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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:January 31, 2017 Last Modified:March 25, 2019
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2007 preminition film dvd staring sandra bullock
a must see fil if only for the documentries in the special features

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The basis of the film is Sandra bullock starts experiencing days in a different order to everyone else. So one day is before her husband dies another after it in an iterative sense as she trys to figure it out.

Ok film but I think if someone is experiencing that, then they need to tell theor other half in full and work out how to write it up go their in full.

Fair enough at the start when she doesn't know but later is problamatic. Also checking dates on waking up might be a sensible idea either with a newspaper or on a watch or computer or something.

Also writing it up their is the timeline everyone else is experiencing with date order and the order you experienced events and keeping track of both might be sensible!

However trying to investigate before an event happens may fuck you over if it puts you at a scene of a crime with law enforcement and accidents. That would be my worry!

Now all that aside I found the attached documentries on the disk interesting.

It hey cover a bloke who had a reqcurring dream of an airplane disaster 7 nights in a row who called the flight people and on the tenth night of the dream a plane crashed killing everyone d10 or something, though I have yet to verify the facts.

Another person had a dream before a disaster hit on holiday.

Another woman in england had a dream as a kid of a plane crash with 80 dead and 3 survivors and in the documentary that was said to be true.

Another was an artist who adopted the policy of painting what he saw, and going to a bank to be photographed with the date and time behind him and that was before a train wreck on one occasion.

Also talked about seeing hurican fighter's as a hurricane is coming and the number he saw was in how many days time.

One featured a bloke being visited by his wife's father who lives in the philipenes in a dream and being told he was going to die in a heart attack and can you look after his wife. His wife received a phone call later informing her of his death though the person who had the premonition had told her about the dream in Full before hand at least according to the documentry.

According to the documentary after the landslide accident in wales and kids having premonitions of people who were going to die various institutions were set up to look into that kind of thing.

Now I have had dreams that have referenced future events ehen starting out as a psychic and been shown stuff while awake hence my interest in this topic but they never flagged it up as being future at the time. However never of disasters.

I knew of a Chinese girl once I was speaking to in china many years ago who had a dream before her sister dies and a woman I know in the states said she's had dreams of people dying before they do and how, as well as seeing her self in dreams die in multiple different ways! Which sounds a potential head fuck at the time.

The other documentry was interviewing someone from the cia star gate project who reportedly said a submarine was going to launch from a particular location in 114 days after his superiors said no submerine was at that location, and one was but he was out by 7 faus. and has been making money doing remote viewing for business for years.

I needed to watch this years ago.

Anyway a must add film for the dvd collection and as I only paid a £1 for it so an excellent purchase I feel.

Also some people were doing an experiment about if people anticipated a shock before it was given.

I dont think the academics debating the topic where much good though.

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