldn;t know if any stories from any earlier reincarnations were true... as just someone commenting on it via clairaudience..

and last comment was i haven'y killd anyone in over 4 centuries and that was me putting them through a closet or something and dead say that was me defending myself or something, and im told that was more defensive and someone from the life i lived over 2 milenia ago assuming any of that information the dead talking about true, as seems everyone got into better positions more organised then me!

the irony between this time round and that time round was i was told in the era 2000 years ago i tried to stop information going on the record regarding nhs fuck (or who ever the medical people in that era was and think that was begining of the end) and given this time round i tend to point out all fucks (or would be if doing my job and have inability to do that currently) to stop anyone else getting fucked as think pointing information
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"Washing Up Liquid No Longer Effective" (Cont)

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Posted At:4:04 PM

out quicker to be better all round...

but the comment of the dead regarding 5th century me forgetting to speak up to point test out which would have taken a murder down which would have nipped some of the issues in following centuries it would be advisable for people to bolster their own reserch and take their own precautions as those lists i wanted to compile didn't get compiled as i should have writetn all the course books if i was any good but sites like wikipedia exist so didn't think those jobs were necessary for awhile....

and arn't in position to do that currently as hearing the dead out means i'm not getting the reading done, or even the watching film out without missing any of the middle bits...

and the dead were commenting on tshirt jokes been done in area... ah that reminds me

other day i had sat down to read the crossing hitler book, then yelped as a 2 to 3 inch spider had crawled onto the bed and actually had touched my arm! and i've never seen a creep crawly (aracnoid) do that before, like ever, certainly not that size and briefly startled me, as told it was sent to do that by anubis, and that the spider gave me an item, and that a fly would hit me in that area also if i didn't clean the room..
as told he got hit by that in 13ad (and he never heard the end of it in future centuries with his wife or something) i forget the exact details, i'm told he killed her in his first for not cleaning temple or something properly, and he is red, she is blue (and libido courts, and the spells of various colours aside, and haven't actually cleaned floor enough to hear her one out like ever currently) as i think the information of break ins, wifi and landline hackers, thefts and well people trying to plant viruses, strains to bring down with illness well detract from anything else done, as too busy wanting to hear any of the info out, and never did get round to writting the wording i was told at the time up, as was wasked to and haven;t found set a router up as don't want to use network with security holes on (notwithstanding i'm using public machine not one i own currently so kind of bizare) as have been unable to sit down to do that task let alone get the software in i need, or rather write the software as will take too long.

hence why making this entry here, as i'd need to spend hell of a lot of time to get the writting quality up in my oppinion, and would it even matter?

i prefered lists, and then articles which linked to multiple articles on the same topic and if was starting over would just do that, but someone still has to sort out build a router and os that isn't taken down by that type of ultra viries hack.

as loosing essays or lists compiled means assuming anything stays up is perhaps an error in the extreame.

if you need to query anything 0191 386 614o currently but information detail is easier recalled at times, less so at other times, and i still need to sort out how to stop and how to catch convit if they try any of that shit again! and not sure how to get that stuff in currently in a war!

hence why wanted to remind myself what the love stuff was like, however will smith in hitch is difficult watch as far as that script goes these days, cringe worthy...

i'd rather hope people just spoke what they think, truth all the time at least to their best ability but writting up detail from someone else, how accurate do people need it?

comment on that the vial stuff, was 1870? book read in 60s on 1780 stuff or something....

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Posted At:4:47 PM

view point of an ex who doesn't look forced me into the library, as told i need to say gareth bryn bowen's franz kafka of the law test for anyone such as her to look as well as anyone else to remember names, in my oppinion the 2018 test i did citing franz kafka which resulted in me being detained to the 13th day doesn't particularly help me out and i know what larpers are like, however the contaminents tuff that britain and america have done with room entires (based on the testimony of the dead) isn't helping me out either.

as the last comment i got was their were 4 things in my body that shouldnt be their based on the contaminents they have placed in the room, and that while that stuff moves around the body, their was the comment that my body hasn't seen all the tricks that lot is capable of doing and any little thing could cause problems if everything floating around in it kicks off at the wrong time, and saying that type of thing openly in my oppinion doesn't help make me any safer given the fact that the dead say that the dead were testifying one of the nsa people is trying to get in my room which is why i was am refusing to remove myself from it, as i don't see why i should make it easier for them by staying out notwithstanding their use of beam weapons and health damage the dead have cited that the people hitting rooms are causing.

as i have no pull to any location plan currently and the dead were commenting that 4 cia people [american assets] were fucking people in lincoln as well to get people to move out, and that the "cia" american in that are was guilty of murder which was why they were doing that type of thing.

also moves cost money, as does computer equipment as i am more interested in keeping the information up of nhs and british attrocities up, as generally view that safer for me and anyone else who has been detained or fucked over in that system.

the dead also commented on a team being preped to hit a person in their 60s and the dead testified to my nan being hit by someone who worked for services when she was alive which fried her brain, and put her in [i forget the word the dead used] shock.

and also said that they had hit my grandmas places my grandma thought someone had entered her place when she was alive and stayed quiet as wasn't sure she could talk openly about the subject and the dead say the reason my nan was hit was because they were seeing if they could nab the property she owned, and as such if i am to go by the basis of what the dead say, its just a bunch of people in britain fucking another group of people for property grab or disposal, or just to stop people speaking openly and anyone who is staying on their own without large network of friends or employment gets hit, and given the dead say that those service teams are doing assassination [in my oppinion] based on them delivberatly trying to place contaminents in peoples homes to bring people down with illnesses sooner in order to strengthen the nhs, and given that they have gone as far as blatently putting labels on a plug inter alia with a date, and brusing i saw on my body inter alia, i can only treat the information from the dead as true.

