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Posted At:09:08

The logic im hearing from the dead of a female judge ordering detainment in 2013 and more torture to cover up previous torturer and murder they did seems stupid to me, as people detained get prissy.

Told first high court circuit mental health judge in 2011section 2 and who released off cto in 2016 refused to release in 2011 after siege in first tribunal as she told hospital managers before the hearing that she didn't want people like me released and that it was her who made the request of judge diff to detain in 2013 and it was her who asked bia an intermediary who asked the manager woman in Manchester road who she ordered to kill the medium in the 90's because he was going on about a person who was murdered by another judge in the 80's and the hospital didn't know what to do with him, and that os the reason im told the dead didn't want to say anything to me in full due to his death but in 2012 they were highlighting a male judge slowing me down.

So lucky for hospital double cross of the judge, also told that old drig syock that hospitals keep back in case they need fpr evidence have been used to kill and drugs loved between hospitals cover usage, so any stock take short fall in computer system would br murders as being told told one removes memory kills in year, and mentioning the paranoia orderly as they pointed barry the torturer orderly out when telling me this which is where notion of writing anything up seemed dangerous.

Will have to search her name out, previously told duff in magic kabel with councilwr and someone else who works for council and room f guy who not verified was in room with them doing that as a kid.

Anyhow having endurered torture with those drugs, wpunder how kuch evidence if any leads back to them as im told the prison guard fashioned the noose for the prisoner told duff ordered killed and that he hot him to do it via blackmail on the guard. Still have to track if any articles of death in franklin prison down.

Other info was about reincarnation earlier life why couple of people I knew split as when I got told sianara that was when couple broke up as he wasn't in room with her as a woman wanted to speak to her privacy and he left into other room and previous life that fucked and was same woman that time round who im told got told that info by clairaudient in different area and someone saying another woman I knew was sister to woman dated in another 9th century and I ignored her while dating her sister in that century (different from this century, but told the sister in that century was they ex of mine this century who was couple years young in that century, lisa and sev) another hence her interest this time round. However she was older then me in that life and was married unhappily with muscular man at the time 'while her sister had kinky sex for life'. They did yes to my question of is,that same life image fellow psychic saw on psychic course I was on

Story i need to verify about a judge one being pulled out off a court room and killed thrown in the river amd the people sitting in court to hear the case out but told,they didn't go that far in that century.

And a remark on bone marrow production having being started with the apple cider vinegar I added to the salad leaves as an explanation for a sensation, which I wouldn't be able to verify without research (not looked) and yesterday dead was saying horseradish would repair liver damage and if you eat enough you don't get burning sensation when you eat it ?!?

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dreams and then encountering tent

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Posted At:12:26

currently using a durham library computer.

I was all set to do a ranty article today, after the annoyance of yesterday and ignored the requests to do it immediatly, then went to sleep and had an annoying emotional reset when went to sleep, as i ended up having a dream featuring one of the male witches i knew and a lot of tents, rucksacks being set up in an area, and unable to locate one, and my thought on waking was gps might be useful with that many tents, unable to find a tent area because of everyone else pitched in a dream.

on waking up to go to the library after eating a double bacon tomoto sandwich cooking cost £1.45, I walked past the pub and their was a tent set up colapsed covering large area with no one around, and i've never seen that before in that location ever.

also walking down the road, two women in burly rucksacks on walking up the other way, should have perhaps taken a photo of the tent (multicoloured) but didn't have my camera on me.

this located as dream on tents, rucksacks and inability to find pitches, then encountering one when exiting the flat to walk into town and seeing one in area that doesn't usually have them category.

anyhow i ought to finish tidying up the article on injection deaths which i didn't complete.

yesterday i purchased two auswitch books in a book store, did a samual l jackson negotiator (dirty cop twirl pointing to forehead sniper scene in town square before going to pubs, cafes for cover) that cost £14.80 for protection to avoid being pulled in and tortured, and so yesterday was extreamly pissed at services sending people out (psychosis team, saying they are police) to people who hadn't agreed appointments, who don't want appointments and is reminicent in my oppinion of the gestapo in the run up to world war ii.

