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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:October 19, 2018 Last Modified:November 07, 2018
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today recieved notice about railway bylaws in the post regarding penalty notices if boarding a train with no intent of paying for journey

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will post more later but will need a photo copy machine, though letter arrived today on same date of ticket sales for a witch even I have previously attended in oxfordshire.

I am in the library currently

I also have to look up corbyn 1978 according to that letter also.

Corbyn v Saunders: 1978

 June 8, 2018  admin  Off  Crime, Transport,

References: [1978] 1 WLR 400
Coram: Cummin-Bruce J, Woolf LJ
Ratio: The defendant appealed a conviction for fare evasion, saying that it had been his intention to pay at the end of his journey.
Held: The section references to ‘dishonestly’ and the specific intention ‘to avoid payment’ were not two separate elements in the mens rea of the offence. Woolf LJ said: ‘It is clear from the first clause of section 5(3)(a) that the traveller is not to travel on the railway without paying the fare for the intended journey before he begins that journey. The intention that has to be proved is intention to avoid that obligation, ie, payment of the proper fare before he begins his journey.’
Statutes: Regulation of Railways Act 1889 5(3)

Last Update: 08 June 2018
Ref: 276465

noting statute in letter sent didn't matchin wording online, that being said accusation is ticket I paid for by card before the journey, discovered ticket was not in my wallet at time got issues a £0 access replacement by transport staff to make the journey they said they would issue refund if I found original ticket, and said they would write in 21 days and never did and then received a letter saying they may go to a magistrate court regarding it, as I went into the train station after the return journey and showed them the ticket with £0 excess to person who sold me original ticket at the desk and that conversation didn't get anywhere.

however the hack stuff has gone down since then, and given previously been detained and tortured on mental health wards I am a little wary od trains when it comes to threats of penalty fairs.

so am unlikely to be attending any events any time soon, die to router firewall purchases because of the earlier hacks which was that dead sys admin citing what they were doing being the led lit up on the cctv camera I owned regarding wifi card transmitting when it shouldn't them reading packets, and them sending signal back to ping ip addresses which cause cctv camera led to light up.

I can confirm a virsus detector detected virus having been installed on it also, a trojan but that is unable to remove the virus currently.

which is when I had no choice but to take the other hack stuff seriously regarding people trying to turn phone into bot net for blackmail scams and to send messages to circumvent phone blocks. and then their was the cia installing software on machine having downloaded from Linux repository and that message being given to me before I turned on the laptop and the laptop cctv camera flashing to take photo on boot up, hence why in the library currently making a note of these articles here as 1p a minute on a data connection is expensive as hell as no operating system appears to be any good.

so my defense is going to have to be the bank statement with the switch statement in for having paid the fare if they choose to take that further as not sure what is happening in the train company, or who to speak to their regarding this type of thing.

as a view I think given police shooting people on motorways in 2017 and that type of thing and the nhs incinerator thing, and the courts failing the franz kafka parables of the law test the entire ordeal is very stressful and puts me of visiting anywhere.

durham library was closed saturday morning for a coding dojo for kids to 1pm and 12pm to 4pm I slept so have 20 mins in the library currently to upload documents and loose research time as it's closed on a sunday and after a sleep mu brain is in reset as i needed to do some things fast.

anyhow copy of valid tickets and seat reservation which relying on:

letter seen friday 19th after 4pm

other page:

other page:

Delving into statute would have careful not to mix up railways act 2005 and the national railways byelaws 2005 which have to locate full copy of as get the other statute returned instead and threw me for a second because of the welsh reference. Anyhow railway byelaws 2005, noting 24.4 pdf in document

regulation of railways act 1889

other page:

any other research will be into those acts referenced and cases, so looks like going to be stuck in a law library and am reluctant to purchase phone credit currently as going through it too fast, as need to write a response to the company invovled, and if it's anything like the bcs paperwork or responses from me would probably be lost by them anyhow.

I also remember 2017 and the clairvoyance images of fumes being released into compartment in the getting on area, as I didn't write that up on my site, did briefly mention that on facebook but found that news article on a similar set of issues regarding airplanes causing physical damage to people, so that perhaps needs to be mentioned by me in any letter I draft when talking about notions of compensation as counter suggestion from compensation from them to me instead especially given fear involved in reading that type of thing, either way that correspondence is rather heavy for first contact on what was civil discussion on the train at the time back in august as I had tickets on me, and his machine wouldn't accept my payment card and the stations machines when i bought the ticket did. noting that some machines appear not to be working any of the time in that area in Durham also, as not sure the ticket office was open, either way buying tickets in advance is not a sensible idea though their are barriers on that station.

now getting told the 'library is closing down', so very little time to write this article here, this was about ten mins before library closing time.

By Sunday mid day everyone seems to be reading the signature as love hire pretty please and the day before flat d was reading as an insult to women with a lot of annoyance regarding that as a request for flat d 24 year old, so will probably be easier to make enquiries in the week but ideally need to do research on some things before hand on seriousness of content. And comparing original statute to that in the letter. As not sure if safe to discard entire thing as a joke.

Amd their letterreply made me walk in disgust as all too much
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