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dead commenting further

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Posted At:4:29 AM

Dead now adding that the patient bath death was girl murdered by nhs worker that nhs worker I dont member knows and that a person I do remember and them are at a party in eastborne, I vaguly remember corvus who dead mentioned from larp event last century as he was a faction leader who im told looked and is also at that party, however seeing the deer from Hannibal show up in my rooms with the dead saying aying the murderer wants or wanted to speak to me after the last comment i made vommenting on it as the dead only just mentioned murder is slightly worrying as dead say the wrote it up as accidental death by drouning in a bath tub gor being mentally ill or something without proper security , as dead say he killed for her being annoying and the other larper knew about it and looked away and corvus is also at that party.

dead also said that their was a vomment many years ago on if that person who the dead say looked away was going to have sex with me or not and some joke remarks, and that why dead flashed one of the rituals at those events up as thays when a conversation regarding me was had, that must 15+?years back before one of the hierarchy higher level culls, and that's the testimony of the dead currently.

Supposedly im not supposed to say anything , the woman was effective at taking the nhs down he was a worker tried to cover up hot rid of her as was in the toom at the time and 4 people now of it, and I still dont know who the dead are referring too, tgough they say he wasn't at those,events I went to ib that era, the one who they say killed a woman by putting her head under in a bath 'Something like that, he did it with a weight if you must know' 'body not head'

'hes a serial killer he killed more then ine and walked before they went that far as they belive the routine of kill then leave for another to speak in defence' what ever that means, and dont particularly like the dead showing sieral killer if that true as safer, now dead saying that's hes safety in the party 'as they wont belive it if you comment like that as it has to he subtle back.' That's too far out of my area to see, comment on,

Dead commented on block placed on floor dropped at chest height that was removed later but no struggle as they were on their back after turning around from back rub and was 4 second kill to get rid of someone in that era, dead said he killed woman and man and person thinks three or 4 killed like that and he knew and they knew, 'but im not sure how far that goes' 'stone block enough to cause,problem later with autopsy as they didn't comment on the bone fracture at the time in case true' why not take him down at the time? 'because they needed to know who the accomplice was her'

This commentary getting worrying as dead commented on people moving toilet seats to cover someone NHS in a crime, and warning not to allow anyone to do that.

And i was more worried regarding the people illigally entering my home and other things, dead say 'he was at the party left 4 seconds ago in eastborne, new jersey if gets that far' 5:24am currently here

Dead saying 'the other one who killed still in that game and safer currently as didn't fuck up as much but not that area less traces more subtle be very afraid if you run into him ss he isn't funny if you run into him' 'he knows who he was though he's an older one more dangerous more senior more lethal more reach and more culls in other areas beside' 'deaths by bread, poison these days' dead commented on stuff being sprinkled on sandwiches, 'Derivative of one of the things they do that they look away from' what's that mean? 'it means they dont analyse it in the lab as residual. Dont go their and you win as no one knows for sure anymore and neither do you' 'be very careful of items unopened including in your own home if commenting like that' suggestions? Don't go their and you win' Huh? That's not useful 'it means shut up or die as you wont know how far it goes we do and they aren't funny and context is lost in this type of comment fear also don't go their and win' that's not helpful and neither is anything else
Dead saying 'ges using a third party and they think its a health supplement but knew it killed as that's why he adopted it for stupid people who didn't look before using and that's the heath service and not you as its also a rat poison as well hence the kills'

Dead said they placed something on my jacket once when detained? As shown image of rat out the room. NHS ward when wasn't looking be very careful of entering building without a hoover to stop problem later or you die if true that's to you as well' dead saying person who was foing that was seeing if person cleaned clothes and is same person who is fuckung the washer currently so font go their and you win'

