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My Views

It's all a play on fear, once you open the doors you have to come to terms with it (which can take a while) and there is no going back once that box is open. You will be shown many things, but it's proof your after. Ritual helps over come fear and strengthens character but isn't really needed. Prayer and magic are just different sides of the same coin which takes the fun out of it. Then again they [angels/daemons/spirit guides/gods/goddesses/aliens/dead people/insert your favourite idea here] are paying attention and appear to take pity on people occasionally.

Do you go in for ritual and point scoring? or take pity on the person who is crying their eyes out begging for help? or is it a mix and match policy?

How hard do you want to make it?

Personally I never went in for ritual which may explain why I never get anywhere with up above these days. That being said "They" appear to humour those who are about to walk away more or those who are just getting interested. Try hanging upside down for 9 days and see if you get a response!

Yet some people get quicker results on some things then others. Progress is slow, and quick when you try something new, but At the end of the day, what are you really after? and why.

More people working together appear to have more power in healing or getting results assuming they mean it. I.e. a church full of people praying to heal someone from cancer or a circle of witches doing a similar thing.

You have to separate out natural ability from that of spiritual third parties which opens up another can of worms and one I'm not willing to go into here as we're back to the issue of just knowing something to be true. i.e. there have been times when i know the light bulb is about to go, the sense I'm going to win the raffle or being able to cut to the card I want, and there are times when I've blurted out the truth without realising it too.

However that seems a distant lifetime ago and I don't know anything any more. I seem to do better on raffles when psychics are pulling the tickets out of course this could be coincidence but if your going to let a tarot reader play poker and they think they are going to win, make sure you cut the deck after they shuffled and before they deal. No issue if they think they are going to loose.

Texts help you go so far, give you ideas and help break things down but it's the practical experience which shows you the way and while there is safety in numbers, you have to learn to trust yourself. Just meditate on a bed, sitting down or standing up. Still your mind and listen letting other thoughts drift away, or repeat the same phrase over with intent for hours on end while lying on a bed i.e. "I will separate from my body", or just visualise something with intent - a goal in your mind - and see what happens.

There is a big difference between intending to do something and just going through the motions without a care in the world. Intent implies you mean it and are serious about the idea. Follow through.

Churches and psychic circles look to form hierarchies which on some levels are good as you have to have similar experiences to be able to work with someone, else it seems too far fetched (and no one wants to work with people who are just laughing and joking, trying to take the p*ss) but on the other hand it instils arrogance and fear tactics which seems to infest witchcraft, psychics and religion as individuals and groups don't like people with different gifts or views. Hubris sets in and people get attached to their own experiences and are wary of adopting anyone else's.

Either way I've lost my sense of humour with up above and down below and you need a sense of humour before you even begin. Do as you will and harm none as the saying goes notwithstanding arguments of finite resources and time with who gets what and this mess we call planet earth.

I used to be an atheist, but I'm not anymore and the rest is just a trail of breadcrumbs which evaporated in the mist.

Last words 0=1 and "impossible" says it all "I'm possible", in theory we shouldn't exist but we do. So I argue that's proof of paradox as we continue to exist and sooner or later you get to the point where something has to come from nothing whether that be intelligence or matter. So your only limited by your belief set which continues to grow as long as you keep an open mind.

Atheists gather around the big bang theory and argue something has always existed and ignore the concept, or the idea which surely has to come first? and religion just says god did it, which avoids the issue of who and how did a god come into existence in the first instance another impossibility but we are here, and surely that god has the same insecurities of existence as well.

Ergo if one god can create itself out of nothing then there is nothing stopping anyone else either, which breaks the argument of one god or force of power as in theory more then one thing can come into existence at once, not that it matters beyond a certain point as we're stuck with this physical reality for now which itself is a defeatist conclusion.

So how big a goal can you visualise? and know it to be true before "they" move in and defeat your confidence.

Advice, loose the fear and get over it, as there are third parties out there trying to help (or not) and this physical reality isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Buddhists may argue growth through suffering but I'd rather enjoy life, which is why this reality is s**t and I sided with the devil to begin with. Anything to break barriers down.

Either way if "god" is a force of unconditional love then he won't mind what you do before the final curtain. If however he does care and insists on worship and other conditions i.e. "the only way to be saved is to choose him as your Lord and Master" then it's a force of evil and I side with the opposition which is about the point I fell out with Christianity, as my views go to consent and freewill only, and I would rather get back to the pleasure, fun aspect again which seems a long forgotten memory - notwithstanding I would probably get bored in a few years anyway and need to do something again - that assumes your not screwing people over which gets us back to fear and temptation and my experiences aren't worth a dime in the end, as it comes back to belief which is narrow minded, but we do it anyway.

Do you believe in another persons experiences or your own? I put my own first and go with other peoples second.

What's the saying, There is no try, only do. To dare to will, and to be silent. You either do it or not as people will always try and bring you to their level and its what you think that counts, not me.