brief comment said to be from buz alderin at the weekend, was booster rocket, it's differnt fuel mixes for differnt stages of the atmosphere and if you say no at that point the rocket explodes, as it only gets into space if you belief and if everyone says yes, yes yes then it gets into orbit and if someone says no at that point the rocket explodes! and a remark on door seals and not sure why the dead commenting on booster rockets at this point, as the god molecule they always show on the wall that causes problems is shown as a tripple booster rocket (fat middle one, two smaller tubes either side) and told buz alderins interest was because he wanted to know why people were bitching about americans,

as a rule anyone deliberatly using beam weapons and poisining plaster work with the intent to kill pisses me off, especially when it's my home and me i'm told they are trying to kill.

as far as the poltergesit stuff, in that quick entry i did last time on the machine, as i forgot to write lots of stuff up, the quest when the washing up bottle wobbles was did that bother you, to me, and i said no as it didn't at all, while i can make compairion to stuff to years ago such as vibrating beds perhaps, seeing if i could duplicate it in my oppinion was a waste of time, and spoilt the mood.

however yesterday i did put a cleaning sprey on the inner door, and went to sit down, and the shower curtain that was drapped over the boz of the contaminated washing drayer that still hasbn't been collected, fell over the top of the box, and for a moment was curious why putting a cleaning spreay on a door that wasn';t even touching it would cause that to srop off with a delayed action, and think making full note of anything is not in anyones interests however their was a lot of stuff i haven't written up due to war scenario on me, as month or so back when scared out of my mind with the information the dead were saying i did actually do a magic ritual briefly and their was a time i would never take magic seriously, and followed the instructions to the later, as the scientific explanations on the elements used made sense as far as what was in the room, regarding, fire, earth air and water, however that was to get communication from someone i've never used before.

however i will say that lighting a candle does apepar to cause pm2.5 readings to increase in a room and as such why i avoided keeping one lit for very long, as was told that another deity was manouvering stuff in and as such the window i had on her was small, and told that someone in another area was covering for the communication window and another person tryin g to remove the link, as i rarely go n ear magic and i generally just ask for protection... however earlier today i was told some asshole in durham was trying to destroy make people loose items of value, and was had hit robberta off, as got a comment from a female egyption women (anubis) wife which i was told was humeroung her, and its bad enough when the other egyption bloke shows up commentin gon destruction of items of value, and jut reminds me that humans appear to just be bunch of assholes, and as such think paymon has the right oppinion that, durham is a right off on people, when getting comments like that.

oh the dead said, an ex from 1852 who walked on me, also lives in the street(older then me in this life) and commented on a few other things, including how various women in durham had masturbated over the video i did many years back on thesextree, and i had forgotton that stuff was up briefly as wasn't sure what the relevance for that remark was currently.

oh comment on router that was stolen by them for log file of the cctv hack, i haven't found a router that is any good yet, and no one sells any currently, and in my oppinion any router with wifi defaulted to wifi on with a hard router reset is just crap and should be removed anyhow, which leaves fuck all left in my oppinion, and when you plug another router in to test to see if the firewall of the router is actually working, by buying one that shows packet logs, its anoying when you find out packets still get through, toggling fire walls on and off will quickly highlight if the router works at all, assuming that their are no hard coded hacks in for any other stuff anyhow, as the dead were flagging a kid up not sure which way to go on something... and i have no idea currently, as haven;t had time to do the reserch or buy anything good.

and the dead were going on about the packets of one machine, being broadcast off wifi card (or even with wifi taken off, citing cd case) and some routers show menu options and settings for putting firewalls between all the connections on the lan point, as opposed to the fire wall only portecting if communication goes from lan to wan, or wan to lan, and the sys admin who was speaking with that admin at the time, who flagged initial hacks and erossion of cctv up, didn't tell me how to secure my network, and i have since lost access to the web and wasn't looking on the web due to communications being monitored in the exchange, which leaks back to them, and other keystroke loggers as didn't want to improve their skill set, that being said given they are doing those hacks, looking might not fuck me that much however i was told that the origional hacks (or some of them) was a microsoft employee and as such meant shafted sold out by the company who had written the operating system to government, and noting prism, escherlon, meant i looked brieflt at other operating systems, and found the same fucks at the packet level.

noting the fuck, meant i had to walk, as took few months to come to term, but noting the communciations or some of the communications which i don't think should be done on an honest operating system, is not the same as stopping them, routers are a fudge anyhow for the os, and computer dompany fucking you using another company to stop that fuck, while needing to prevent from fucks or mistakes errors by the router company as well, as the home intrusions meant that mac addresses and other things are exposed, and that information is used by their spoofing attacks when hitting landline or wifi amongost other things, and frankly finding out that they are getting hold of keys to bypass electronic locks, manual machenical locks, and that those teams are going as far as trying to poision people as well as those teams, doing cirminal damage and thefts as well as shower curtain switches, labels on staples inter alia, that a whole differnt ball game, as still don't know how that tech works, as any reserch i does bottoms out in the same high level stuff, with zero ability to find items as mail items are getting switched or are going missing in the post and no one seems to stocks anything anymore...

