Psychic Course Notes

(Developed by gareth bowen

The course has been deleted because it was unreadable

Clairaudience is when you hear voices speaking to you, clairsentience is feeling, clairvoyance is images flashed in your head and in all cases your going to want proof.

There are plenty of guided meditation CD's out there which aim to get you to open up, and do self hypnosis to get you over your initial fear and get you to open up in order for you to start picking things u.p

The rest is time and practice and mixing with other who have had similar experiences. Beware close minded individuals who scoff at this type of thing, your better off doing it in private, enrolling on courses for like minded people and you will get results.

When you do get results - relax and don't panic - everyone has to come to terms with religion and spirituality eventually.

The atheists will scoff and scorn you but you will progress regardless, sometimes in rapid steps other times at a snails pace, if you talk openly about it you will eventually get someone close or worse the system trying to talk you out of it. At which point trust yourself and side step questions which otherwise would get you into trouble.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to share your new experiences with friends, especially if they come from an atheist or religious background it is liable to back fire in your face and family can be a pain in the arse as well as unfortunately learning psychic courses is still taboo.

Once you open the door you can't go back, and one way or another you will learn it. This could take years (especially the coming to terms, loosing all that baggage) but you will get there in the end.

Just trust in yourself and your own experiences and don't let anyone try and brain wash you into anything and good luck with it, read around you'll do just fine.

Oh if spirit/voices or whatever is trying to get you to do something, think first. It's just like down below if someone tells you to jump off a cliff would you do it? No. Use your brain and think before you act as they can really screw you over. Don't believe everything you hear.

The Logical mind often gets in the way, which is why distractions help. your focusing on something else, the message gets through. Spiritual communication will often just repeat one word over and over in early stages while you break your fear down, other communication takes longer, especially if you have an analytical mind like my own.

It will levy up occasionally, and that's why knowing like minded people can help. Pay attention to dreams and things of that nature and just try and relax and enjoy it.

There is a difference between symbolism and literal translation i.e. someone tripping up steps could be seen as someone blurting something out by mistake in reality. i.e. they tripped up rather then falling up some steps.

Again just relax, open the mind and enjoy it and don't let people scare you and I'm sure you'll be doing better then me in no time.



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