in 2008, answering the door led to a two day detention (my firt encounter with the british mutaween, einsatgruppen gestapo, but it was not till 2011 did i discover that they tortured people in those facilities hence why i really ought to finish an article on injection deaths by the drugs they put into people in them, as the usual trixck is to detain torture indefinitly, saying people are mentally ill and unfit for trial as they don't want people testifying putting argumemnts forward on the stand, without them having gone through them beforehand.)

which is why you say nothing if taken into custody for your own protection. (howeer that probably ends up in you being tortured injected shipped aruond facilities in a man in the iron mask scenario, so not a particularkly good akternative strategy either)

anyhow i did tell my story to someone who had never heard of torture in those facilities before, so does one stay silent letting the few who don't know enjoy their lives or does one carry on talking about it in the effort to take the fascist nhs scum who the dead have testified that they and judges in the high court mental health circuit and managers have deliberately and wilfully ordered people to be killed who have been detained in custody in that and the prison system before, with the dead saying orderly looked for the drug he thought would kill most, and dead saying evidence exists in an archive or computer system that would prove that if someone were to look for it, one file for the injection death another record showing he knew, this was for a murder in the 90's era so i'm told and told he still works their, and i've obviosly seen the women who gives results back from hospital managers hearing before, one of those well to do keeping up appearance types taking your eyes off her in tribunal hearings is extremely dangerous in my opinion)

some of the people they are pointing the finger, I've spoken with face to face in those joke tribunals when detained in those torture facilities before.

oh i walked into one of the betting shop yesterday at one point when looking for cover in town and asked what the odds of surviving in Britain as a clairaudient after brexit was. the person working behind the desk looked it up on the computer said she couldn't find any listed but if would be, it would be under specials, and that was that for that day.

anyhow i viewed walking into town with an auswitch book safer till i got a feel to see how far they were going to push those type of hearings which in my opp-ion destroy lives and get people killed.

so freud and his thesis interpretation of dream aside 1932 (see judgement of nuremburg journal entry where pointed his book out once) or whatever it was, that version. I suppose i better get back to working out when i am going to buy a router to sort restoring land line connection over using mobile data connections out, to get back to researching evidence to stop people getting detained and tortured in facilities such as that.

(that war has been going on for centuries, the inquisition and even before Christ was executed at the cross so don't see the rush to write anything up currently, but the loss of those law books pre repossession which were never returned to me are annoying me now as I needed to get them into a database and I still haven't sorted a replacement compiler operating system out with the info the dead have been feeding me over the last year or so, though did install a computer game briefly purchased for 50p which played for an hour, chost recon which i think I ought to have done in 2013 as it would have sped me up getting used to computers again, as didn't look at computer magazines till back end of last year though haven't found an os any good with the data that's being broadcast from all systems seen with broadcasts not declared or authorised by me, so no progress here at all on anything ever)

dec 2018 clozopine death article reported to coroner, england those deaths different from murders dead going on to me about
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sausage and eggs

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Posted At:20:20

Hindal and pollark aside, was starting to cook chips in the oven for a sandwich, with salad and then started getting told cook sausage and egg with it as sausage and egg combined will kill an organism in your gullet that's veen their for years, and remove cholestrol.

The images started showing some white stuff vanishing, then what looked to be a worm, they also said beetruit with egg also works, no idea if any of it was true, hut did have sausage and egg in, so went yeah whatever too it as not cooked that combination for ages.

Days aho they were trying to fet me to eat spinach and chips on their won to breakdown toxins in brain which stop access to memory is what dead saying while getting me to think of past memories.

He also said that's why they look at stool samples under a microscope, so if its not them talking about who murdered who in positions of authority it's info such as that currently.

