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baldness and grey hair

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Posted At:8:42 AM

Just being told story via clairaudience that fathers grey hair was caused by something that was devouring strawberries, as he went bulshit to something that was true so they turned it grey as a warning, they can be removed by white soap allegedly, and are present in my room also as pretty prevelevrnt.
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meeting request

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Posted At:7:04 AM

Was shown a clairvoyant image. Then Informed i need to speak with goth chick from liber 8 (that was 2017!) about her previous life as I am told I have same issue as her in that life 18th/19th century life and this fulfils my charity portion of the event.

Told someone I know on the physical plane died an hour ago, they havent said who though (Huh)
now the statement has become 'you probably don't know who they are then' after saying someone you know in the 80s, then someone you know in the 90's, then 2001
Writing up before I forget it, told person who died said same thing in both lives, she went one way in one life (zero sex), different in another and the person died of bee stings as she just wanted fun this time around.

Told person who died said in both lives, no to having sex as youd get a disease.

i'm not sure i want to write the rest up based on current legal system known legal rullings todays. Comment about someone not wanting someone to have fun as issue cause, cited as well as suggestion for me todo which id probably file under shamanic requests

Told person had no sex ever, developed that issue in that life!
However even saying that much might require me to write up anything the dead said before on nature of certain problems.

(these notes nothing to do with her as far as I know just trying to remember other conversations, for consistency , as for her we hardly spoke at that event anyhow)

They saying friend whom I havent met, sex, kiss with her as a cure for that issue cited. Then I went no after enquiring on age,,then they said that age was in hex and im just going to assume bulshit on all things based on nature of answers back from here on in, as that's way too young even in hex, nul and closing this conversation even if they say an older one also but not really,

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hoovering, air polution?

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Posted At:4:30 AM

Air polution, noting air polution is down to 2 or 3 im pm2.5 current time 4:33am in morning curious if that hoovering the carpet or something else, as i havent done anything of note as far as i know to change those levels.

Unless its something else, no idea

Other readings 0.194,002,1.153 (1,2,2)
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ovid orpheus

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Posted At:11:59 PM

Decided to read Ovid Orpheus in the underworld as only a short book, 83 pages (really weird size) and finishing a book always feels good, does mention an oracle briefly amongst other things, though orpheus hardly in it for long, and is killed by group of women reading that, references to troy, Lucifer as a person, morpheous shape changing as other people, and Hercules vanquishing troy for failure to pay agreed horses or something whatever that was about in the book , though think i should just have bought metamorphosis instead as think this is just a subset unless theirs a complete works or something, so ordered a copy of that penguin classic metamorphoses along with homer the illyiad. Though i suspect my book choices aren't optimal unless theirs a complete works or something?, might have to review kindle instead of paperback and i might remember more info in a subsequent read

Retort after this blog wa 'witch of endor!' Yes i know, And i would add i have noted web lists of phrophetesses from the bible listed on web searches but not gone further then that with detail though notion writting a book to give other people ammoveho were getting fucked might be useful at some point given I seem to be resorting to that tactic more and more (why people who go near development psychic skills are getting killed by injections under mental heath in modern age is beyond me, entire war stupid amd yet billions in present day paid in surpression genocide none the less, is this just fear inability of older generation to tell the truth or cite reasons for why they formulated a decision, chose to do anything? As not sure why how those command structures get in place, unless its just people getting too much tech, over another, on that note watched dvd on boudiccia, not much in it, brief throw away reference to boudiccia as also being a prophetess, but no reference to where she got that reference, though roman historian was named elsewhere in the dvd

And what is it, with the moment a person gets fucked, is the moment they start making lists as a strategy as opposed to before?


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computer games and random psychic stories aside

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Posted At:2:56 PM

Unusually considered a computer game purchase, as still not sorted computers out then spent too long thinking about it and started writting essays with the titles which slows down liklyhood of playing the actual game in the first place, then after a purchase the dead said,that the woman who bought in a pile of dvds and me eoundering if i fould read into the titles she was trading in was the gone in 60 seconds women they had previously kept mentioning, i did consider speaking at one point and didn't, as she was changing her dvds at the same time the sales person was taking his,time with my purchases.

Then later I picked some very strong fear emotion when i paused to look out at the river from the bridge when drinking a can of coke, then got told it was one of the guys (women in the pub) and said it was car crash victim who was looking at mirror to sort their hair out at the time or something and,that was the fear they had at death, i didn't enquire eith the person they were pointing out who was said to know the person if if was true or not, as their was a joke with someone else allegedly that didn't pin point and,they said it wouldn't be funny at that point, as didn't get the full story, was or is nice sunny day currently in Durham.

Psychometry aside, left the area.