For the more formal student try: Aleicester Crowley Magic IV (He's actually easy to read despite what some witches say though I prefer his book of Thoth, or better yet Donald Michael Kraig - Modern Magick another excellent author
Alternatively try something like Scott Cunningham a Guide to the Solo Practitioner before we get into arguments about high and low magick. or Ly De Angeles Witchcraft: Theory and Practice
or Janet & Stewart Farrar The Witches Bible. Which should get you started for now.
or try some online books for free.

You also have the shamanic stuff as well, but I don't have access to my library currently so read around.

That means you also need to read the Bible, Koran, Upanishads and every other holy book going as well else you'll be running scared.

That means you also now have to read all the psychology books you can get hold of as well because atheists and most religions will try and dent your confidence.

The bible says "You shall not suffer a witch to live" which means it's a hate book and the atheists control the mental health system and will try and shut you down that way, so your caught between a rock and a hard plate. So be careful out there.

As to magick beware what you ask for, you might get it and some stuff takes longer then others to materialise, it also needs things to latch on to. i.e. it helps those who help themselves so don't assume you can sit back and do nothing with your time.

Learn to control your thoughts and impulses and remember what you think will solicit a response from strangers in what they say and do which goes beyond coincidence.

Some people call it looking for signs but you will get more then one, and it's as subtle as a brick at times.

So pay attention to what's going on around you and heed the warning before the boulder hits. Don't read into things either as that can get you into just as much trouble as well. Though once you start doing psychic development your likely to just walk into things and trigger it off anyway as that's where the fun is (not).

Don't you just love contradictory advice? Me neither, but as Crowley said "We Endure" and I seem to like making life difficult for myself so yeah enjoy.

One example which has nothing to do with magick, was looking at a magazine article which had the MI5 agent pretending to be jesus in, he was all in white. I was wearing black. Walking back home I came across a stranger who looked me up and down and said "you'd look good all in white" as we past, it was playing on my mind at the time. What comes out first may seem ridiculous but probably hits the target well notwithstanding it might get messy short term so you have to make a judgement call if you want to go there. Kids are the best at saying the right thing at the right time as adults censor their words and bottle it.

One last point it's the feeling stupid aspect as well as the fear aspect you have to overcome. You loose stupid when things start happening, but fear and insecurities take a while regardless of the path your on. You can bail early but once it sinks it's teeth in, you might be stuck with it for the rest of your life as sooner or later everything comes back on you in the end.

One other point when stuff starts happening, is the power really you, or is it just you being humoured in that it was going to happen anyway. So they just give you the win as it smoothes the ego as they knew you were going to do that anyway. Assuming you get the desire to do a spell at a certain time.

People are drawn to do things at certain times as people or individuals in different areas are drawn together to meet each others needs. Granted they might not meet up/miss each other but there is still a draw to do something/go somewhere especially when groups of people are moved to do similar things at the same time.

You can scare people off/avoid people/things with that one as well. Which is where you might want to force yourself to look, especially with writing say with the satanic bible or other sources, and that's not get onto the subject of automatically correcting/replacing words when you look at a piece of text. Is that what they intended to write? Saying anything usually breaks the spell as conscious minds kick in and block what your doing, magick works best on the subconscious level.

The Goetia have a skill set which gives away things which appear to be possible, which does beg the question why do anything at all. Then again if something bigs going to go down, your going to go splat as your might not get consulted at all which means knowing when to get out of dodge is a useful skill to have, unless you want to get martyred.

It's possible for them to make you think anything in the end. You just have to know how to present a series of ideas in sequence to bring them up to speed, so they do it. Time limits might apply and emotion can be played upon and presented to the individual. Passing a car once I had the desire impulse to trash it, I didn't but it came in a wave, a suggestion and was out of place. I didn't take up that suggestion as that would be criminal damage.

I'm assuming with the car example someone wanted it to get trashed, either that or it was fear by the owner, and it was a brand new car. Jealousy perhaps? I was just walking past it when that suggestion was presented as an emotion.

Either way I'm pretty certain that you can improve the odds and that up above can move someone at a key moment with am impulse of energy, i.e. push someone over the edge or restrain them, not that I think many will believe that.

Yet one wonders if other people just go with the flow as they are directed to do things. The mob suddenly wants to go on a killing spree and massacre witches in Kenya for example.

Interpretation goes to the beholder, how you interpret something isn't necessarily the same as how someone else is going to be interpreted and I've had experience of being shown how words get twisted to other ideas which can stop you writing anything down.

However there is such a thing as taking things too far. As people see what they want to in the end, or is that need? So it might be worry over nothing, depending on if you want to walk on egg shells for the rest of your life.

Knowledge is power, learn to use it wisely and share it freely and the system will hate you for it as it tries to maintain control. Ignorance is also bliss but I suppose you have to learn to loose the fear sometime in your life. Bon Sur

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