eitherway those teams have to be taken out, as the only good news i heard was the comment that one of the dead filling me in, said they were in one of those nra teams, and got killed when they were cought by someone comming back from the pub in liverpool a year ago, if that dead person was telling the truth then i can only smile warmly that they were killed when trying to break in to kill a human being by using poisons contaminents to do it, as in my oppinion every last one of those assholes who is entering homm es, breaching privacy like that is nothing but human garbage and the cause of all war, as fuck knows how many deaths, murders starvation and crimes that lot are responsible for now, too many deaths, and think they should just leave people alone to live in peace, nothing but fucking assholes...

rants about stopping people from doing further torture aside, such as by throwing all those respoinsible in prision (noting argentina torture cases inter alia, 30 years or what ever it was on) and noting what happened in syria, inter alia

what is the other bit of information i wanted to note before that point? getting coding done while the dead commenting on enemy troop movements intent, isn't something i am able to do, as i haven't sat down to write any code yet, and don't have the ability as need to repair the damage those assholes did, and even if i did repair the damage, getting any of the tasks that need to be done isn't quick in my oppinion...

what was the thing i wanted to write up while i remember?

i forget, currently. as for colours the dead have commented on , its usuly combination of red, blue, red, green, orange, brown, black, grey, white, purple and those colours feature on the tree of life, and the dead commented on agenda based on those controlling them (Spiritual, judge,, angelic planes mentioned
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whatever (Cont)

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Posted At:4:46 PM

before by the dead, as has celestial, karma and libido courts)

and eternal life comment would be having all of them on side (from all lives) to stop cell destruction death, as the dead were saying that cell death is not absoloute, and is because one of the colours is pissed at a person at any paricular one time! while others usually go in with people , hence those wavy lines inside, cell walls, and commenting on double layered cells...

while i haven't seen any good science books for a very long time, as everyone just comments on labels of items, or high level over views or conclusions without saying where the information came from or what they looked at to form that conclusion, quoting the dead or another person on the living is easy, but how much of any information is true is another issue entirely...

and as interesting as quirps from past lives is (which currently for the most part is just person talking saying what i did, or what another person did at any paritcular time [clairaudience] perhaps accompnaied by images every so often, as the dead this morning, said that someone walked from an assination in was it 4, 6 or 8ad? i forget because they couldnt do the kill in time, as someone else had to be in place, pointing one of the nsa people out, i tended to find the person speaking went contradictory for a bit, as not sure what is or has been said behind closed doors currently in those service teams who are illigally entering properties to kill human beings in britain, in order to stop them getting anything done like ever...

while on teh subject of science, science experiment, does an item dry quicker if humidity in a room is lower, and whats the impact of temperature, and how quickly does a leather jacket get lighter as it dries...

as dead wanted me to dry it downstairs, as were saying one of that team was coming in every 4 hours and wanted them to see the jacket drying to say i trusted them, or they would kick off later in spite when looking under infa red, if a glow from cleaning a jacket wasn't present and that would be worse... i generally think taking the people who are breaking in out would be better use of my time, and not convinced any ploy at humering human shits such as that is any good at all...

and another person was clamimg that one of the younger people in durham who was describes as an asshole and that the person was his nephew and that person was also using beam weapons, would be worse, as he was pointed out in the pub as being someone to avoid and a problem and i saw him later in area of where my flat was based which was enough for me to raise an eyebrow at earlier comments as i am ignoring the dead currently.

however i still recognise none of any information has changed, dead say ovoverheads which arnt supposed to be used on humans, require eating more of certain foods to compensate, they said more vitimin a, and c and e for another and i still haebn;t ripped the cealing down, and the dead commented on the roof area, and at range from satealigth and arc beams from 1 or 4 miles away as well... so trying to ignore the health risks pointed out as well as the bill.

as forgot to list, shower, loss of kettle, water jugs and any other item that has gone missing, oh lamp also.

as a rule, speed of how quick probabls show form after a clean might give some insight into how severe a problem is as tracking a housing cleaning problem back is hard work, but i'd be more interested in the ability to do a test on a surface (or explicitly what cleaning product removes the contaminent the dead say they have plaved or they are planning to place) removes...

yet more reserch, not listed, or that i've had time to quantify.

as the dead were warning me off boiling kettles at one one point, saying the agent called zip, doesn't like hot water and as such meant that the sergent one was going to use the one that doesn't due unless temperatures well above boiling point (180 centigrage) are used and my mood depends on how much the dead are shouting or staying silent, as i haven't even begun to look at how to move from that place to a better one, and probably ought to list all the buildings flats they have pointed out who are the people they say are in that gange. as the dead say its more like 16-18 in the services teams (assuming that number hasn;t gone up, who would have to be thrown in prision, and when numbers like that start getting mentioned, the buiruit commentry didn't start to sound far fetched if true... as thats people forming platoons to fuck people, and i'd be interested to see if mney paying that type of assholes shows in government budgets at all, notwithstanding comments dead made of judges paying into survalience kittys also, as told those unlawful squads operating country wide...

starts to make me think its an earlier century at that point, as concept of country is gone at that point, more like feudal system of seperate groups, livery romena edjuliet either normas, saxons, or whatever you write the chinease ppolitial structure in old historic movies up as... clans?

just one group of assholes fucking a load of people trying to live in peace, whats annoying the amount of money the country spent fucking people who wanted to be left alone, while deliberatly ignoring another group who wanted help is bizare...

anyhow some people say gareth bryn bowne franz kafka parables of the law test and the 2008 decleration of independence is perhaps the only thing thats on my cv these days.. and curious which way that goes when getting politically fucked!

and i don't know which way the eu stuff is going these days, as haven't looked, remembering unfinsihed film scripts ideas inter alia...

years move on, and nothing has changed... or got done ever again, seemed more productive as a kid... or is that because no one actually explained anything in full..

