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judgement at nuremburg

I paused for a moment and decided to look at the number of useful hours against everything else done since the Wi fi hacks were pointed out by that dead sys admin inter alia and i think it was about a day in a week and the rest of time is unaccounted for as just enduring listening to unhelpful unproductive stuff.

However i did get round to watching the 1961 judgement at Nuremberg movie which is an old black and white movie about judges being held accountable for letting justice system get so bad which was an interesting film given my experiences of nhs and british legal system.

Was bemused at the very young William shatner featuring in it and a reference to that's shmidt as that bought the tv series Boston legal to my mind at the time, though an interesting film none the less, as well as the judgements at the end.

This film useful for inter alia reference to it being a tribunal and also the court system as that type of knowledge if known earlier makes it easier to tell a certain stand in clerk from over a decade ago to f**k themselves regarding certain comments attitude made as far as british legal system (that was before i discovered torture in Britain under guise of mental health) so an interesting comparison with his mental health tribunals in Britain conducted as far as how tribunal in film of judges conveyed. So thought id point that one out in case it helps anyone out.

Also it's interesting to compare the German defence attorney with those people such aa mike not making Any headway Wilson amd other lawyers listed on mental health wards and else where, when it comes to attorneys' supposedly having to fight to the best of their ability to defend their client, i could have avoided commenting on that bit but the navel joke regarding the name mike and the previous film i watched was too good to ignore. (though funny especially when on recieving end)

As i also watched before judgement at nuremburg the 1976 film voyage of the damned regarding jews being shipped to cuba in 1939 and decided i perhaps at some point ought to get round to watching village of the dammed and or reading the midwitch cuckoos as well inter alia.

The film does help clarify psychology's use and definition of nature as seen in the 1983 mental heath act, which makes it compulsory viewing if only for that scene!

I was suggested to add reference in this entry regarding 731 shiro ichii (get spelling right in my head) and maruta as far as as failed attempts to find decent replacement router after the hacks but that type of reference puts me off going near a router ever again as human experimentation is wrong but i did put a division 1 joke up on facebook and assuming anyone sees any other references to useful material such as 231 club where therapist became cia agent or perhaps tripple ii to draw reference to fall out episode of the prisioner tv series, the plutonium files inter alia which gets back to pointing atrocities in war when people get segregated and the stupidity of health legal system and those in positions of responsibility, might help some people out, but doesn't make for pleasent reading. Image of a bbc person suggesting shada, suppose that builds on she Ro and id have to perhaps drag in worzzle gummage and the nacy for a lift which gets to pointing out Harold shipton, shipolov amd mother shipton inter alia out least entire speal get hyjacked, or female serial killers unless push in direction of the craft but even adding this paragraph seems to dilute entries worth. Though commenting on the dead sys admin explaining what a hacker doing real time with camera in perhaps would be useful or was it the dead lighting the led up? Yet router logs tend to contradict that one in showing hackers up. As i think how many references can pull in to help people out.

And on that note i have started reading freud's interpretation of dreams book which i purchased ages ago and still part way through it, and think less good then dream stuff i was writting up ten years ago, however think worth pointing out as the first dream he talks about involves dirty needles being used by another doctor which infect a patient as well as testimony regarding how drugs,they used to give were deemed harmful and noting all references to psychic information in psychology which seem to have got stripped out over the yeats as the forward in that book was 1939 saying first draft was 1909 and as such not a complete waste of time to read, though anyone doing dream work would be better off not reading it till after they form their,own conclusions perhaps regarding dreams as ge would perhaps undoubtedly annoy when comparing against your own experiences in dream work based on his writing style as he pushes his thesis all dreams are based on your own wishes idea, though i myself am more interested in what info the dead and,other entities pass on and future stuff so off topic and at odds,with psychology, though he appears,to touch on censorship regarding lots of psychic info people dont want to hear acknowledge though taking 2 hours for about 50-60 pages currently and only third of way through it.

Meanwhile other week i was asked to read the wicca for one book and that took me ten hours to read it but i was being talked at for the majority of the time. As told certain historian read it in 4 and that someone else an hour. And also i was shown a red ribbon image a few pages before a red robin was mentioned and,then told few,pages,later,that he'd,forgotten that but and,to make a note,of it so i did,and,then realised id,written the,explanation at,the end of the funeral ritual and had,to take awhile to think if repercutions of that type of hand written note in a book, and also inter alia a punctuation typo correction which told a certain other witch agreed with as comma was in wrong place.

