Ratified By: Incorporated in Local Law:
Statute Name Date Text Total Cases Logged
European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundermental freedoms (1950) 4/11/1950 View Text 36
United States Bill of Rights 15/12/1791 View Text 9
Protocol 1 (ECHR) 20/3/1952 View Text 5
US constitution 17/9/1787 View Text 2
us constitutional amendments [XI to XVII] (post bill of rights) 4/3/1974 View Text 2
USA: Civil Rights Act 1964 2/7/1964 View Text 1
African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights 21/10/1986 View Text 0
American Convension for Human Rights (1969) AKA San Jose pact of costa rica 26/11/1969 View Text 0
Arab Charter on Human Rights (2004) 22/5/2004 View Text 0
Canadian Bill of Rights 1960 View Text 0
charter of fundermental rights for the eu 2000 View Text 0
Charter of Liberties 1100 (Henry I ) 1100 View Text 0
Charter of the United Nations 26/6/1945 View Text 0
EC: denied bording compensation regulation 261/2004 11/2/2004 View Text 0
EC: Treaty of Functioning of the European Union (consoldated lisbon) 1/12/2009 View Text 0
EC: Treaty of The Europen Union. (Consolodated with Lisbon Treaty) 1/12/2009 View Text 0
English Bill of Rights 1689 01/22/1689 View Text 0
Homeless Reduction Act 2017 27th January 2017 View Text 0
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966) 3/01/1976 View Text 0
Memorandum to Sudanese Penal Code 1991 1991 View Text 0
Nuremberg Code August 1947 View Text 0
Protocol 13 (ECHR) 3/5/2002 View Text 0
Protocol 4 (ECHR) 16/9/1963 View Text 0
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (1998) 1/7/2002 View Text 0
Tea Act 1773 may 10th 1773 View Text 0
The covenant of the legaue of nations (1919) December 1924 View Text 0
The Magna Carta 1215 1215 View Text 0
The Magna Carta 1297 1297 View Text 0
the universal decleration of human rights 10/12/1948 View Text 0
UK: Consumer Credit act 1974 View Text 0
UK: Criminal Justice Act 2003 View Text 0
UK: dormant bank and building societies account act 2008 26/11/2008 View Text 0
UK: Mental Health Act 1983 View Text 0
UK: Sales of Goods Act 1979 View Text 0
UK: The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 31/10/2000 View Text 0
UK: The Council Tax (administration and enforcement regulations) 1992 View Text 0
UK: Unsolicited goods and services Act 1971 View Text 0
United Nations Convention on the law of the sea (1982) 16/11/1994 View Text 0
Vienna Convention on the law of treaties (1969) 23/5/1969 View Text 0
EC: Treaty Establishing Europen Economic Community [EEC/Treaty of rome] 1/1/1958 [see amended versions] View Text 1
CofE: Convention on Cyber Crime 1/09/2004 View Text 0
EC: Treaty Establishing European Community (consolodated with nice updates) 1/2/2003 View Text 0
EC: Treaty of European Union (TEU AKA Maastricht consolodated with nice updates) 1/2/2003 View Text 0
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