noting references to radar in some radio magazines, and that some old devices have coil atennta for transmission, and seperate one for reception as in my oppinion if some one tries to break in, the signal saying they are breaking in in order to intercept to stop them (or better yet, resident evil laser system cutting them to shreads on entery, or c4 blowing up their home or car if they type a code to break in in) is more appealing... as the way they upload trojans is anoying, and signals into security system, bad.

noting spoofing attacks, injection attacks, and their skill set of breaking encryption to read messages and to insert data in which is why any system allowing automatic updates is fucked before it even gets off the grounds, as windows 10 is shit as is any operating system that opted for that approach, and means that the year is currently 2019 and i have less software functionality then in the 90's or even the 80s on the old bbc micro at current rates...

has no one ever heard of offering cds with the software on, the intenrt has been taken out, connecting to get an install is an assumption too much, how the fuck am i supposed to get virus definitions, assuming anyone else flaggs their bespoke stuff up... as virus definition files that are bulk sold in the shop on cd without download might be safer at times, as i'm now and have been for ages morning the era of when software was provided complete on amiga or even pc cover disks and the time when computers were good...

and noting artles on undeclared instructions in chips that can fuck you also regardless of what operating system is used... i regret choice of degree, or rather regret not having gone far enough in all disciples to write get the stuff done at the time, or the time spent tidying information up, given the amount of years lost (and still being lost after that) avoid yale locks, the dead say mi5 hackexd it over a year ago, and have multiple electornic boxes for reading the code..

and i have zero ability to buy anything or leave the flat for long without risk of being hit and when hit with that type of information, cleaning to that extent everytime return to flat in case those assholes planted more surprises (Assuming any cleaning product removes it) while noting health effects the dead previously pointed out from using cleaning products anyhow or being in the room when using, as well as unopened windows... and of course the place being hit when absent by those incursion teams, and ....

sine waves, yes isn't it pretty amplitude, frequency and thats as far as i got with any of the radio stuff... and while i may have wrote many years back a wav editor once which i no longer have the code for, everything hear when i look just seems to go into a load of high level summary after the time, with none of the problems (loss of computer use) repairs restored....

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unpleasant reminder from history

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Posted At:4:51 PM

ignoring the break ins in my property, i picked up a radio magazine and noted an article commenting on the destruction of Jewish businesses on the run up to world war ii, it left a sour taste when reflecc ting on the Beirut stuff.

eitherway i am out the game indefinitely if not years as have no idea how to repair or sort that damage in my current situation as tioo many issues pointed out, and as such this 4 minute update before the library closes is probably a waste of time as don't even have time to pull the research back to take those fucking assholes down...

eitherway those assholes are considered extremely dangerous [someone said moronic then] as are those people in authority who are guilty of torture and other crimes...

hope they burn in hell for eternity, is my current view, fucking human scum every last single one of them in those teams

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the hacker crooks still ramping damage up

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Posted At:3:58 PM

Those cia mi5 security service hacker assholes still causing damage, they took laptop out i was using for web cam as i had won a door back briefly only to find when trying to set lock box up that they took it out with existing virus (explanation from the dead) no wifi in it and no internet connection, as dead say the cd player is used as transmitter when not in use.

hence why I haven't left my room for several days, for thinking time, either way i'm unlikly to move when assholes like that are hitting me, yes they have put me out of business, and stopped me from compiling lists to take the nhs down to stop torture and other abuses in britain, and the police have done fuck all about it.

in fact, the police hung up on me, on both n umbers when attempting to report incidents to the log, and given earlier that day I had read the 86 police offieres removed article, I would say that the durham police are still swarming with crooked cops, the dead were suggesting I sue the police for not taking those assholes down, as the dead say they know who they are, but that would inovlve finding a lawyer that was competant in my oppinion unlikly when stuck in a room with no smart phone or internet

the damage they have caused is well over 2.5k (2 laptops, external hardrive, stolen router, wide screen tv, destroyed phone (469), as well as other stolen items or items thrown because of contamination and calling in insurance to see if they would insure after those type of break ins is 0, no insurance possible due to the a mount of times they have entered and I still haven't been able to find a router thats anygood, and unlilky to be able to save up to replace and repair damage anytime soon, also they are still hitting my position, and the dead warning me that the sergent one is wanting to place more poisions int he room to kill, the ones that survive high temperatures as the zip mig agent doesnt like kettle boilings as reminds her of hot water (this what the dead telling me)

the dead commented that someone lied in 1974, regarding a 1868 court case in abnother part of the country, someone who was a police officer, to the council or something, regarding building of a hospital or something as they were trying to get rid of someone or something, or lie to someone on welfare, not sure the details as haven't looked to see if the case or records exist, as the dead were going on about how in the 1960's a group of people in durham wanted control of a ghousing estate and a psychic got a hit on them and a person who could cover the psychic said nothing, and a judge needed cover, and a group of people who wanted psychics gone have slowly gone up the tiers, and have been extending their reach, (image of pyramid, with cforrupt tier getting higher and higher, and bridge coming out from them) and then got showed a circular piller and a group of people who are corrupt getting higher and higher (differnt business model) as someone was going on the record regarding birthday cakes and candles burning down from the top, and the smoke that is created when they are blown out, as well as some analogies on baloons that float up.

birthdays and murders the dead have previously gone about in durham aside, to cover a lie up (if i'm to believe what i'm told from the dead) all I know is that a load of people have done thousands of pounds worth of damage in spite with hacks to keep torture judges, and torturers in durham employed in jobs, and frankly i just want all those human scum bags who have been doning that permenantlly stopped from doing harm to anyone ever again, as they are just fucking huiman garbage in my oppinion and always will we, as soon as i sort the mess out (which wont be quick) then I will get back to compiling those fucking lists they hate so much in the hope some human beings still exist on planet earth to stop torture and starvation and britain in the rest of the world.

