Clairvoyance is when you get shown a flash image of something in your head. Some refer to it as the minds eye to distinguish what you can see with your normal eyes. It comes from the Greek words clair meaning clear and voyance meaning vision.

Guided meditation sees the best way to develop this skill. Doing tarot helps, as well as visualisation exercises. Just close your eyes and make a note of any images you see in a journal as per dreams.

You can also try psycometry as well. That's when you pick up an object belonging to someone else, empty your mind and see if you can pick up anything from it i.e. sights, sounds, visions. Though I always found myself up tight on courses. Something to prove the trick is to relax and not worry about it, take your time and say the first things which come to mind.

Examples of clairvoyance I've had are varied. For example seeing an image of Jeremy Beatle before reading in the papers he had died. Which was back when I was still hung upon it, as at the time it sounds like a practical joke.

How are you supposed to interpret an image? In that case it was just flagging something and I've had it with other news stories as well but not often.

So which one wins literal translation or symbolism? i.e. being shown an image of a women carrying pizza boxes tripping up some steps in the morning, just before going into town to advertise my site. Whereupon a women carrying pizza boxes blurted out the sex tree in a squeal and cringed in front of her friends. Which I read as tripping up verbally rather then literally tripping up some steps. Again hindsight.

When doing a psychic course once the night before or was it the morning I was shown what looked to be the bottom being scrunched up, I interpreted it at the time of being called an asshole while it turned out that the course session was exercises on the perineum, i.e. scrunching up that area. Which highlights the fear and paranoia surrounding images when first starting out.

You start thinking it's about you, and resist it. This is the same with clairaudience when your brain tries to resist it. Fear gets in the way and you try and block it out. I had a whole sequence once of the speaker being moved out of parliament and into the lords and I was interpreting it as do I want to be the speaker or sit in the lords. In reality it has nothing to do with me, but my mind was trying to twist it, relate it to my perspective. This was just before the time the speaker got removed from parliament and got paid lots of money to sit in the lords.

Anyway I've gone through stages where images just come through for an instant but seem related to nothing at all. Sometimes images of famous people but the energy just feels wrong and I loose it. I take that as insecurities in my self as it seems a reach which is why I'm not going to say anything in case I look stupid.

Strictly speaking I don't get shown things that often and when I do I appear to make a mess of it.

I prefer it when I get proof and I get to find out about it. The one which stands out the most was being shown the cross section of the body of the underwear section of an elephants head, followed by an image of a devil. Made no sense at the time till I was in town and picked up a book which was just in only to find the same cross section image of an elephants head on that part of the male anatomy. The other page was a similar painting of a devil, both taking up the centre pages which caused me to lock up at the time. I was looking for presents for a lady friend and I should have just purchased it. Still not sure I have a workable theory of how that type of thing works notwithstanding the atheists will just argue coincidence or fraud which it's not.

Someone instinctively doing something like the tripping up I can just about relate to, but it's when it comes to books I wonder at times.

Though it does beg the question how far ahead do the spiritual plane do they know something's going to happen, and is it all just inevitable as I hate arguments of freewill and predestination as it just does my head in. Is it like the film sliding doors or not. As I'd like to think I can make a choice which isn't predictable.

You've got the matrix film argument of you can only see up to the point you understand or the twilight film argument of people changing their mind once they see something, something's pointed out.

Anyway back to perspective, context is everything and hind sight seems to win over in the end.

I have no idea what's going on in this reality at all anymore and most if not all of it's just been in private. I started out in 2005 and now it's 2013 and I still haven't mastered it. Trying to write images up before something happens doesn't seem to work either. i.e. in the effort to look good so it just seems there as a confidence boost.

Anyway I'm sure you'll do better then me if you work at it as it seems to tailor to taste and the sense of humour at times.

On the downside this type of thing gets you executed in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. I once had an image (with normal sight) of Saudis wiping bloody swords on me which wasn't fun at all.

Victor Zammit - Lawyer Presents Case for Afterlife
(another lawyer france 19th century) Allan Kardec - Book of Spiritualism
Allan Kardec - Book of Mediumship
Dr. Ian Stevenson is worth checking out for proof of reincarnation while on subject of life after death.


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