Yesterday socks were found by me strewn up stairs which dead said wete NHS guy, as id also ordered washer dryer to avoid fommunal area, but got shafted in delivery that never showed as amazon delivery logged phone statement as before these notes i was scared to leave flat unattended as dead say duplicate key ended up in people who entered via company who didcreeire mentioning the wueen of rnglands company as the purputeator of the crime, and was avoiding writing that up as still ongoing, as durham police flagged up as dirty also with links to those teaks, so not sure who to log anything to with currently, as more concerned with getting untampered lock which thinks impossible currently given what dead said about this phone and not happy regarding brief comments of people being shafted in other areas as well' so this type of commentry from the dead not fun given what seen, know, heard todate. As think not saying anything fucks,me and saying fucks,me as those torturers murders still in power, i experienced torture seen inquest reports previpusly heard them [nhs] lie to face in tribunals and witnessed the illegal entry into this flat inter alia so generally assuming all true these days due severity of the info, wifi hackers!
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Posted At:5:32 AM

Dead were wanting me to go in with a quote to tale someone down behind closed doors from ten years ago, however I dont see the point of that, amd the dead or person speaking have been going on about it for hours, and comment on few other blocks and said they wanted to 16tg century also, I have enough problems known to start humouring that type of request as wouldn't deal go bear those groups anyhow so dont see the point, interesting comments on who knew who but 'no to speaking, but not really' and 'im bored of your rest faded from memory as even if dead ate pointing out people who could have coveted ten years ago made a difference who the dead say are changing their story which in turn causes someone else to get confused that was different life,practically, houses I.t career in that era all be it did get starved out at that juncture and since torturenhs, illegal entries with home office and services police torture judges cited I dont see relevance anymore as those fucks absolute, and even if I worked out how to get locks without being sold out, or router os that wasn't fucked, phone that wasn't fucked and rid of the dead long enough to do any of the tasls that are unlikely to ever never get done in this life, dont see it's the same game as im more concerned regarding those torture judges and nhs workers who murder people and torture people amdthose when are trying to jeep them in positions of power wealth and dont see relevance to any of that stuff the dead talking,about currently and never will, and no to ever using nhs ever again as I know their guilty of multiple times as are pretty much all government agencies from what I hear, and as such self defense and defending from attack comes first as that war will unlikly evrr end, as they highly financed have no scruples and in my oppinion they have been fucking people for centuries so no to anything ever changing here anytime soon, I certainly wouldn't give a fuck if any of,the torturers or any keeping them in power or any of those going ibtrusions,when people are out are killed thrown in prison or anything as think they are utter scum and their attitudues puss me off, having had to deal with their iund when detained in those facilities as they sit onbtribunsls inter alia, so why comment more then that, hardly going to be polite conversation unless anyone ever returns the suffering they wete responsible for, im more likely to resume self defense and,take,them down next time however the thought of them being cushy does tend to piss oneself off during a war, but dont see why I should rush to do anything here, where ugh for ke to know that they and everyone working in that system was scum, and I spit on them and their graves forever amd yet im sure many will flock to their banours in an attempt to justify their crimes, but each to their own concipunce in the end at least I said no, and yet didn't take enough down hard enough at the time and I prefer the high ground, so am ignoring the suggestions from the dead on that one for now.

They crossed the line, and their arrogance, attitude and hierarchy reeks and,while admit other strategies might be kore effective in taking that type of scum down, we are where we are, and get back to you on that one at a future point at my convineamce as just one kore name in opposition against those employed hy Britain who spend their lives fucking people to induce war and,the destruction of a a country they do so well, legacy of death, murder and a mockery and perversion of any seblence of honor or justice was all they sewed and I dont particularly fare for even heing civil with those establishments notwithstanding their amazing ability to destroy starve and kill people which is noted throughout history in the sands of time, so no don't see the point of speaking either currently

As for doing unity rant, speech instead I dont think that would work from my position knowing people ive known in life a
Though I agree on it more interesting speal as,opposed to isolation but then again doesn't change my view on those people intruding into homes or the ones torturing people in uk facilities, or lot of other things, war sucks as does (trying to think of exceptions and failing currently)

The dead wanting me to comment on a death in a bath she looked away on, amd a person died later because of it as they services hit too many times. '4 or 8 years ago' 'lt larper responsible' 'say nothing and you win, lie amd you dor when the war begins if you go back on anything later after mistakes are made as death will pursue on all those who lied or died the other way' as I quote the person speaking currently.