fucking assholes, britain to a T, killing maiming and destroying in power at the expense of the british tax payer with no remorse, no humanity and no concept of the fact that the more they hit me the more damage they do to themselves and their own pathetic little countries, america and britain are just are mockery of freedom, liberty and any notion of justice with people like that running amoch on their payrole, how mighty the unioted states of america and great britain must feel with their ability to destroy humans when their job descriptions should be helping to im prove the quality of life for all human beings, how many soulds, people have they murdered, killed and destroyed throughout the centuries to keep their dirty little secrets hidden as tghey get off on the suffering off the planet, while they walk around in positions of power at the peoples expense, fucking human scum every last single one of the human race who have never shouted those leaders, or that hierarchy down!

fucking assholes, while I don't have time to do the reserch to sort the hardware damage out, and the dead have reminded me that the hardrives are very liable to fail after their handywork, the keyboards certainly have.

no comment from here on in, anyone who knows me who can help me remove that problem who doesn't mind exposing their position with a phone call to me, can reach me on 0191 386 6140, i'd name a few people but i won't at this juncture, as you will probably get more done without the hit from assholes like that.

anyone who can continue compiling the lists they so fear in private, who can get the information up online later or who knows any software equipment that can keep those asshole sout then let me know.

insurance companies i phoned, won't insure me, unsurprising and my atempts to see if i could blag a router off a company or even advice suggestions on choice of security locks security systems haven't worked as yet.

as my priority is to prevent those people from ever entering a room and prevent them from ever stealing or damaging equipment ever again, to prevent them from ahcking another system which might of course be extended to see them rot in hell for eternity in my current mood luckily for them I need more evidence then the nhs, as i would want to verify the people the dead pointed out for myself, britain on the other hand rarely if ever seems to appreciate concepts of evidence so the fact I extend that courtersy while britian does not, should be a note of wry amusement for some...

i havn't written up the estoeric stuf fin the quiet movements, one of the people helping me on the spiritual plane switched to someone else, told he has poltergeist skills, that I ignored. however a empty washing up liquid bottle wobbled at one point, and im pretty sure it wasnt moving at the first instance, that didn't phase me at all, however on checking it, i noted tapping it or putting it down caused the same type of wobble, as only a little bit in the bottom, and rounded bottom, however I was trying to lean back quick in the kitchen on the unit to see if that would set it up and that wasn't working, so I erased the poltergeist comment from my head, that was few days back and has been forgotton in the reams of the other information as the dead were commenting on meaning of how and where dust and marks form in mirrors as far as what people in other locations were up to inter alia.

and that would be better perhaps a suvject of a book if I were to ever write any of the information up properly as i'm more converned about the computer hackers, and "cia", "mi5", "undfercover police" teams that have been breaking in doing damage, as dead commenting that i am still being eradicated with the overheads, as frankly I don't have any place location to pull back to, don't see how I can move in a war with no internet, or where too and as such opted to doing nothing so they fucking mornons if their any truth in the torture judges (ones dead say guilty of murder) paying for survalience on people, as multiple stories heard now, incvluding judges paying that group instead of the other group as the other group wouldn't go their, and yesterday i was getting comments on beiruit as well and some worrying remarks on the start of that war, withthe build up of teams, units of that size.

as told the oceans 11 group is that group, only it's more then 11 people involved, and not sure if I want to write the beruit stuff I was told up as far as the start of that war, as need to look at where all the weapons came from so quickly, and america was commented on, as well as someone blowing a housing block up, as story was hearing thwe cia home officer 27e assholes were even thinking of that type of plan in durham.

all i know is items have been damaged, destroyed, stolen and people have entered the room to do thefts, damage behind my back and hackers hit me via wifi network, and landline, and then the dead commented on poisioned plaster, and them placing contaminents, pathogens with the intent to bring down with illness, which in my view is assination, and as such took the entire thing out of my experience level, as I just wanted to get back to web development rather then working out how to stop NSA hacks in a computer industry that just appears to have spent its time shafting the people rather then doing its job!

an interesting remark, was spekers on a stereo, as the cakling when turned it off from cd to tape, i heard clairaudient comment "you stupid man" in a womens voice, and then it went silent, the dead say that its them using frequency stuff to see if people are in, and that the home office asshole switched to another frequency, as thats the point i started seein the agent who was reportedly killed with an umbreally many years back in the street outside, telling me i needed to be in that area to be safe!

commented on it with someone i knew once, and he said that he was told that was just capacitors elctrolight discharging was what he was tought on his eledtronics course.

that being said the dead who have been speaking to me have commented on them being able to get a signal out of electrnoic circuits that are switched on as well as being able to send a signal to elecotnric componets, mentioning solinoids, and i think inductors, so haven;'t thrown all that information out currently.

as the dead were commenting that they were reading positions of people in the room based on electromagnetic fields given out from tv sets, however i'm more worried about the health effects the death keep goiong on about with cia agents poisioning plaster work as sub contractors, as well as the items the steal such as hammers, energy meters, routers! as well as viruses (confirmed on some devices) that they uploaded and of course how to repair the broken comouters as is, notwithstanding the price of replavement keyboard is expensive as is broken laptop cases, and of course hardrives.

i was told that the people working on those teams just dont like anyone owning any property hence why they seek to destroy equipment and books.