Drinks prices also
Having had moment ti digest blog, someone pointed out gone in 60 seconds and car crashes and also pointed out I bought a copy of fear (first encounter assault recon) which cost 50p so that probably neutralises even commenting on the entire thing in a blog, that was earlier today as i tend to ignore anything good
Before i forget after writing last blog, couple of things got pointed out namely the indinyarion police had no grounds to ask for dna swab in 07, as i admitted having had sex with sev in that relationship and their was no grounds for police threatening me to get hair sample after 2011 siege either and yesterday dead wanted me to write malpractice lawyer up on lawyers bulshitying the law, as stating law cases already known read before hand shouldn't change,their argument or their memory of knowing those cases from law school, so entire treatment by british system bullshit.

Remember law case names another matter, dead saying someone from courts had looked and saying lawyer facing prison sentence amongst other things, wouldn't know if any of that true though, really weird tactics being adopted to put me off when looking for item, as it has is stopping me get anything done, spent ages looking for something sort of an attempt to make person go to pieces with the way he was doing it, and not sure how to describe it though was mainly word based attqck while serving for item which i eventually found though the nature of enduring it stopped anything further getting done, and think the entire things getting silly now, and ought to just sort the mess out to resume where left off, as well as needing to finish reading essays in that book and all the other books as well.

However material and law cases taking services down was and is deemed a priority by me, as is everything else, mean while post has shown with a copy of crossing hitler, benjamin carter hett, Orpheus and the underworld and a copy of the fountainhead by ayn rand to read also as i wonder where to begin on all outstanding tasks to resume, i.t. Or books and looked at bank statement that was a mistake also, to read all at once or space out to keep detail in my head

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state organs trandplant abuse

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Posted At:12:31 PM

State organs transplant abuse in china, edited by David matas and dr torsten trey.

To the question is it worth purchasing and to sum up my own sentiment , and if i can come up with catchy sales line id be tempted to ask what people would say if I said 'the book should be given along with a loaded firearm to any person with a grievance against the nhs or mental heath in the hope they will blow anyone who voted the uk organ donation bill anyone who sat on a uk mental health tribunal away'

If i thought it would get rid of that act, psychology and stop the abuses of the british judiciary, parliament and Britain or anywhere as a whole.

Unless anyone has any snappier more effective wording at all?

Unfortunately am amazed at my ability to remain detached, clam in reading the essays of that book, as well as my own ineffective lack of response at taking the nhs and Britain down due to all known knowledge and experience to date, pretty scary really, what humanity allows to be done in an effort to save their own scrawny souls and my ability to ignore a problem of such magnitude built up by tyrants, and as such think my easy going nature and temperament is unsurpassable on an epic scale reading essays in a book such as that. As well as problem unhelpful ignoring the existence of psychology, NHS and mental health in Britain as a whole , c'est la vie, death and another war i guess.

Over thought a snappy sales quote as first wording i thought was probably funnier and then tried to improve upon it, but that detracts fron the problem and future and past deaths in Britain, and elsewhere as a whole.

Lexx and scindlers list is not a joke! And neither is the uk injection deaths, torture, incarceration or the uk detentions on mental heath without trial or charge or the blatant disrespect for the high standard of law that was perhaps shown to at least some but probably not all people, like ever as it just gets worse and worse, forever doomed, freedom wanes, and,the people vote crazed tyrants in yo thunderous applause while any one good,is,slowly removed, stripped and executed behind closed doors.

Sorry my heart not into writting a blog like this, i have nothing left! The numbers of the monsters working in services. The sheet scale and magnitude of the people who ever voted such as mental heath, homelessness or the uk organ donation acts or who even campaign and who prop up or who ever justified psychology or mental heath as a good idea is terrifyingly staggering scary as hell.

Religious genocide by governments for profit and body parts is not pleasant reading at all, obviously anyone sane will refuse to allow tests or samples if ever any of those rogue armed militias such as police, mental heath go near to you at all regardless of what statutes threats laws they make.

Id advise services and the police to stay away from anyone who reads a book like thos for ever, dead suggesting wide birth as better wording Huh Remember who we are dealing with as I muse over what essay works here at all to stop that type of crazed madness/thing at all.
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burke and hare

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Posted At:1:32 AM

Watched this evening, and thought about Macbeth inter alia, dead suggested asking me to ask what my french ex what she did last summer, as they said kellon though that would be amusing as he supposedly went their briefly this evening if ibwere to believe the dead, which would amuse as I have never met the bloke or izzard for that matter, as I reflect on Hannibal tv series again and profiles who refused friend adds on my space many years ago (on plausibility if any truth in any of that)

Isn't necessary point out ten days in a mad house, Nellie bly again?