'blie is blue red is red' will supposedly confirm it with someone, I font actually know for sure who the eead arecreferingvto then late ritual got flashed up and would need to spend sometime trying to remember faces from that era, as way dead speaking implyes someone remembers me who they are referring to or did, and me not them, amd that's annoying me giving the way dead are speaking currently on this subject inter alia, 'nhs worker' they are saying who got someone Killed in real life and did damage to me in earlier era 'and now dies if they lie again to cover it up as allegedly happening too much now but not really' meanwhile I want to know how adding those cimnents help me or anyone else out given the rest of the fucks known, or mentioned elsewhere
'blue is blue, red is red'
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price of shielding expensive

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Posted At:1:52 PM

Looking at price of shielding for faradqy cages and price per meter, in order to stop home office Britain hacking electronoc locks which they are soo g to enter rooms, this is.because they keep getting the keys of mechanical locks also.

Amd dead commented that they wanted the shielding in before they took a look as they are less Lilly to enter a room if they dont know the lay pit, unfortunately that was then amd now amd the fact britian seems more intent on mirdering people as they cant win in court to keep their precious torrure divisions such as the nhs up means that I probably miscalculated in how bad britiaon is as that means Syria style civil war war closer than I thought as I remember that government is funded by the people amd is it quicker and easier to see of the people will shit those torture judges, police nhs home office down amd stop as far aa number breaking in to peoples homes, or is it worse then that now?

My priority was just to stop the had guy breaking in, however getting locks.tgey cant hqvk might be another alternative, the dead di warn that they are capable of sui g weapons that cause a problem of the entire room is shielded saying some of the stuff is slightly better on that so little unsure if I should buy on a hacked phone or not, I chose to buy washing machine dryer to use in my room instead, as hoping those mass murdering psychopaths who were infecting rooms damaging kit get taken out by other means and by taken out I mean removed amd preve ted from doing any further harm to any person ever again.

As the dead flagged up a darlington judge, any kit I am using is compromised amd Britain is way tok far gone as they just trying to cover up the crimes of previous decades and as such I might be over estimating safety even using this device or making any purchase in fro t of them as I do r have a visual on the police hackers who are breaking the law all I know is that the list of.crimes of Britain increasingly mounts.

Not tried the wet blanket tricl yet and the fact britian is forcing people I tp.that means guns amd forearms might be a vetter way to go as its just a mockery pf the legal system as I didn't even call the hqvk they did in as I just view the entire british system amd all judges people working in it guilty as pf now, which means what is the game currently as every last one pf those who tortured amd I traded I to rooms who damaged property who hacked phones computers is guilty of a crime and aa such they are all rwappnsoble for destroying Britain amd bringing Britain into disrepute and not impressed with Philip being flagged up again either.

Just view rhe british establishment as a blight on the human race and utter scum amd everyone who kept that torture system amd those people in office equally so. As I reflect on numbers amd how to close those black op units and judges down
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water supply and bowles

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Posted At:11:43 PM

While on subject of hearing out why bits form on certain objects i.e. Whos anoyed and their reasons why, and ignoring anything that's been said to me about previous lives which is another or has been another on off information stream a comment was made regarding clean water bowls and 4th century monk saying if the bowl had bits on got dirty then the water supply was contaminated and a story about that being told to all school kids in durham and something about a kid not wanting people to have clean water Bowls and him beating people up and told that the water.contamination was in next village and problem under the bath inter alia on top pf all other fucks issues pointed out as not chased or even gone near the water company or anyone with that one yet due to previous intruders into home when I was out and those scanning devices that do physical harm, has anyone heard of that story regarding water bowles before as I've not got around to looking, as this device still compromised by hackers and tv still broke and still not fixed the battery on laptop.they took apart and repaired replaced routers, anything I will say will not be very complimentary to those assholes who are fucking people over by doing that type of thing, as i still want thinking time.

And person toggling volume off key presses on the on screen keyboard is annoying me also on this device using to access the net currently, how do they want me to interpret that one?