thise worries me as they are all on more money then me if the dead are telling the truth on their financing, and as such preplexes how some human beings turn into human garbage such as that, then again that type of person has existed throughtout history wether it be running euthanisia concentratyion camps or anything else.

so just turninga blind eye to it all currently, hwoever someone really does need to get their act together to take those teams, and the people running them, and the torturers of britain down permenatly, and as such any help, advice, aid or of course assistence welcome on that, as i just want to be able to get back to software development and compiling lists to help persuade no human being to ever go their again, god willing it catche sup with them.

oh another randomm commentw as told hekate is
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the hacker crooks still ramping damage up (Cont)

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Posted At:3:57 PM

also being reborn to someone (the dead did say who), dana, anubis was mentioned as going to be reborn that also at one point as told they want to see if they can make money on their own in the modern world, as someone did a spell from an earlier century asking for them to come back!

which made me muse over if gods, deities are ever around, as any requests i've been asked to do i'm ignorning based on inability to pull out and won't unless I have the security stuff in palce or if i see conivtion arrests and those fucking assholes who have been ahcking my network and who have been breaking ion thrown in prision forever for starters, as the very notion they are doing that type of thing to people just pisses me off.

though i suppose a more sensible strategy would be just to look away rather then let murderours criminals such as that get to me, but they do..

quick consideration of other strategies. i'm curious if compiling article son people who are having a good life, might persuade more criminal asshole slike that to leave people alone, as pointing out to people who berak in that that they are fucking human garbage might not be incentive enough to persuade them to stop, other strategies that spring to mind, generally run the risk of viloent tit for tat escualtions into more globabl cvonflicts, and trying to just work out how to remove that type of human scum baf from ever being able to do harm to another person and myself ever again, so can get back to talking freely, and compiling information again.

so yeah, not impressed currently as a quick win and move of laptop to a lock boos immideatly resulted in a hit from that team, and further damage to me.

and of course those who are guilty of torture and murder in the judicial hierarchy of britain and the nhs, and of course durham police, council etc, do need to be dealt with as well in my oppinion as its taking the piss.

and those lists of people who are human scum in m,y oppinion are extreamly long, and judges, psychologists, nhs workers should know better then that.

so yes, too see every cia, mi5, nsa agent, police officer who has ever broken in, who has ever hacked, who has ever done damage, or planted poisions to kill or who has hung up a phone not to take a call to be permenatlly removed from those positions to other people more suited to the job an take over...

as i think people just want to be left alone to live in peace and those hackers ans other assholes well are just assholes and any one who helps keep torturers inter alia in power is just human scum.

and thats the same rant i always write, so i might have to walk for awhile, but the fact those morons resort to that type of crimes preplexes, and seems illogial to me and as such can't take any of them seriously as human beings at all, as one notes the amount of pain, starvation, suffering and finaincial damage they cause and continue to cause, oh how prous they all must be at their record at destroying human race, do they spend their days orgasming hoping people will jkust kneel and worship their skill set or what?

or do they enjoy being despised for the fucking scum they really are? will enver understand that type of person but they are a current problem that isn't going away currently and as such any help in permenantly removing them from doing any more harm to myself or anyone else would be greatly appreciated by me (no money in it, more a sense that your helping someone else out)

so yes, those fucking assholes still causing a problem here!

fuck knows what damage they do have done in the meantime

I am aware that what the dead are doing as far as commenting on the movements and what the cia mi5 people are up to is the same strategy psyvhologists do, hence why I paused for caution, eitherway the damage that has been done by thpose gettin gthrough locks, and through hacks is real eitherway it shows you they losoe the information compiling war, as they have resorted to murder to stop people from talking or logging articles or anything, thus proving the entire british american system is built on a pack of lies.

phoney propoganda that the populace lap up each and every time as they accept their paychecks while other people die, starve or get killed in private under the umbrealla of nhs and mental health, fucking appalling!

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chicken and egg

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Posted At:12:35 PM

I stopped writting up anything good ages ago, mainly due to the fact the dead keep commenting on the beam weapons and poisoned plaster work by ci5, mi5 services, undercover police and the criminal damage due to the incursions they keep doing.

However I was asked to comment on one story the other week and never did, as it differed from reserch arguments I had heard before.

As the dead have kept saying I need to boost vitimin A intake and eat more spinich to compensate the damage that those criminal agencies have been doing and looked at buying some eggs from iceland.

I noted the caged hens were £1 and the free range eggs slightly more expensive, and I was going to buy the free range eggs but got told that the hen on the caged hens had blessed those caged eggs to live forever and if i ate the caged hens eggs I would get more benefit from and that blessing was to me, as she said she prefered being caged in a home for life as took a problem off her, however given I remember all the negative stories on caged hens I walked from the egg purchase in its entirety as was dubious about the entire thing, and didn't want to deal with that type of politics.

and comment later was asked if i wanted to pass the blessing off to the kid who was eating them,in the family who bought them.

so decided to write that up in the blog here, as kind of a distraction from the rest of the stuff that's been going on, as with peoplle illigally hacking, causing criminal damage, thiving routers and illigally entering my room behind my back, writting anything up tends to be dubious in a war.