And managed to read a 15 min tie chi book in 6 hours as forgotten the form and ought to watch the video relearn it as well as practice inter alia as not done any in years, amd me refusing to do a ritual to invite a certain historic figure,to speak through me after watching nostradamus the truth, though was given a Bovey reference,to look up at sone point, obviously i font have,any commercial sense to do what im suggested,to get sone good stories to write about and someone how ended up trying to avoid analysis,of another queens suggestion to put,white louis,royo on white door instead of the darker one that's,on it and that a thought train analysis of me prefering contrasts on the record which takes a lot of time up. Supposedly she had lots of jokes that would be good.

And when i walked to Tesco some dead bloke claiming he'd died in m4 car crash wanted me to go into car dealers as he said they ate going under due to sale,speal and I passed on that one as well as seemed to be more a joke of another dealership in durham regarding selling cars below 1k. As the conversation started with him saying he,runs,the place and,ne wanting to know how if he's dead! And he doesn't appear to have worked for,them at all (while alive) as i attempted to get mire,info out of him, but supposedly bloke going no to sale,speak with customers looses them custom also, i didn't go into car dealership never have,though for awhile was curious,at seeing if any truth in the claims but went no and walked as not my place to help out and besides i dont own a car and am unlikely too ever again so car dealerships going under impact me how? Or is that a tax revenue thing?

Also picked up on weird emotion when pausing to look at the river and told was camera guy not sure if should be in area, and then told that someone is bared from durham and everyone confused who it is hence the camera mans emotion, and don't know if any truth in city baring people but emotion was weird and certain officer being flagged up as though looking at obe point just annoyed as dont see why i should be told info like that. So hope they are,not f**king people over, as i dont think i can get away with. Comments,on think perused at one point on security cam as that justs me at conflict with system and,their bullshit,again as,font believe,they capable of honesty these days anyhow, which gets,back to topic of judgement at nuremburg again perhaps....

Whatever I'm sure i have better things i could be doing here, meanwhile looked at page count of the wicca for one book i mentioned that was 278 pages so reading the freud book at similar rate it would appear, (though did cook a meal in that time period also) though. They keeping flagging up one pf the psychologists i knew in certain positions when distracted amd when read to focus on it he ends in a less safe position on various points, it would appear as far as content making note of it goes,that being said ive probably forgot all the examples that that image occurred in the book so far as i write this entry up here where mind was drifting from content i was reading

Not going to add more here as phone keeps shutting down, though started out with image of Hillary Clinton amd comment saying shed give me 1k of essay as i wrote this entry, then when i added it bit more dropped to 499 then fluctuated, then i did web search on news articles of her,amd walked.

Meanwhile image of hislop and extensions into the film nine and the Italian boat amd a few other comments regarding linking things in. I had image of hiliary saying add the,maruta stuff in (unit 731) after the 1k comment, i think pointing out,people in clsirvoyance is the money but i am still wary on commenting on clairvoyance after fear induced on mental health as in names with famous people, most people appear nice including Putin when portrayed in that type of thing, even may, the exception is heseltine as he comes across as insulting twat in remarks (this going ages back now) some comment (not remembering who) is info shared with people fighting the same sides? (scary thought) image of a Hill that was fenced off suddenly appeared close at that point as was writing that. Now small hill without fence changing shape.. . So not writing that up as get shown it. Out of scope gor this entry i think. Nope not seen hiliary essay and would probably rake ages to track down so going to get back to reading rest of freud book. Je espere, information permitting
Nuremburg doctors trial
Nuremburg doctors trial
Nuremburg doctors trial

As a note adding links to Nuremburg trial here on 11/april/2019 after certain clairvoyance irked, to add to the top of the blog, to hold back or to put more links in to those trials, you know why.

Currently I'm not in the mood to improve written speal as far as old blog entries go, a news article wasnt public, analysed person who looked at link and so linked to a few more articles, then heard more clairvoyance out, this lot should be top of the lust in my opinion amd you know why, or one hopes you should know by now if you looked at any of my blogs, news articles at all, yes the article read counter had gone up by one in the interim on that article, so something or someone looked

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p24 sulphonal drug toxic poisoning death, with the wording freud saying "at the time" considered safe which sums up psychiatry nhs these days also in my opinion. p28 cocaine poisoning death, p30 comment on syringe probably unclean as I muse am I supposed to keep references back to an essay writing a book after a point... or do I need to point it out today... as i have opted at times to writing page reference in cover of books these days, incase I need them later for take down essay on the other side, book but didn't do take down at time due to dead causing problem when originally trying to read it, and still haven't gone through the entire book properly at all.dead say will just be lecturer taking copies of lists and getting paid to do the same job while I live on welfare and yet pointing references in journal note here. nuremburg code, stopping the known enemy killing people or others higher priority (essays aside but is that even commercially sensible viable after a certain point?)
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