Actually did a point the karma courts out and briefly bring asked to feed back on something regarding someone on this site? Regarding which wat of at all to swing something on someone regarding previous lives? I think I forgot or didn't write the detail up on that one

Note correction: On if.yhe kid was being beaten up as him.beating people up, amd those assholes down the road intruding having machines, wanting to wipe.phones as a rule of they wernt torturing people on mental healthvwaards and werny starving people out amd if they weren't breaking into homes and illigally entering amd if they werny firing beam weapons at people then perhaps durham would be good, people.such as them who are duxking people over put people off durham but im just interested in taking the assholes fucking people down, admittedly those numbers do seem high at least on the receiving end, my opinion will never change on health service or those judges or anyone hacking networks and look forward to getting rid of them forever for everyone to live a stress free life
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Posted At:11:26 PM

Comment regarding red stuff being on a screw driver as it was asked to collect their, and about its ability to destroy an item with electricity if it goes their was washing over being ignored by me, then I touched a button and got a mild electric shock as though static discharge and then had to pause for a moment and hear everything out ad im still stressed Ruth he people who are illigally entering flats when people are out and tech level gap.

Told red and blue telekesis, and wart of writing much more then that at this juncture, other then told spingch removes red, collifloir yellow and then it's which food do I eat now while I ignore the rest of the stuff, read my Facebook posts for last few weeks.

Amd wart of the story regarding told.their was a falling our in earlier century was it 15th? Or 16th? regarding person Anubis killed for writing anything up correctly, as the other one disagreed and bound him to copper for eternity or something as I forget the accuracy of what was just said, told the screw driver will rust luke the other o e did when person who entered touched it, as I got partial psychometry debrief regarding previous entries thag were done behind my back, and that has left me wary of leaving my home as switching between hearing scary I fo and getting anything else done with the info and way its told is well scary

Being told
'just say
No to saying anything unless needed'
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curve ball

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Posted At:5:00 AM

Dead going in with something random which is a subtle distraction from the previous week, and the million things not going to get done as any fuck by anyone has to be countered secured against least they do it again, and saying what and how us detrimental and all other information aside not sure what the dead are trying to do regarding the other info and that other person i once knew as the entire logic stream makes bo sense with the people they are flashing up, and as such will say nothing as they are out of scope for any and all other tasks I need to resolve before getting any of the other tasks done.

Anyone I knew would have me in private slightly tricky as refusing to ise this device or phone or net currently for reasons I refuse to explain here, so if they want conversation as not going to humour clairvoyant requests for reassurance on other people at all, as dont see why I should,
That being said other info dead went in with which I forgot about did cause a raise eyebrow as far as I was concerned based on something I hadn't mentioned in public as far as messages so in that interesting no to tipping the enemy off, the enemy as far as im concerned is primarily anyone who is detaing without charge or trial, anyone complicit in torturing with injections anyone hacking web or anyone intruding into peoples homes without permission and anyone else who ever fucked me previously, and that is an extremely big list already, as i wo t si anything till that side shut up and even then its just a resumption of origional tasks and resumption of camapaignumg to stop the people who are doing the Fucking, presuming most of Britain and the world these days. To stop From fucking anyone over again, methods for removing those ones who are guilty of those attrocities and human rights abuses varies depending on my mood, though the dead arnt particularly impressing me either, as my patience over the last decade so is zero currently and as such have not even begun to doing any of the tasks not resumes currently.

So no, to writting anything up ever currently as far as anything goes from here on in, other then take down articles of the other side

This is turning into a Stupid conversation now,
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1962 to kill a mockingbird

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Posted At:2:55 AM

Just watched the 1962 movie to kill a mocking bird twice as the dead were pissing me off on the first watch, and then paused to look up the date,of cal in the plutonium files, the date,of project bluebird and,the date of rosemary Kennedy, and read the film bios on the dvd, seeing the actor who played dill died at age 42 when im that age makes ke,pause for a moment, as dud the Robert duval bio with the eagle has landed 2011 comment, and my humour is so what's the scarlet letter then? Pagan symbols not particularly funny bor any other info, allegedly dead say opera winfery got clairaudient cal comment to warn her and dead saying mcdowel also regarding duval.

Im ignoring that type of commentry currently, probably gets added to the reasons,to avoid dating women's list though, as think of times accepted a woman's offer to enter their home unscathed. Then 7 inter alia, Roll Eyes

Hardly dangerous commentry from me currently, I still have to sort hacker problem out and as such am not going to get anything done any time soon at my current productivity rates which are currently zero here

Book im told was first published in 1960.

