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gothika a good movie

Watched gothika las night, and was asked to watch it again 4 mins in as someone on the other realm wanted to point something out.
the reaction of one of the orderlies when taking the women back to the prision wing, as they are saying his annoyance comes from him
not thinking that speaking out does any good, and questioning him on that (in that type of scenario) later, would tiurn him into one of the
people who would start shouting and protesting ont he front line after he has time to digest, don't know about that but those flashes
of annoyance can be seen every so often all the time in differnt scenarios and remembering what is being done, or said gives insight into
the issues in their head, and learning to ask the right question and when to ignore, and when to push increases you asbility to make progress
in winning people over, or breaking the other sides agenda, as I have no issue with people defending themselves in a legal system that
is not even competant enought to be classed as a legal system as seemed more interest in fobbing people off and antognising them, though if
I do track un law cases files inter alia to bolster I will.

Someone was going on the record with basements and accessed from another property I tend to be ignoring that type of thing as have no evidence and not
looked at anyone who is doing illegal transmissions, but a security camera has beeped every so often and the concept that someone is sending a packet out which triggers the
light does sound plausible as a potential cause, thus discontecting ariel on wireless reciver seemed prudent though they say a person can compensate by increasing transmission power
when trying to detect items like that. Other advice followed, but that's more stopping annoyance things, though a virus was placed on that camera at some point, and working out what attacks
come over from the internet anywhere in the world and what are local as far as living in blocks of flats go, is part and parcel of the job.

however that type of training isn't something i want to be up on, as i;d rather have just focused on social networking and
keeping people friends, home security and defending onelself from wire taps and bullshit statemetns from socialw orkers (hence why installed cameras in first instance) to get rid of people like
that, given inaccuracy of their type of reporting at some point became necessary when living in the area, and while some may object to camera being necessary, nothing wrong with learning tech
if it's another skill to go on the cctv when you work with computers anyhow.

though all the news articles where young blokes went down to purjuryt from women when people were pushing the no to fratansiging with anyone and no sex without marriage
agenda, I think the film flatliners goes down when the ex walks on that bloke who video tapes, as I think he could just point out all the news articles of blkokes who got done
as videos of concetual sex at that point are a precaution (though perhaps not a necessity) though didn't one of those footballers need that type of video made by someone else
to get out of prision once?

people talk about trust, but in aworld where the nhs and some if not all women have been proven to lie especially when scorned, or annoyed, computer seucirtty and the issue
of keeping records information safe, when countries go on the record with hacking attacks against nation to delete information and of course when i myself have had
contacts in databases destroyed and while some may just try to write that type of thing as sloppy programming and logic by those corporations involved, clairvoyance has commented
on microsoft ilelgaly giving permission for feeds to be monitored in exhcnges, and with that type of thing having been known, and what edward snowden and other people have reported on in the press
On another subject, I think anyone who goes celibate and or walks from technology was fair game, and anyone who tried marriage and lots of videos witnesses
indicating consent to sex was also good and anyone who recorded or keeps track of things or does research to defend people so they can live without fear from those in positions of power who seem more intent
on bankruppoing starving people out, rather then cutting people in (at least in those day) fair game.

we the people do what we can to defend ourselves from tyrants who have more armed troops and who appear to survive by using intimidation and fear on weaker targets who have
done less research or spoken to less people and then it's just a matter of how many people and friends and people you have on side, and some people compensate with being nice, and helping out
and others with money being paid out to people, and everyone else perhaps looks away in ignorancve, as long as they get some cash to do what they want to do in life, who cares what happens to anyone
else in that war, which spans multiple countries across the globe, as long as it doesn't catch up with them later on, and yet wars often do over the centuries or even decades, which is why testing the legal system every so often
with what i know call the franz kafka test to try to work out how to proceed from here, as far as my own and other survial goes.

logic for staying in pub all time, which i ignored is you need people on side in wars, and that bolsters why some people buy rounds as buying someone a drink is helping someone out, and they buying you a drink is helping you out, and
as such no one was drinking unecessarily but working with rounds as I always prefered individuals just buying their own drinks, but the logic of that spiritual information seemed to make sense for awhile when it comes to surving britain.

