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bbc grooming kids with dr first mr men books

Horrified to have seen it stocked or to know of it's existence.

I find the book content offensive Dangerous, inaccurate and defamatory to computer programmers and i.t. industry unless its supposes to count as political satire? given the amont of torture abuses Britain is involved in doing chemical weapons on people and how the mental health gestapo is expanded at every turn by through brainwashing by tabloid media and other human rights abuses of uk the fact bbc is grooming kids with mr men books was a worry when i walked into that over priced book store called waterstones in durham.

Pointed out that as some who was detaines amd tortured i found them offensive and left, not that id ever choose to buy books or anything at Waterstones book store prices unless in dire straits.

Anyhow bbc in propaganda war using mr men on the kids, bit like when America trying to promote kids injections with an American mayor when dali lama and lady gaga was giving a peace talk, as all in your mind is one of weapons the tortures in mental health use when inflicting psychological damage on people incarcerated on those wards.

So yet another reasons to boycott the bbc and a reason to boycott Waterstones book store as well though people and stores have the right to push what political agenda they like, as well as people to choose to ignore anyone trying to promote encourage greed human experimentation and other abuses such as erosion of equality of the people under the law of the people at the peoples expense.

As only way anyone gets any education is by the i.t. People who run sites and share knowledge for free at their own expense while the NHS doctors such as shipman kill people and nurses cry for more money to reduce the people they wilfully kill and the people they harm through the unlawful and illegal human experiments they conduct without a persons informed or even informed consent.

So shock, appealed and horrified as those books a clear signal that Britain and the bbc are getting more corrupt and that puts the people and future generations at risk allowing that einsatzgruppen mutaween gestapo to get established at all.

So no to humouring those books, that organisation or that store. And soured the mood of the day somewhat i feel and i might add wartonsones the book seller is not the same as waterstons the Microsoft gold partner who got a investor in people award even though they let former people starve go under when refusing to take on when they were advertising for staff and is not one of those companies in my opinion that has ever helped (hypocrites in my opinion to the guilt they used to put on workers in that place) as those directors more interested in greed in my opinion while people such as myself and many others funded infrastructure to help people out for free. So cybermen portrayal does perhaps swing both ways as far as defamation goes in their portrayal in that book and anyone interesting in seeking an end to war and other nausea is pulled in and tortured thus compleatly at odds with the plot of that book which is stocked in store as the doctors (psychologists/physicians) i encountered are the ones promoting keeping those abusers in power so a very inaccurate misleading book the bbc have produced to brianwash the kids and british population at large , though pop music is perhaps controversial topic as well as trying to think if any was good genre wise?

Anyhow i'd probably ought to have purchased for law suit but no way do i fund them, a scary book indeed.

And the more i think about it even if their is pop music i am not particularly fond of, some is probably good amd o can usually if not all the time distinguish lyrics in it and that means it is not just noise but either a political statement or away from people to relax dance and have fun, however memory of book fading from memory at the portrayl of doctor in it, defermation of cybermen as i certainly never wanted to take over tge world but was ok campaigning for forst democratically elected president of Europe to end wars and ebd torture and other human rights abuses by those working in tge system, so yes a very inacueate in my oppinion portrayl and of that's what the bbc is teaching the kids in books explains a lot as i recall rainbow and bullshit on imaginary friends and other children's stories, reminds me of Iraq war and their portrayl of the Iraq news guy and they may as well stick a bbc logo over his head after discovered what tge legal system and what NHS were a torture centre and any notion of principle of democracy in Britain wasn't there just a load of people with money f**king other people over as i muse over which direction the country is going in and if one needs to bug out as not sure how many people they get away with f**king over before v for vendetta and other i e. Children of man film scenarios kick in. (oh wait wasn't that rudd as far as ambience and backdrop go?)

Amber a very dangerous name after analysis as well as any old clairvoyance referencing a judge who i was told began torturing people before i was even born, though have never looked to see who it was, as i analyse the reactions to leaving a post on the word rudd, corrupt doctors and corrupt judges an interesting mix with how the system grooms the kids and the folly of their own actions if it ever catches up with them, not that I'd know staying out of it

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