While on subject of name drops and comments such as us military using phoney warrents to look at passwords on amazon accounts for psych profile inter alia the other day I was hesitent to walk down the stairs with washing after that, told by the dead that the,bloke nodding in tainted love had tripped at the same time down some stairs hurt his back and was no longer nodding because of it, that would just be a sliding doors byrpesque, jumping off point then perhaps, however giving security info up is perhaps not in my interests as I don't have a sense of humour regarding better funanced organisations breaking the law and local hacker groups who started to protecting torture more an issue as I havent removed the virus im told they planted via wifi cards, dead went in with ip sliding speak for CCTV camera other year and other week I did fund evidence in log of ip spoofing attack being caught and as such deem story from the dead as plausible, as I had to change,ip address for those cameras to work and essentially that type of thing puts you off people for ever! As well as makes it dangerous, given british genocide inter alia for admitting info like that! Told manson band,member thought of my name at time he tripped, as a rule,the dead are just wasting my time I think with nature of how info related for most part, burlt perhaps not really at times, u have mixed views on the subject as just wasting yeats getting suckered into gearing explanations,or stories not properly fully explained, so pissed with the living and the dead these days, as should just sort the mess out to see if evidence of police hacker exists as the names of other people as well. Hope they all burn un gell for eternity as the legal system and,all those,who uncarcerated injected and or funded stopping,people from doing what they want regardless of what plane living, judge, spirit, angelic god or any other plane or wording you can think off, as in a do nothing mood forever these days, but not really, as still veluve in defending oneself from hostile forces government or otherwise who have been in my opinion acting illegally before now but that's another topic of debate.

What's sad is that ad a kid id open a computer like immediately, and it's taken two years for ke to remove the WiFi card that I should have do e on the first day, as letting hackers get embedded is just insane, so the brief from the dead at the time was fair game, I just dont luke doing anything ehen people talking or showing emotion, as its just war now I think, so haven't focused on revamping site at all as needs major overall as none of the operating systems any good, so wished I hadn't bothered developing the skill set as would be further ahead without it, hence reason why dont see the need for relationships anymore and the more the dead push the more I say no, so that's the reverse psychology trap, so sotto g down to write code to search for strings in dlls while dead talking doesn't sound appatising inter alia ph they had heroes creepers destroy entire network plan planned according to the dead at a future juncture, I pulled plug on external line when told of jack attack being planned, as routers sent working effectively un my opinion as far as packets inter alia and haven't sat down to do the job properly, and get annoyed when hey flag various hackers fluctuating safety levels up, aa hope the ducking bitch dies, as all the rest, people I knew ciyed as well which is much kore annoying as bumcer of hackers they mentioned is fairly scary, amd those people ij paid jobs and given incarceration and yorture loss of all my homes for talking openly trying tondo thesexteee that just gauls, dead say police have been interviewing compiling evidence and pressing chargea on some I wouldn't know what's true anymore, though o definitely confirm seeing a blackmail email at one point, however u should have dobe security on first day that bru g said allowing them to break securit in 2013 when first released did allegedlly help with some, but do t think allowing the psych damage to leverage worth it, ignorance is bliss but getting junpy at CCTV leds flashing up in that era years back was also as bad, but not really as was turning blind eye to key stroke logging till loss of essays work when typing things up, so slowed me down by lots as the dead just speak 24)7 these days that being said getting stuff done with the deaf still quicker then when being induced with pain to stop me doing anything on those injections, but it's the getting suckrred into asking question to get answers oit of the dead, one of the dead whoa speaking allegedlly a former police officer, so talk about grey as far as loyltoes go as remeve some of those judges according to the dead are guilty of ordering murders by injections on those wards to shut people up, and death in prison system.

Inquest reports aside on knowing deaths occur and that NHS lie about it, makes for really weird distraction.

