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I started coding this site in 2007 after finishing my contract for future mortgages for something to do to tide me over before finding another role that never came as I Wanted to develop my own income stream beyind working for other companies and well take the lions share so to speak, and the concept was good for a laugh, appealed, got me motivated and well progressed from there in an effort to help people out. However I did run into that small hosting glitch that lasted 2 and a half years where I went with out food and defaulted on all bills from that 2008 to March 2011 repossession incident where I spent 2 years being detained and tortured before bringing the site back. However the first year out was me just adjusting before being pulled in and tortured again which lost me another 3 years to torture for refusing to take meds which I didn't need. However after the courts released me from the CTO and a year of being off meds and the fact I actually set a desk up in my home I have begun work again on the site as I familiarise myself and cringe at the rush job in places, and now is the time where I take my time over it because their is no fear of having no money coming in as before.

In the 2007 to June 2010 period of developing and growing the site. I Was doing different things as well including but not limited to trying to promote myself as the satanic witch for a time with my experiences from developing my psychic side and a few other things, i lost my radio virginity to the night before show on Kerrang Radio (December 2007) and the site was growing up until I lost all that I owned in that stand for democracy to keep people in their homes inter alia including a couple of book drafts I never finished and film outline I never progressed as I was so busy jumping back and forth not sure which to do. Anyway all that aside it will undoubtedly all get progressed at a more leisurely pace as I systamatically go and progress projects. If you have want me to progress certain areas quicker than others let me know, as I am here to please!

To Hire my Services

Phone me on +4407490677002 and arrange a booking today. Though I think I have hit the point where I will be unlikely to be arrosed for anything less then a milion, unless it's my own project. No seriously there was a time I was considering putting a course together but I was more concerned with getting back into I.T. Then again I might bepersuaded to talk about software development or psychic development or politics or human rights or some other subject, perhaps even do a psychic or tarot reading if anyone up above cares to use me to pass anything on, though they can find plenty of others to do that as well.

This site I am either focused on linking the world in love, getting people talking again and helping people find love, or just giving them a platform to share the news and get their voice heard or I just wanted to run a dating site being single and all. is more my computer programming CV for now. I'm sure I may do other sites for other things depending on money for url's hosting and other things. Though this site and the psychic site we're or are my primary interest up to a point. If ever I book a venue to teach something or do a talk or workshop or even to play games I will let you know on this page.

Anyone want me to focus on any particular targets or teach or work on implemntation of particular projects first let me know and I will consider prioritising it as the things I want to do are multiple.

Tarot & Psychic Hire
Parties, Corporations, and individuals as we bring temptation here...

Campaigned to stay in Europe and be the First Democratically Elected President of Europe

I was currently concerned about the lack of wide swept acceptance, fear and  ignorance when it comes to psychic development and learning the occult. as too many people suffer their entire lives in silence, scared to speak out - least they get burnt as a witch - and having been illegally detained on a mental health ward (2 Days 2008) after I declared god is evil, the devil is good with my writings on psychic development I've since taken a back seat when it comes to religion as my peace plan idea wouldn't work anyway.

My declaration of independence citing article 15,17 of the un declaration of human rights back in 2010 and the subsequent injection against my will on the hands of a mental health ward when it came to mortgage repossession broke me, and I have since lost my confidence when it comes to doing anything these days, which is why I'm no longer writing the news, doing politics or anything else, which is why I invite you lot to do it instead.

Peacefully, as the pen is and was always mightier then the sword which I should never have picked up when I stood as one against many and went splat defending my land (house/home). I was tassered 3 times and shot with a batton round which broke my hand so not recommended. One of these days the issue of starvation, property and world peace will be sorted out.

Either way please use the site to do your own campaigns and news stories to change government for the better so we can all live in peace as government works better when we the people choose to come together of our own freewill to provide solutions which help improve the quality of life for everyone working together, yada, yada, ya. yes you can throw up now and remember the really big things don't make the news which is where you come in!

Actually I think I've just worked out how the declaration of human rights work - if someone declares independence you leave them alone, as long as they don't attack you and wait till they need food/power or supplies which is the point you invite them to join your government/benefit system/democracy/government or trade with them help them become self sufficient. I'm sure other deals/infrastructures/institutions can be done to help make the world a better place... anyway i'm off to bed, night. If the banks have a problem with the money, that's their issue. world banks just loan money to help countries out anyway. what was it, no country to be invaded for failure to pay it's bills? G8 summit. (vague memory) would the world sign up to that? maybe... peace

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When I say the team is just me currently, at least as far the prime material plane goes, their are occasions where it could be argued I was getting assistence from what some would refer to as the spiritual plane on occassion as far as helping to clarify thinking at times but it's perhaps a little dubious at times
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