The medical students sleeping with your wife retort was a good take down in burke and hare though, as was the concept of someone paying out life insurance in the event of a f**k up noting costs of doing business in any age, as was the woman hoping if any hot people in hell, someone was doing 'pretty fly' for a white guy and I'm ignoring the vervoid pointed out and the person who I noted had joined the site after the image first shown, lot of that about lately 'vervoids everywhere!' As I remember an old Obama line and the trial of a timelord again, as well as jokes on the time controller that went missing as that was a present in the year 2000, and the dead saying someone thinks that makes me the imperial daleks as that was not returned after 2011, and that empire should be up but I suppose that depends on which way the women go in a war, however that is getting off topic again, but not really, when are the doctors, judges taken down? And how many lives will they ruin to maintain a rep, or is that illusion of one

allegedly one of my ex's complaining i didn't put a link to
Ncnaughton here to rescue Macbeth
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the butler

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Posted At:1:55 PM

watched the dvd the butler yesterday, which the dead suggested buying as they said it would be a funny watch currently, I thought the entire film was more sombre and not funny, though did note the reference they were referring to the start of the movie, worth watching

and the list of things I need to make a note of increases exponentially or rather time to write tidy blogs up became numerous, as should have just taken everyone down with what the dead said at the time notwithstanding need to factor in threats from the political establishment also.

and a music cd story I would have to write up, but the comments from the dead on that aren't amusing as not sure what to do about that type of thing as far as my finances and budget goes, as still not getting any of that research done.

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air polution

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Posted At:7:51 PM

In the midst of doing something, occult based, dead eere flagging up o e of those colour items on the door invisible, then a short while after that a smell cloud erupted in the room, heard the dead out in the explanation which they say was chemicql been put in pupe wprk downstairs which vaused one of the colours to move (mucrobe or ehst ever tjey ate hetting classed as) as an alliance was broke , and looked at air pollution meter for pm2.5 was 7 and alrm beeping checking now or was pealing over 32 on pm2.5 , dropping down. To 24pm aor seeks clear and I wouldn't know what was in the atmosphere or in the room at all, and going in with undead expansions for the most part.

Black blue not bluered as the dead sighting other locations, people in other flats also. As I review housework amongst other things again.

Relying on the dead as primary source for health matters inter alia is not for the faint hearted, especially when factoring other info in, not sure how to proceed on this currently as too busy hearing other info out, and directions of other peoples emotions.

See hamlet inter alia bien sûr, laurel head what ever you those things inter alia

Not getting anything done and ive not seen any scumeve books that are honest with what they observed or how they worked concluded things for an extremely long time, as dont think many people.know anything these days, I certainly dont, separating theory from known observations (when people cite what they know for sure) inter alia.

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macbeth and idemeneo

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Posted At:12:40 PM

Went to durham gala theatre and watched two operas from the english touting opera. Which also acted as a follow up from notre dame de paris

Saw verdi's Macbeth in english, on Monday evening, brochure says first performed 1847 in florance, and i saw mozarts idemeneo on Tuesday evening which was sang in Italian and they kept turning the English subtitles off every so often.

I enjoyed both but the end of Macbeth in my opinion frankly sucked due to me remembering judge duff who was on tribunal once who the dead have said was guilty of ordering prison death once, that being said the na na light on poster see facebook, which I took offense to at the time and im told other witches did who saw itas was taken as na na Batman could perhaps in hindsight just he taken as a warning about the ending of the play not to see it, however the lyrics were and are useful for corroborating certain other things (explanations) that I won't mention here from other sources clairaudient, hence why I needed to double check the original date and country of origin of the play.

On the subject of the duff, while avoid poiting out comments the dead made on court clerks withholding evidence and police officers making fraudulent documents and other previous transgressions of the legal system already mentioned , i though id take a moment to point out the 1887 ten days in a madhouse by nelie bly and the line on page 27 'if we only had more such men as judge duffy, the poor unfortunates would not find life all darkness' which amused for a moment as really do ought to get all that reading done.

So on this occasion the opera was well worth the £29 ticket price for each performance unfortunately the theater were unable to give me a full copy of the words when I asked on the night, so will have to see if can get a copy at some other time.

This morning decided to buy a penguin classic text on Orpheus after the dead commented on the name to add to my seer library.

Since then i looked up hamlet, and Shakespeare Macbeth and decided i must be the stupidest man alive to not have remembered that (read as a kid) its not even subtle in those plays at all.

Talk about irkesome

Either way its all compulsory reading in childhood now! Though wether i sit down to read all the plays i never read will be interesting, so f**king stupid to be unreal, as those bits in those plays are all true! Not fiction at all back that up with the revelation reference in the bible see the back cover of the 1968 Vincent price witchfinders general film dvd box also which i have issue with with but does cover the topic as well inter alia as i muse over something the dead mentioned previously before, why did i not read the Shakespeare before! Oh wait i did as a kid years before progressing that skill set, oops

Its not even subtle!

Neither was season 1 of Vikings!

On Friday 17/5/2019 I watched burke and hare, vote 1827 for a lexx style future however I just note had bought the butler and the ghost (pierce Bronson, dead want me to say timothy dolton) the same day so the music at the end of the vurke and gare dvd wasn't particularly amusing based on the trailers of the opening of that dvd and what I know of the modern day, someone remind me of that love thing again, how many deaths? How many crimes? How many

allegedly one of my ex's complaining i didn't put a link to
Ncnaughton here to rescue Macbeth
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