Giving combinations of meal then hitting you with another combination when not having hax time to cook the first ones or have food to use up though is irksome

Assuming I were to believe any of the info I hear, which means having to find time to get research done to survive repeated images like that shown while cooking food
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follow up

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Posted At:08:50

Logged with police on telephone and told someone in states on facebook,I had reported to police for personal safety but not sure info holds up dead are saying even if that she is the he bot sure she's that old, that being said,I know,those drugs kill and do believe,the nhs and Britain kill people deliberately as genocide, talk about awkward as no interest in walking to report it in police station beyond what said,on phone as think police bulshitets also based on previous police reports regurgitated back in that franz kafka hearing in July last year, so much for looking away, as not confirmed those deaths,told about in that era occurred yet, so that phone call possibly premature

Actually given at least one police,officer worked at Manchester toad and was involved in 136 going near police would ge inside and unsafe, so f**k that idea, info dead gave i wrote up in journal entry, so no phone call should be sufficient in my opinion, its recorded.
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leviticus 20:21

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Posted At:02:32

Decided to look the reference up after watching the film the other anne bolyn girl,, henery viii after looking at history book (Katherine and Arthur) and reading that bible book or large part of it, someone commented that s parting on back of head was mark of the goat and demanded I say that online as was trying to work out if anything in the cooking stuff in that chapter, as the week I was asked to eat spinich and chips to heal part of memory blocks as explaining memory blocks could ge broken down by what eat as was practicing remembering things which was told stimulates healing of those blocks, I.e. Stuff left in brain as causes signal pathways as this started after told doing memory exercises would make it uncomfortable for something to stay their as signals would make it leave of its own freewill.

Anyhow did remember some old memories during exercises.

However I think visyalise exercises and bilingual stuff need to be dobe in childhood, I.e picturing chess board pr starting with tic tac toe smaller boards to remember the detail. As im remembering pictures but bot sound and dont know if anyone else does? Ie. Sense of what said and told never used entire brain as they the dead want me to break some blocks put in childhood to access certain other memories.

I.e logic problems to use it again. (that's gist of what remember) oh they were doing my head in as they are explaining colour codes and showing different ones at different resolutions amd when they say one color better then another and show you worse colour when going on about healing it stresses you out, as had to ask how many their were of each color to break the fear as they really shit when showing clairvoyance trying to explain various things. As one has to learn to be very explicit in questioning the dead or they sacre the hell out of you, at least that's my opinion

Oh saying mother took short cuts as kid as she preferred baked beans to greens with chips was one remark said the other day and dont think anyone including people speaking have worked nutrition out, notes Leviticus had comment about 7 days unleavened bread or something and given earlier nutrioon comments wanted to see if any relevance their (inter alia) with explanations of things choosing to leave enter or leave the body as far as attractions elsewhere was ky thinking their but thats me just hypothosing on what dead say, house cleaning and im not writing it up in full as this rushed entry as very little data connection here
Someone showed after that, a stag commenting on frequencies used for communication fron judge plane, mentioned numbers on their side and then commented that the sign of the goat is more a curve partying actually that was before the frequency discussion, but ge commented on the murderer still working at Manchester toad, told that his 60s an orderly in foyer, was told he controlling 4 mediums who knew were mediums as his mother was having trouble with one money wise, wanting to stop people makung money and was in pharmaceutical and they took young out with drugs, told he chose drug he knew killed and that another file exists that shows he knew. 90's murder? For a court? judge different from the one,told told killed person in prison, not checked if any of that info true.

So to summarize Told murderer working at lanchester road still who hasn't been taken down and then after another speal on a different topic saying a relative of mine (named) going to get reincarnated in area (not definitive yet) with a joke comment my way.

Advice was to say find him before I do as I'd kill him in 5 seconds if I knew the truth as he's utter scum supposedly, not sure that's legal but anyhow

Frequency quoted 1420, 1442 1490
Comment getting now is,that in court bars around the box indicate stiff prison sentence, higher the bar the stiffer the sentance and ines that dont were supposed to ve dont worry about it, was shown image of studs,in wood instead, told the judge who humoured ir 'i think is,the murderer and the judges that didn't wasnt, dont know if any truth in that just quoting what hearing/shown currently