At the weekend I even got told to walk from durham immidatly without going back to my home, collecting belongings or anything because the person who was speaking said, that paymon had took one look at one of the people who had the ability to help me, said they had shut up and were finding the notion of people breaking and entering homes to kill people funny and as such was reason to leave britain and durham immidiatly to set up in another area rather then sticking it out, as i keep forgetting all the threats other issues that have been pointed out when people shut up for awhile, and arn't even calling most of it in anymore.

as none of those people have been taken down yet, and a few nights back they were going on about aliminium posioning from transmission inter alia from another room, and me getting comments that he has sworn not to let me sleep in a room that i am living in because of the danagers, and staying out of the flat, or doing things when it goes quiet isn't resolving anything at all.

a moving and repairing, replacing and upgrading or sorting out equiipment is expensive and one hopes those assholes get put away for life, or taken out to stop them doing any more harm to any human being, as the dead flagging the scumnmy cia linux hacker up, which means i'm stuck with working out how to keep them out, which area if any to move back to and how to find proof to put them behind bars for ever, as anyone entering a room like that is fucking scum, especially as they keep trying to poison people.

anyhow some amusing quips from the other day:

the dead saying someone had nicknamed me red sparrow, me not knowing what the dead were talking about then, walked into the works and saw copy of red sparrow on sale, red the blurb on the back this morning, was bemused but didn't buy the book as didn't like the feel of the cover and they had no other copies on.

other day they were trying to get me to buy a dress in a store, saying that if i did it would be funny, as a bloke (Was it husband?) wanted to do that, and the story me doing that would be worth it later, i'm not convinced jokes, insults like that pay off, so looked away oh a resevoir dogs comment in the same store and me being told later that was the person who was working in the stores view when she was taking calls, as a short while later I had noted store person was taking a call, answering phone in the store.

other week I was asked to buy a cuddly toy for someone in store as good will gesture as she needed it for her mother that day, I didn't follow that suggestion either because their were no cudlly toys any good or what looked like the image shown to me, in durham at all.

i'm told another medium did that job for awhile.

In another store I also refused to do the buy 1 drink in a 2 for one deal, as being told that would be a really good move if i did. as told they debating selling single ones for 50p as not sure which way that type of thing goes, as far as buying people drinks.

was asked to say no chance in hell to one person (or words to that effect when entering a store) without any context and was asked to tell a kid that their was a virus on their phone, and for them to remove it, and that 3 or 4? people in her school had virus on their phone, one person had removed it and said nothing to everyone else, given that I haven't repaired sorted my phone out, which is dead and won't charge, i can quote what told asked to pass on, but not the truth of it.

and still haven;t sorted out the collection disposal of the contaminated washing machine dryer that has not been picked up or refunded by amazon at all, as would involve me working out what lawyer to speak to on that.

so in the words of vision thing, "la, la, la" as far as sorting any of the mess, issues pointed out, due to finance costs involved.

hoping the people who are doing that type of thing are stopped from being able to do that type of incursion, hack or criminal damage ever again as i view anyone working or who involved with those groups as complete scum.

and i probably ought to write the rest of the info up at some point, but that would involve me remembering all the detail, however not writing it up is probably stupid as it's issue of remembering it accuratly without messing the notes up.

"red and white kill you is all i say as do alll the others if they want to but not necessarily so hence the problem when its present all over you and all other people as well as some things remove some problems and others less so and if you know why they are pissed then you remove the issue but only for as long as you keep them on side and if you forget to keep them on side you die when its mutually convineant for all people who are doing that type of thing hence your problem as you should just say no comment on all things that don't interest you know or where you are unsure on how far to go, unless you think its bullshit then you should just say as it would remove the entire problem off you if it goes wrong"

remark the other day on eternal life if none of them killing you at cell level, and that involves politics of ALL previous past lives as well. as some colours usually protecting you at some times, and view belief of other people impacting on that also.

now the debate on negative minded people who wish people ill in life, and those who are more optomistic and wish everyone well... as comment that someone at birth was wishing me to die (nurse), as didn't like comment someone else in the room and was wishing me to live forever or something like that (thats the jist of the story)

however i haven't seen anything concice on medical science as far as explanations at cell level, as far as disease, health and miricles go, as their was a warning that opening past life up might change deals in this life, and they commented that someone famous once did that and that caused his problem.

as far as those who stay healthy v those who go down quicker, noting shamanic teachings, people with faith, various stories in witchcraft circles and other things...

and comment someone had vote from previous life, on voting up or down on rebirth as far as love or money goes and the joke this time was if i could do any better in this life with them in power, when in early life early ad when was the other way, though that was just the testimony of the person speaking to me at the time, and interesting, anoying, scary as some of those comments can be, their was the comment that unpicking that spell did actually leave me without a family to be reincarnated in, as technically the rebirths i've been doing where because of that deal and as such leaves me as an independent as far as families go, though i was told i had to play the other game where you have no familes friends just come into existence not knowing people and if you dont have 3 or 4, 5? people onside by certain time period then you die, as well as how i can only come back if i further magic in that life, and with all the information made, not sure what still applies currently and remembering what other humans are like, and what other people did.

also killing 4 people stops you coming back as well.

dead commented on a mother dying once for me to be reborn in a family and interesting how all that type of information is, especially as an emotional reset when getting filled in on, people breaking into my home, and the stories on them trying to kill people with exposure to beam weapons as well as them planting contaminents in room, and or damagingin equipment, stealing things, or trying to destroy books because they hate people owning anything, or having nice things even though they are on more money then me is really interesting.

oh third? mother who told recentlly deceased in a different life, who i'm told worked for berkly gave advice on asking if people care about a su0bject being mentioned before speaking as doing that would have removed a problem in early life, as she made a comment on something, saying a code existed in berkly or some museum, roman that i used in that life once, as she commented on something, and i haven't set any codes in this life up, and anyhow sextree is just me writing compiling information up so not sure the secrecy stuff works, that being said notion of trying to get purchase or security equipment that stops people who are spying doing assassinations slow or otherwise from breaking in, seems prudent at times, as some concepts have never gone into my head, and was just told it was that, and not sure if its relevant this time round at all.

