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Looking at the Stats April 2016
Stats for April 2016 were 874 unique visitors.
Up from January 805 and Up from February 837, up from March 2016 which came in at 867. Origionally I thought April was going to be down and I have no money to advertise with third parties.
Highest number since the site was restored in 2013 was 975 in October 2014 when I was writting news stories.
It droppped start of 2015, peaking briefly at 905 uniquie visitors in November 2015. The zero is when they changed the hosting on me and I wasn't looking at the site as I hads left it alone, I Was depressed about being injected against my will and I didn't bother looking at the stats when writting the news. I no longer have stats pre 2010.

A research article posted on December 3rd 2017, when checked 4 days later had recorded a tally of 8938 views by that point. Thus perhaps might help elevate the fears of those people who didn’t want to write news stories, as they didn’t think they would be read. They do get looked at, and as the sex tree is free to join, and free to write news articles on, it does enable you to get your voice heard and I am now, focusing on improving the site again, and will do for as long as I can, as it's slightly irksome when people just complain that the news industry is run by billionaires, when i got off my ass and wrote a site to let people get their voices heard with my own money, so you can take the tabloids and government news sites on free of charge! in order to influence people politically, if you sway a vote here or there, or stop and make people think, that could mean the difference between more people leaving in happiness, or dying in poverty. (As opposed to getting rounded up, tortured or killed and experimented on NHS wards, or Nazi death camps for instance. (Just a thought! you have the power to make a difference for the better, if you want! or just use the share knowledge that others can use to help improve another’s life, as better education brings cheaper or better products to the market place, or even just use the site, to find and help people find new love. (still single, still available, and still here!)

Admittedly someone might point out that the uk population in 2017 is 66,181,585 and if that was unique individuals in this country, (as opposed to anyone in the world who can hopefully view the site if having an internet connection) that would be a market share just over a whopping 0.013% of the country, and for the world population estimated at 7.6 billion just over 1.176e-4 market share (0.00001276% market share of the planets alleged human populatopn for that article, how good is that? and before you get excited, should point out the film worldes end, and the number with 2000 strategically placed individuals around the planet is perhaps enough to make a difference! as anyone you sway, inform, or teach goes on, and influences others, or shuts up which swings others, and rather like the dominoes effect in v for vendetta, the bad people hopefully go down! as opposed to those fighting the good fight, to keep evil at bay. so come on in, join the site, and get writing! or just ask me out on a date. *this page needs work, will get to it*

The site is working with your support.

Sex Tree Stats
Blog Posts: 2054
Newspaper Articles: 606
Member Profiles: 186
Total Blogs: 14
Total Newspapers: 4
Online Now: 2
ReStarting the Sex Tree April 2016

Opened up search profiles again and changed the blurb on the login page and the advert, and started on a mobile front end to see if that helps tempt people to join, the navigation of which is present including login, registration screen. Ditched the competion for £10 for best news story and added promote me button to the home page so people can appear on the login page.

April 2016 is the first time i've been able to sit at a computer and concentrate since the injections against my will. So I appologise for taking my eye off the ball, but I am now firmly fixed on progressing the site again. Any development ideas, things you want to see, let me know. News articals, campaigns, journal (blog) entries and proflies should now be being tagged correctly in search engines as well as displaying twitter cards, and on facebook if linked.

I'm still unemployed and have been for the last 9 years, ignoring the interim period of loosing my homes, ending up on a mental health ward, and getting tortured via injections against the will which took out June 2010 to end of February 2016 and have I no money coming in other then benefit currently, ergo any and all support is welcome oh and I started blogging again.

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