Told the mediums dont know their mediums yet as being told mentally ill their entire lives so were never allowed to come to terms with it which is why he dies if he doesn't confess before sundown is current comment hearing
Shown woman who knew, who I recognize in hospital managers hearings, im unlikely to look further comment more then that, told she was one who got him to do it with the instruction do it or die as too many people know and your nanes on the lust fir removal and no ine will care if you do as its only a spacker like your mothers mother before you
And now being told the softly spoken female judge is,the,one who ordered the kill as was loosing money in side venture many years ago, that would be the one cried at the first heating, and overturned cto at end, at that point that means,that bloke guilty as well, and response was obviously (said that bloke on judge panel paid someone off once that comment made by dead a year or so back though regarding him bailing someone out with money)
Dead saying that's why I saw,the,image of that judge shitting herself in that one hearing once, and now trying to remember if she was in first section and how,many times had her as forgetting which hearings were which now in that time period

Told by person speaking he think garcia knew about the murder by the orderly and covered something up once 'which is why he retired gracefully to stop a war as he couldn't go their without looking and got cover briefly but he didn't know why and that's because the queen ineq and didn't care and neither did you ad they only go to prison if you scream or shout or kill someone in self defense in a mood or something as theirs no money just pointing whos,who out in a blog without looking online at what everyone else said next'
Now being told,the ball and chain woman who told,is ib a relationship would,marry me in 4 seconds if throw Garcia,in prison as she knows who one of the,other mediums are. I haven't seen that woman yet, clairvoyance years back on a bloke once when walking past dark matter cafe, driver? Of van parked outside in that street when first saw ball and chain flagged up, she's scoping for guys allegedly to make money with so im told, and what person speaking to me told also allegedly, intriguing?
Now told she murdered the first guy because she was covering a murder up which she didn't do as cist her money in a business transaction elsewhere but you wouldn't know why and she didn't either as thought mediums were rare and got done at the end with a silence order and shed leave but not really as the cover was for another who was the original torturer in durham who moved to Newcastle and looked away as that was the eu murder victim, judge who anti eu and saying was eu but but voted other way, duff the other one.
'The Orderly, her, her, and him are the 4 you looking for but dont go their unless you know for sure as for walkers ate left dead if you dont explain the rest of the mothers,love for god for living when the other died, (blood poisoning judge) as she thought he was dead by god not incompetence and thought she was safe and dies in prison for ever as hindley because she lied at trial and that is it for now said I. Go to bed and look away and she dies as she kept a cocaine needle back to kill herself if she got caught in durham so go to the police or look away as I dont think you care anymore and I do as shes dead already after last week as fucked another order hoping an attorney wouldn't look and he doesn't know about your hut will if you tell the police as he's dead already if he doesn't look as she's tried to blackmail another kill, not really but we think you'll have to take it seriously not to take the murder seriously as you know its true and trying to worry doesn't help you put report or do not the choice is yours but no one will look if you do so ignore it and sleep ot off till she dies is all I say as were you' Huh
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oven cleaning

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Posted At:23:41

How effective is Mr muscle at 1.99?, any better offers? in cleaning oven interiors, after and before shot as you can see after the first pass I was able to see inside the oven again, how interesting...

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Posted At:19:21

Decided to talk about a story from the kitchen, this is because one of the knobs on a cupboard was loose by the door of the kitchen and,the knob closest to the door opposite,of the unit I installed in the room while living here had also cone loose, in order to reattach I had to take them both off, clean and run a finger through the thread before reattaching to get them tight again.

The dead went in with an explanation of an organism having worked out to do this, and said,that decades ago a kid needed something to do in order to speak to a bloke and prayed for that type of thing to happen (the programming), given the dead have talked about people trying to cause damage with micro organisms via the spiritual plane before not sure id want to talk openly on people they point the finger at. Though I find it unusual that the closest knobs of units closest to the kitchen doorway had both worked loose on opposite ends of the room, while others appeared ok.

Meanwhile another story earlier in the year was me being told a jersey monk wanting me to soak a soap in disinfectant for an hour to send a message to one of the organisms not to do that type of thing, a double line had appeared once on bath which I removed at same time as a break on finger skin after clean and the dead went in with a story of someone having issue decades ago with services.
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revisiting (relearning) chess

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Posted At:02:17

White to move on game I played as white today on the 28th, finish the game with mate:

The added complication I had with this game is me having not played chess or used a computer in ages was that the dead were going on saying such and such would do something at each move which was breaking my concentration as far as analysing moves ahead and I didn't know how strong the chess program was either at the time, the dead were not something i had to worry about in my younger days, though noted the program was set to easy at the end of.the game, winning without sacrificing the queen might have been another way to go if pieces are loss of life