also was being told at one point, that reason that bloke started wearing a wig was people thought it looked better and he got better results when he sat in one of those chairs, as he's legal reasoning sucked and needed to compensate was i think
the gyst of that routine, rather then expaining logic and reason for going either way, and why one approach prefered over another (long, short, medium term)

pub and goth club cover anongst other things inter alia, bokes in pub sorting peoples issues out, with suggestions and ideas.

how can one forget thatr all the feduel system was was one group of people getting moeny out ofa nother by force of arms cutting some people in on government
and using those people paid to screw other people over if they look or take an interest rather then any notion or concept of unity or everyone helping everyon else out,
notion of government and democracy in my oppinion is everyone coming together to better everyones lives, using shares skills knowledge and resources as it's easier to be better
and live free of fear if everyone else is happy as well, and yet who is in charge, and doing the recruiting and who is trying to amintain and conserve power structures by attacks
on any who explain the reasonming for how any conclusions were formulated at their end, citing why they came to such conclustions as I don't think much has changed over the centuries
given myh expireince of nhs reporting, abuse of police powers and mental health and I aghree with thomas tzatz, it was a system just devised to erode equality to dispose of people they didn't
like or didn't want commenting or doing anything in case it was good as they didn't have the arguments or knowledge to defend themselces from arcasm, competion or slights behind closed doors, people with est research and best news distribution entworks
probably win after awhile, though most people only care about sex, fun a place to live, and clean water and good food to avoid starvation and other things.

and security generally comes from making sure no other groups are being starved or tortured, as pissing other people off catches up with people after awhile, as some people still seem a little confussed at where death stats come from
and while a lot of propoganda was deon trying to justify mental health as a control mechanism the sad reality is those deaths and those wars come from that strategyt and those who fulle dthat type of propoganda and stigma were also guilty
of causing those wars, and while they may get off on short term reward money by playing into subsets of scoiety screwing other subsets over, will their conciounces and reality ever catch up with them in the end? as people only know what they have been tought, or what they
research temselves, and people reactions to other people tends to be a huristic set of rule sbuilt up by exierence and if one group of people tend to come across as being assholes or untrustworthy then they tend to get ignored in future by the people who got burnt or insulted
as it's a safety mechanism, one hopes people can choose the people they hang out with, and they can, but your still limited by area, and money and what locations you can make, and avoiding all people
can be better and safer at times, but wars do tends to swing on numbers, and as such that perhaps means getting info skills to bolster at times.

as i reflect on how best to play this game proceed.

as wants, hopes desires as kid compared to know have changed, but that tends to come from my interpretation on industry, and the local area, and the discovery of
risks to self that I didn't consider at the time, namely the discovery that people were using meantlah heath, brain washing and torture and shut people up. (MK ultra, project blue bird inter alia reminds me ought to buy that 231 club book to add to my reading list)

Another note

Reason for having reports in advance is it usually takes time to remember the legal reasoning that was going down at
the time and nhs and other peop[le who are refusing to divuldge reports are just trying to subvert justice and are talling for time
which is why it's better to do it at the time.

in the interests of a fair trial all reasons either way need to be logged in full, with any counter reasons in the interest of stopping people getting annoyed
as all the legal system has to do is keep track of all the reasons, and that's how people and civilisations get comproise and agreement and understanding when
one side deletes reasons, facts, statemetns in anothers defence and those in power deliberatly write things up inacruatly to cause damage then that erodes the legal
system peace on earth and they really need to look at the corprses frfom every civil war as that is the product of their work and why have no issue with that type being
removed from the job for life, and if htey are pushing for people to stay detained with no evidence and no wrong doing as they are, then I have zero issue with
origional witness statemtns being gathered compared to their final reports and them being done in full for their crimes and lives they ruiined when in a position of responsibilty.

Titicut follies, and section 136 being an abuse of article 4 and article 6 we're not slaves when orderlies are refusing to
let people have a change of clothes because htey are detaining them unlawfully, results in people pointing out the 1967 tituct follies documentry
and of course the flashing lights which are done every or hour to stop people sleeping, and of course darkness conversations.

a male orderly did comment on people having to wear underwear in bed when detained in 2012 as he didn't want the women seeing nudidty if the duvet comes
off when your asleep at night. I didn't know about hte titicut follies annoyeda t being flashed and would rather hit them with anti slavery legislation as
well when being detained given the sex fanasies in some women's heads.

also i was getting told when detained, to get a purse for money, due to copper coins causing an issue, im unwashed trousers and how I needed at least 4grammes of
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