I should just ignore them and focus on finishing tasks, don't bother with ifi camera networks, or wifi cards at all ia my current mood, notwithstanding certain other comments aside

Dead saying one of the,hackers is one of the,staff who was working on ceder ward, one of those who holds,people down on injections, older quiet bloke. Told his friend is the one who was topping hackers in to under one network, then you have hacker dead said wrote the software, and the uni one who gave ip address for origional wifi havk to upload to phone (still not looked to verify that one) I did witness csi police outside phone shop the,other week amd I only saw,that because dead got me put of bed saying game had changed and rhus saw it, as theyvpointed bloke in window as software writer for phone hack, i noted smashed windows were seen in that store later,broken glass on the outside. The bloke who worked for the banks who told is 2013 hacker told works for that police team, and obe of the judges on tribunal is running black hacker op and that he is link into the uni and the gack software that was written for phone bot, which ive still not removed, if true. Told it sends key strokes amd I have seen what looks to be remote admin shopping on it before, I refused to call last one in because of the dead commenting on that judge police team and dead mention police officers feeding up to hacks done before by themselves and so not sure what's true as I should just do the serches,to double check verify hut entire survaluence thing just pisses,me off not knowing how kuch of durham hierarchy diry, as some high court and one council member (ive not verified if he exists, mortgage bloke, lorries as they commented on his wife as haker also, and dead saying if on lune for hour hack team would hit my network, and police interceptions of hardware cited in previous years by mail, im not happy at all with any of it , as f**k knows what's what currently

On another subject

Pm2.5 air pollution meter showing 044 was other day also, dead calam ita one the factories deliberately doing it to piss everyone off, dont know if antone else has looked, or ia looming at that type of thing, what's safety levels these days?

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smiling faces

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Posted At:8:08 PM

Im more interested on who knows who on the spiritual dead plane, as the red lip, all teeth smily face pointing people out during the opera, which i didn't comment on, has has or was being shown on map on sweden, as knowing people their, Norfork area and London area the smiley face was shown on also.

Writting notes up will just take more of my time, comment on wages getting rougher in Baltic sea and,something about channel through between denmark and sweden, exact wording not in my head anymore, and was more mid left of Sweden where dead saying person responsible is, tiphetreth commentey aside inter alia, dead saying top left of Sweden guilty of that stuff also, and i ought to get back to origional tasks, looking at emails was stupid.

Five minutes break or not getting quick task done, going years and then you get bogged down in years of wasted time, expensive in my opinion. Higher up would have been better wording but anyhow,
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blackmail and other security woes

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Posted At:4:16 PM

Yesterday evening I received a message via the contact form smart phones been hacked, email, photos bank details demanding bitcoin by my birthday.

I logged out with the local police, Sweden police, and both ips as I got the same message on my other web site this afternoon, however the dead said he'd been spoken to by the police before the second message, as the dead were going on about different color riding caps on the police officer in Sweden.

Durham police line is busy for logging subsequent one, abd,they dismiss as just spam, and durham police,last I spoke could,be described more as shril, as in 'last of the summer wine' Laura batty wa when I asked if they ever speak to people in other areas, or get back to people on progress updates

In contrast the Swedish person I spoke to sounded really nice on the phone softly spoken in contrast as in a making me forget what enquiring about kind of way. (English) as far as filing with local area.

The first isp answers phone calls sends confirmation messages back the other. Doesn't answer calls,and doesn't appear to acknowledge emails either. However the calls being answered were during the night, and,the dau also as gar as the first isp.

Amd,other day, the dead wete flagging up someone looking at myvosp exchange at packets necessarily ad it's a hardware issue,and looking at urls won't solve their problem is,what dead,were saying on that isp as that's been putting ke off using the net, as a uear aho the clairvoyance,supposedly of someone who snapped and killed a hacker then was murdered in prison the same way, by the guards, has stopped me doing anything given commented head from the dead on judges guilty of crimes amd what seen, experienced in the flesh or read about elsewhere.

As tree of life diagram is,interesting as far as tracking back to source, and if I should read into 9 11 with timestamps between messages at all. The dead showing the other isp as the firm assassin guy. That was during the night.

Its the how much information to give people to stop potential of phone cover ups later, as dead saying giving that guy the,other isp up would make him more effective in shooting the guy in the head, told by the dead hes a teenager 16-18 flagging up left upper part of Sweden on the map. but not sure why he doing blackmail messages like that

Told by the dead the police dont want to take him down in case he gets fucked by someone else at a later date or something like that, given the duration of the fuck loss of all my homes, and over a decade regarding torture by services, I could he very sarcastic back on that, or look away.