Full game:
1. e2 e4 Ng8 f6
2. Nb1 c3 e7 35
3. Bf1 C4 d7 d5
4. e4xd5 Bf8 c5

5. Qd1 f3 0-0
6. Ng1 e3 Qc8 f4
7. Qf3d3 Bc5xf2

8. Ke8xf7 Nc8 a6
9. Ne2 g3 Na6 b4
10. Qd3 f1 Nb4xc2
11. Ra1b1 Nc2 d4
12. Qf1 d3 Bg4f3
13. b2xc3 Qd8 d7
14. Nc3c4 Nf6 g4
15. Kf2g2 Ng2f2
16. Kg2xf2 f8f5
17. Ne4g5 kg8h8
18. h2h4 Ra8d8

19. b2b4 Rf8f6
20. Bc1b2 Nd4xf3
21. Qd3xf3 f5f4
22. Ng3e4 Rf6f5
23. Rb1g1 Rd8e8
24. h4h5 a7a5

25. h5h6 g7g6
26. Ng5e6 Qd7f7
27. Ne4g5 qf7e7
28. Ne6g7 Re8f8
29. Ng7xf5 Rf8xf5
30. d5d6 c7xd6
31. Qf3d5 Rf5 f8
32. b5xa5 f4f5
33. Rh1h3 b7b6
34. a5xb6 Rf8e8
35. Ng5f7 Kh8G8
36. Nf7Xd6 kg8h8

37. Bb2xe5 Qe7xe5
38. Qd5g8 Re8xg8
39 Nd6f7++

The joys and tribulations of being a Gemini, looks like i will be needing to practice more in the days ahead to improve concentration and stop distractions like the dead getting in the way of focusing on a game in hand
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fitted kitchen annoyances

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Posted At:21:09

What are they thinking when the fitted cupboards into flats?

it's the wasted gap next to the cooker that would be big enough to store items that annoys or the covered over gap at the edge of the wall which is also not utilised that annoys.

How on earth can you stockwell with gaps that big that could store items otherwise, for example if it was shelves?

However i did learn a new trick taking this photo, unscrewing the 4 screws on the oven door to clean the back of the inside glass of the cooker door aa springs open to allow to clean tge other side, do need to clean inside oven though, but that also needs cupboard room to store supplies imho.

So yes so much for that one, meanwhile i assembled a cupboard unit together (not kitchen area) and moved the other one into wardrobe as wanted to see of door was better then open cubes and made space for storing hoover when it's unassembled as the pre shelf holes were not in the right place for hoover height. So I'm in process of trying to reclaim space in room to function optimally and looked at the gap in the kitchen area and went no, same with all other areas in my opinion unused cm's, inches here, there and everywhere not being utilised optimally at all, So not good

Oh well, so much for that

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Posted At:21:39

After rant regarding Facebook censorship, encountered someone not met in years, said hi, got brutally turned down when asking if they wanted to go for a drink, ,Amr back to my flat only few mins walk away and replaced the electricity socket with ine that worked.

Plug socket went on Friday night, and lost electricity in bedroom and u turned that circuit off at the fuse box, trying to turn it back on later caused all electricity to flip off so i called it in saturday, they said Christmas eve to hear back from electrician who did rewire in feb, heard nothing back so installed replacement wall socket which i bought myself on Sunday and now have wall sockets in bedroom working again.

Drinking chocolate which i knocked over when getting off the bed to look at the name of seas in europe had run down the wall and caused it to hum in a dangerous manor and ot was starting to get hot and glow white behind the switches hence why called in how it happened as thought safety issue and why i needed to turn off at the fuse box. Fortunately different ring mains after the rewire meant didn't suffer loss of all the sockets while that circuit was put, so was necessary to turn off and replace, two screws at front, and six wires color coded inside to put vack on the wall, decided to add usb functionality also in replacement to justify replacement.

Anyhow that was my evening, and watched blakes 7 gambit, the keeper amused at goth reference and star one also, and picked up series 1 of penny dreadful to watch, so much for romance at christmas *swoon*
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