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dark water droplet issue

Noticed dark water drops on kitchen ceiling, have no idea here they came from and just phoned housing maintenance to log. As not sure if leak somewhere else in another flat or if counts as an emergency. Notices before and cleaned odd once and they returned. Looked to be similar pattern.

What's not funny was when i mentioned dark water in last conversation i had with housing maintenance when the toilet was leaking and needed to be repaired ages back. person I spoke to at their end made some reference to bodies under floor boards and i said in that movie it was located elsewhere, so not sure how much of a problem that is.

As i thought this morning that i heard something give way as in object loosing energy which i kind of wasn't sure about what it was, and few weeks ago i heard what sounded to be plastic bag in room crunch while in bed and had no explanation for, as was one that had been where was for ages and it always seems dodgy if things settled not touched for ages suddenly make a noise when no one is near, been near for awhile.

Just tried to track cistern journal entry down glancing 7th July. So that was over 4 months ago, doesn't time fly?
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