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Just watched scissors on dvd which is dated 2001 staring the magnificent Sharon stone, and had to do maths on her age, as the age given for the character was 26, reading up on her told shes born 1958 and the film 1991 a i reflect on my own age 41 as I was thinking smiler age or older, and technically she's younger hen me in that film.

anyhow the reason its compulsory viewing is their is a scene where the psychologist says she has insight for defending herself and anyone who gets annoyed at no insight arguments in reports or in tribunas as a reason to continue detaining a person may find that scene in that film and other films such as basic instinct 2 useful where that character gets offered legal representation in interviews with psychologists useful.

also the scene where person who waits outside the door when she goes in perhaps ought to be pointed out as well with some people as that person doesn't enter till invited.

also as far as insight goes, reading an a level law book, if and this is my hypothosising here, that the nhs origionaly just wanted to get people released early by citing abnormal mind as a legal defence, and treatment as a reason to release, at some point that system got hyjacked in order to stop people from entering a defence and used to torture and dispose (as far as kill) people instead, as i was always going to argue self defence in 2011 with the no counrty would be invaded for failure to pay its debts, and illegal to relocate the people (nuremburg war trials) inter alia and when someone gives the order in the nhs and they knowingly break the law then the system has a habbit of continuing wrong doing by attempting to cover up its abuses of the past, which ruins peoples lives for ever depending on how many people know how that system works, and my opinion of that and the tabloids and those who argue to create a slave subclass varies from day to day.

i think too many human beings get off on a power trip, and took delight on the notion that they could detain people and have them tortured without evidence or charge, and i;d rather live in a world where majorities were nice but given how hitler came to power and civil wars genocides in other countries, deep down i generally think most humans are scum for the most part at times, as been awhile since i've seen the good in the world, as more focused on those who broke the law and those who are in positions of responsibility who are misusing office to screw people over and i don't have a sense of humour on that as if they are just joking i don't find it funny at all (research section 126, 127 and 129 and all human rights statute ever signed.

no one has the right to medicate anyone against their will, or to experiment or operate on them, it's wrong, anyone who pushed that argument or who argued vaccinations without consent in my opinion are the bad guys as some lines shouldn't be crossed in my opinion and humanity keeps crossing them, and my concern then is the system getting better or whose and what direction are people pushing in at any one time as far as helping everyone out when regarding those on high salary or privileged lives, with those who suffered in silence or starvation or fear for much, some or all of their lives.

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what's your backup? And how far into the rabbit hole do you wish to go?

>good luck
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