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Author: gothiclight Date Posted:April 12, 2019 Last Modified:April 26, 2019
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follow up to court of appeal call of saying court system unsafe to go near
to ask for durham police opinion on overturning 2011 siege conviction

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Circa 10:31am called criminal court of appeal to raise issues on court system not safe to go.bear and hung up as too emotional. Regarding pointing torture oit

10:37am called criminal court of appeal back to comment on court system not safe to go near and got told to use form ng part 38

Paused to analyse thoughts

12:31pm wrote the previous article article in the library after phone cqll

Analyzed information after sorting out screenshot of dictionary on phone

Spoke to police officer in the street who was in area outside poundland asking which way police would go on an appeal, who to speak to

16:10am did as suggested called police, phone number no phone credit on phone to make the phone call

16:24 redid phone call with phone credit on phone, spoke person then got put thought to police standards department in peterlee. Duration of call 16:58 mins

Was asked to write in

17:56pm sent email to email address provided, as follows:

Dear police,

I was told today the email address to write into professional standards department
Having spoke to Alex of the professional standards department on the phone today after noting assange news story regarding courts, I want to know if durham police would be ok with over turning my convictions from the 2011 police siege when your armed police shot and tasered me three times, as I was prevented from having access to a lawyer and you transported me to a mental health facility where I was injected against my will which prevented any chance of a fair trial hearing, as I was just defending my land from an attack by armed troops, people in police uniform with guns.

Prime minister Gordon brown had gone on the record saying no country would be invaded for failure to pay it's debts and I had in 2008 given notice that of declare independence from Britain for judge perks it’s a democracy it can't be argifed when protesting against the council trying to use baliefs to get money out of a person eth no income coming in, and I vited the ship money case and the principle of equality under the law as no force f arms should give any more rights under the law and s such given the country argues self defense at the higher level then the people should as well, and as such using injections and incarceration before trial to get a guilty plea was not only bad for me but the whole country as well.

Given wars over seas, and british conflicts past Britain cought up in past and present, i.e al quada, northern Ireland and other disputes, I believe that there is no place for torture in a fair and just legal system and as such preventing me from having access to a lawyer in 2011 inter alia and depriving me of my home inter lia was stupid, and as such want to know what durham police opinion would be in over turning those convictions for consistency in the law?

The fanz kafka test which i did last year on the durham courts to see which direction the country was going in to see if a member of the public was allowed to sit in public court hearings. I thought was an epic fail on durhams put and 13 days detainment where narrowly avoided being tortured again was extremely stressful as hell and an abuse of position. As the person who 136’d said he'd worked for the hospital who id previously reported as guilty of torture in that era, and so made a mockery of the notion of place of safety which in my opinion is my flat currently.

So on numerous grounds and for consistency in the law at all levels people military and country, would the police help in over turning those convictions as i was drained for months without charge in a scam with whyi believe services arguing unfit for trial as an effort to het me to plead guilty to a not guilty charge, and I think that s an embarrassment for Britain and not.over turning that wrongful convictions a danger to the country amd the people long term as if the people working in government on upholding the law and human rights then it ends up n gadafii, Assad, Hussain and hitler concentration amp territory as injecting people against their will and that type of interrogation is wrong and as such the nhs and psychology is the the inquisition rebranded and the religious police which means ots just ethnic cleansing starving people out of house and home as communities and democracies in my opinion would be people helping each other out and keeping in money and their should be an end to poverty, starvation homelessness and war, and with that in mind, i thought id take the extraordinary risk to my self to query which way you Durham police would go in over turning the convictions else i might have to read the forms the court of appeal person pointed out as a confession that the court of appeal endorses torture and other crimes that the legal system has historically committed, and one hopes will never be commited again a that type of thing irreversibly ruins lives hemce why i phoned up to query it with you.

I spoke to a female police officer on the street who said call 101, and was given this as email address to to ask the question, as want t avoid urgent of Nuremburg warning imagery currently, a far as trees in that watering scene.

And as such i would just ask for people not to be incarcerated without charge or evidence or fair trial and to get all the other legal privileges we should all hold onto such as the best defence and lawyer can get, as torture, homelessness is wrong.
I am referring to the 38 railway close, sherburn village march 2011 police siege, my name is Gareth bryn bowen amd my date of birth as mentioned on the phone 3/6/1977

What's durham polices opinion of this lot these days? Who in Durham police would i need to speak to or is this email sufficent for for you? Which way do you think Britain is going currently? And who's calling the shots as far a that type of prosecution that was done in that era as well?

Please note, the hospital con of injecting people before a trial to argue they are safe because they are injected while arguing a label as reason to detain is mortally wrong and a breach of inter alia the Hippocratic oath i don’t know why Britain and any other country ever crossed those lines. Especially with British involvement iinter alia in writing the echr convention human rights act, and as such am writting this to see what your opinion is in your command structure? Who's in charge of this type of thing at your end?

As self defence on my part I was in my home, detaining me was unnecessary. Police attacked in 2011, i defended. So getting a coherced confession of assault on 3 armed police officers, officers who had scary weaponry, semi? automatic weapons or dull on those clips? With them in body armour also when they were the ones attacking me in jeans and tshirt in my home was Stupid and me just a Japanese long sword to defend myself with and as for the affray tac wheni was just defending myself without making threats doesn’t add up, you had superior fighting numbers and better weapons and dogs with you also, as and as such me it was scared in my own home by your military build up and incursion and confiscating the sword i used to defend myself from the armed fun mn in police uniforms at the end and other seords i owned was an insult as well, also theft of you of car keys, car but that was 2011, this is 2019 and now Britain is supposedly declaring independence of Europe (not looked at news recently,I was eu vote) 10 years after i first highlighted the issues with the british legal system, and such thought id double check what your opinion currently is on this type of thing? And Schindlers list is a upsetting film.

Plenty of.grounds for people like me to avoid police ans courts and system in its entirety if Britain continues injecting drugs human experimentation and other abuses detaining without fair trial, lawyer and not sorting issue speedly, as prolonged incarceration is torturer as well, I think if Britain had grounds they would go to trial before incarceration in any case where Britain detains before trial just shows system guilty of a crime which is why that type of detainment has to be stopped to maintain highest integrity of the law for peace, love, prosperity and hope of all sentient kind.

Your opinion on these points raised, and over turning my convictions you lot put on me in 2011 siege? Se vous plais

Sincerely yours,
Gareth Bowen

Current staus 7:40pm ish hearing which way people went on thoughts.

Evening, blueray player failed to play z for Zachariah, wrong region, and watched on small screen of laptop, while hearing Info out. With glass of red wine

22:29pm Decided to put up email in draft news article, today to see which way people are going on this, though would possibly be better with written response back, claiming Heseltine already veen someone for.his virw, and told his yeah whatever for 5 seconds till reads mail then will be sarcastic as hell with those typos

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