however if one group of people are sharing knowledge, another set not, and that set are using knowledge and putting in practice to stuff to screw people over as opposed to helping everyone get sorted in life, then gets little dubious potentially as i expect to be able to get items ordered in the mail without them going astray, without them being switched, tampered with and fact people hacing computers, and illigally entering homes, is also seriously scary at times (and still haven't removed those problems, such as getting the evidence, or proof to take those people out, unless just trusted who the dead said did it, though i would feel happier with confirmation with my own eyes before I go that far.., thats a luxury more then the british legal system and nhs have been offering to people though...)

so not a fun game, having had people been pointed out who are guilty, knowing the crimes have taken place, but not knowing how to prove it for sure unless work out how to take the fuckers out, if the go their again on me or anyone else...

and all that just to get back to doing code again, to do all the enhancements or improements that still haven't done, and of course compiling news articles and other information out to stop torture and other abuses from occuring in britain and the rest of the world, in order to get back to something else, though that plan seems less effective after loosing all my property, homes, and with the passing years but seems the only plan in existence anyhow unless meet anyone else thats good, and that dreaded would i ever trust anyone enough to work with them, no.

so much for progress their, no need, but doesn't stop
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chicken and egg (Cont)

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Posted At:12:34 PM

me reviewing options given the numbers of the enemy and those who are screwing people over inter alia as war sucks!

trying to remember what jokes were on the record that i missed, and is it safe to write them up at the time.

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146 in beyond good and evil

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Posted At:10:31 AM

" He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

link of english translation from the complete works "(1909-1913)"

thinking that putting this quote up might be a good idea but unable to upload an image of the quote currently, then decided to look at the book it was first written in and then remembered the date, and slowed down for a moment as it references enemy torturers in far too many places, and wanted to double check the date of it inter alia and don't particularly want to spend the time reading it currently, but noting references to the word psychologist multiple times, and some of those those feared words which you encounter when detained in a uk torture facility as i keep meaning to work out the when that lot started as far as genocide of psychics inter alia though i tend to view most of it as first world war when britain was using electricution to get people back to the front line in an effort to shut up distention in the ranks (war of nerves by ben shepard covers that type of material off) if i was being nice then perhaps i could argue that some tribunals were perhaps just trying to stop people getting shot by firing squad but i generally just view psychologist and those people as a bunch of genocidal assholes who did torture these days and as such worthy of no remorse for any deaths on their side, though ethics is ethics and people should perhaps try not to lower themselves to their pathethic has been level [psychology, the British judiciary,america, mental health workers, police and anyone else who is involved in mental health torture and allowed that type of thing go on, ahh the Hippocratic oath what happened to the hippocratic oath inter alia, the concept of people working together through the notion of want not fear, the notion of bettering and improving the quality of all peoples lives rather than one group of people trying to enslave or wipe out another part of the population on a power trip which tends to be all it is, noting the reference regarding euoper getting worse over the last 100 years, and remembering to offset by the date he lived and his book and making a note i ought to double check at some point if anything is getting better in any country and which country to flee to if i pause to think about it for too long considering i've not removed any of the issues or problems i know of currently and some of the health warnings that the dead point out, i have noted on self currently and as such resulted in me needed to look for foods that had vitimin a in and the dead say i can sue the police for damages but not sure how to go about that in britain or finding a lawyer for that type of thing as any previous attempts to find anyone who fights to take the system on to the best of their ability seems none existent as it just seems a lot of people playing lip service looking away as those abuses by a country and authority continue and don't belive any of those bad guys will ever get taken down anytime soon based on my current pessimism, and that doesn't help me or anyone else out currently given the warnings the dead keep warning regarding those people who have hacked computers, who have entered room to place contaminents, who have stolen, who have left contaminents to kill and who the dead say use beam weapons which cause health issues and of course the deliberatly contaminented plaster remarks the dead keep going on about, as well as reference to services, mi5, cia, nsa and welfare courts, and of course the usual torture judges who sit on those mental health tribunals where torture (or even murder) is done via injections under the propangda of mental health, as the people sit back and ignore the increase in strength of that industry and the suffering and torture of the populace, through centuries of propoganda and indocterination, and how the hell did so many people get that corrupt?

is it just one group of people, paying another group who want a job, and those people just being sick twisted fucks who get off on being told that they wont be proseucted for breaking the law or something? and is it they are just told that its ok because everyone else who works their already does that type of thing, and they jkust follow suit, are they just sick twisted fucks who get off on beating up, torturing and ruining lives, while advertising for the benefit of mental health? is it the joke, irony that makes people flock to that type of employment or what? as i muse over the arrogance, and sick nature of the people who work in their, their glib attitude and the bullshit those working and employed in that system spout, and the damage the continue to cause to people such as me, and assassination by poising is just added to the list of crimes by their scummy little shitty side, oh mail tampering also, so yes rants on the scum working in Britain, the british legal system, british government, intelligence service and of course the nhs ]

"beware you don't become the monsters your fighting is always good advice regardless of time on or off planet earth in my opinion as someone i knew once is pointed out, ahh the pretend your intellectual brigade

and brief web search says another web link says Friedrich Nietzsche was born in 1844 and died in 1900 and that Beyond Good and Evil was published in 1886 and just decided i ought to sit down and perhaps read all of it, due to the amount of reference to psychology and other anoying psychology words, as well as references to individuals and virgin forest (paragraph 45) and paragraph 222 being noted inter alia

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Tags: friedrich nietzsche, monsters
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