Looking through router logs and,the expense of security, router costs etc, the entire thing is not fun either for person living on welfare, and given the dead flagged up security over a year ago, I am still pissed at the living and the dead, kore so the dead in getting in the,way of doing the job (they never shut up) as all those urps, windows and linux fire off are stupid and a reason not to use any of the od in my opinion, however given routers ability to teset the time would make it easier to match up with other companies, assuming hacker never tampered with the logs, or nackered the software at all, as any threat like via,email, sayi g hacks been done forces me,to check systems again and the mete mention a year ago lost me a year amd I still havent recovered to sort the mess out remove,the problem, so this,entire blackmail scam as durham calls it is extremely costly money and sanity wise, and as such I am more likely to favor vlad the impaler heads on spikes off all people who dared fuck with me regardless of if they are judiciary, police,or any other corporation if I ever sort out or repair the damage that was done which incidentally appears is impossible to repair in any life, if it relys on notion of friends, sell out,by country, friends, family, ex lovers put me off people for ever.

the dead are a complication I didn't factor in, as well as the genocide in Britain on mental health wards i didnt know country try did at the time inter alia (that takes awhile to come to terms with, as own uk willing to starve its own people to death, hence,why I broke away) as entire thing is just a waste if my time as is this blog more then likely,

Ot would be appreciated if people stop trying to do the black mail thing, it would be nice for,all people, especially police ,to be able to get back with progress reports on what the dod, like that will ever happen, waste,of f**king money but good at ruining lives, as far as interfering in family life regarding male woman agenda, which incidently does lead to one of those 9 11 type wars in my opinion, amd security of logs does put people off looking for medical info, when living in a area known for torture inter alia so yeah so much for those calls

I fid,find articles,on isp regarding deep packet inspection by the isp I use, so does,imply the dead telling the truth on that person they flagged up at the exchange,who knows he's doing wrong and not sanctioned by head office either if dead person relaying comment at the,time telling the truth.

Since the loss or over a year from the dead, amd me still not having sorted the mess out, I dont have a sense of humour regarding this type of thing as far as I.t. Security goes.

Loss of home, loss of ife, loss of respect trust for anyone ever, especially people in the police,who the dead said,those the law with fraudulent documents at one point.

If dead telling the truth then cps judiciary, mi5 already know about that as that was what the lockdown time I gave on facebook was, re durham police weeks back, doesn't repair damage,done though loss of career.

Durham is guilty of torture you know it, I know,ot, foes anyone not know it? best I can hope for is Britain and rest of the planet to stop doing abuses such as torture, for people to be able to speak freely with their reasons with recriminations or free of fear (though ok computer game, ignoring premise and me a clairvoyant) but I suspect it,will just always be people fucking people, starving them out,and interfering,in other peoples affairs on inaccurate hearsay or worse malicious bullshit because of ego, hubris, and pride.

So yeah whatever for pursuing that blackmailer for now, too much info, and international calls to 3 countries I think, and I need to get back to sorting my own stuff out then getting into arguments with law enforcement on policy.

And i'm ignoring facebook article on cryptocurrency also, hut that based on current info will just be,an excuse,for blackmailers story if the dead were telling the truth on any of that.

I need a century off, to get all jobs that needs to be doing done tracking hackers,,blackmailers further up my list, even if its a list that is not getting done, progressed much at all

And note to remember time zones comes as far as logs clocks go when enquiring about logs in other countries in international calls, as one gets better with each call one hopes but not necessarily so

And when durham police when they say just delete evidence is another interesting complaint from myself given what nhs guilty of in previous years (have they stopped genocide injecting people against consent yet, using clairvoyance as the excuse for torture, murder their end? Noting previous injection and pharmaceutical tablet deaths
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baldness and grey hair

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Just being told story via clairaudience that fathers grey hair was caused by something that was devouring strawberries, as he went bulshit to something that was true so they turned it grey as a warning, they can be removed by white soap allegedly, and are present in my room also as pretty prevelevrnt.
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