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While walking in town i got asked if i had any scran, i didn't know what he was on about and was assuming he was after drugs or something.

So i asked him what scran was. He said you dont know what scran is in a way which annoyed me as it reminded me of school bully days, i said no, that's not's not a term ive heard before. He said it was food.

However the way the conversation went down and what with them being a large group walking up the street, i didn't ask a follow up question of why do you ask, as I wanted away from them.

That's because didn't want to get into a conversation with them because the initial question had caught me unawares and was still processing other things (see previous post).

I did note a couple of people looking to be begging on that street and another looking to be homeless asleep in a doorway and as i walked away, i heard him shout a follow up question which i didn't fully hear, but did hear the word football in it, i didn't answer back as was just annoyed by him at that point and not hearing all the words in the question meant i null and voided it.

Once i got back to my flat i heard clairaudiently ask him 'why did you want to know' and I agree that would have been a better approach but generally these days i've put up defences with having conversations with people i don't know, and wary of large groups like that.

That's an error on my part. That being said asking have you any food because [insert reason here] is an approach they could have used instead. So that conversation was a complete f**k up from this end.

Interested reading up on this word anyhow at

Which says it stands for Sultanas, Currants, Raisins And Nuts

On another note: who's the person in the eu who I'm told is insanely jealous of speed i am able to write statements and feels the need to delete words on route? Told it's too degrade quality of journal entries, as editing deleted words gets annoying after awhile.

I rarely review posts but this trying to work electronically is getting annoying as is amount of words i have to put back in to complete sentences is irritating. As is hitting the wrong keys typing this passage. Ignoring occasions when this mobile just replaces words with different words during typing.

Actually an entire paragraph got moved to a different position in the text, wow who is that guy doing that to posts and what software hardware are they using?

Date Left: 7/4/2018 01:56:05
I've just been told clairaudiently that its eu special forces located in Geneva and that they do it to check something and that its connected to a network near me, and that they use it to tracks edits and its not Britain and mentioning that fact compromises me as i need them on side but not really as they have walked already but the software is still their anyhow. Me: Isn't Geneva united nations? No its actually Eu but don't go their, as its stupid as f**k at that point unless you think its funny. *their was long pause* then 'Putin and America also have the Software but they don't go their because they think it's stupid'

Date Left: 7/4/2018 01:59:27
Cus not because, we advise you to go their because they need to distinguish subtly in speech patterns which help you out but not really because they will never know for sure who anyone is anymore with that type of attitude from you as you really should shut up about that type of thing as it's getting annoying now
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