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Watched Animal Farm (Jim Hensons Creature Shop)

found the film animal far slightly annoying at first because of the dubbed voices on animals came on.

Then got into it and was fine up to the point boxer dies as I'd forgotten that they had mentioned him being taken to hospital before he gets taken to the slaughter house to be killed, and is it the pig squealer explaining the ambulance can from there as I look on the dater of the dvd case and note the year 2001.

and at some point around the time their was no one left watching the tv in the barn and shortly after that, I got hit by tears and it was a weird reaction not knowing whether to go with the tears or suppress the emotion, and a comment about take them all down and me asking how. however the last few seconds of the film, when the Clinton look a likes showed up as new farm owners kind of sobered me up and snapped me out of the emotion and spoilt the moment shall we say and the film.

picking up on tears, it seems crass to go with them, and also a little weird to go the other way and try to suppress the emotion that I was briefly hit with suddenly at that moment.

for those who don't know why I have issue with it all, is well look at changes to legislation over the years, the facts me and I know many others stopped watching TV and well being detained and tortured on nhs wards without good legal representation are perhaps subtle clues as well as all news stories on convicted NHS serial killers, blood contamination, birth defects in babies and other things given I view psychology as the mental health gestapo, the einsatzgruppen and well I now view the NHS as the genocide division when the SAS aren't being reported killing afghan civilians to cover up war crimes as I reflect on teresas mays requests to the military suspending human rights with the military and well tony blair, jack straw inter alia and all those other instances of torture reported in Britain whether it be in mental health, or concentration camps or rendition they did over seas and Jeremey corbyn's links to torture that were reported in the press as well.

perhaps ought to look into the stat that got reported on how the nhs was voted best health system, while having the second highest death rate as well, which leaves me extremely cynical of the democratic vote on how NHS is used.

considering I didn't think that the NHS would willfully do torture and discovered first hand that they do even when human rights treaties, Hippocratic oath are pointed out to them as well as how that type of thing leads to destruction of society and well how that leads to destructions of society, and civil wars, for example gadaffi, Hussain, assad, and given propaganda pushes for organ transplants which save lives, gets scary when you know they have no respect for human life and you see people pushing to make organ donation an opt out rather than opt in process, as you know they will kill people just for body parts given they seem to brain wash people into accepting it as the norm. another scary thing is when you read up on Chernobyl and see the words biobot for human beings as well in an attempt to disguise loss of human life pales in comparison to the stuff psychology is trying to justify at their end with their history, research and work.

seriously I just thought the NHS were just incompetent in the early years with malpractice and the realised their abuses of human rights was deliberate as well.

f**k knows how many people they tortured, killed either deliberately or accidently and well how many lives they destroyed over the years their organisation operated, oh wait those tortures are still their employed.

was so not happy when they restructured, pulled me and tortured me again after the 1950's kenya court cases ruling compensation for those victims as was hoping Britain would draw a line under abusing the people, but that's life I guess. until you encounter the NHS than your lucky to get out sane and in one peace depending what political faction, religion you are.

irreversible damage to way too many people, and the worse thing is they are so good at lulling people into a false sense of security with their femme fatale staff who seem nice, but reveal they have no conscience and well torture without hesitation at orders of their organisation.

that's when you get the chronicles of Riddick moment of 5 person teams showing up to inject you with drugs that you didn't consent as human experimentation and genocide.

reminds me I really ought to take a refreshing shower though water supply in my flat currently not on full due to maintenance not coming out till tomorrow. so not much in way of refreshing water coming out of shower currently at all. perhaps better check batteries in carbon monoxide detector as well as I really wouldnt't trust durham, uk at all given their past record with torture and other crimes.

also comparison of water bills, family of two women and a dog in new mexico are paying less for their water bill when the currency exchange rate is taken into account between usd and gbp when compared to what I'm paying living on my own. might prompt so me photos of Britain when flooded, in the rain or by the sea, when compared to new mexico desert.

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