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weird story

Someone telling me i needed to look at two timelines without saying which, then eventually got the names, then told i needed to research a post on Craig mckey saying that theirs something from 5 to 6 years back that covers people which I'd be wise to comment on if i find it on the web.

As supposedly i was told he covered someone once who was crooked in the force and thatvis why he wouldn't open his door, after lots of pestering i decided to attempt to see if aby old articles existed and ran out of phone credit.

Then i get a comment that reason i need to find it is because he can cover someone who's been detained without charge for nearly a year, as was told that someone been held in prision which he thinks was sedition for posting article against police and removing it before people saw and that real reason was that durham police were pressing sex charges on behalf of a woman who didn't want to and that they took him down as he didn't know many people.

Then told cps refused to press charges as all fraudelent cases and told police been discussing it since 1, and judge knows about it.

I went to get phone credit and phoned durham police up to ask if they were holding anyone and told that they couldn't divulge that as data protection and when i said if you are that would be illegal and response was 'i havent confirmed that to you' and that's as far as i got with the query.

I then did a web search online and found article on durham phd student hells in dubai for last 5months and told that wasn't it. Ref1:nfinement-13398768

And being told its another sev which was 2007 that got resolved in a day and if that true then durham now got worse holding people for longer.

Due to amount of detail i got and not normally getting that type of accusation against the police via the dead i felt i had to phone to check it out as anyone being held without charge would have to be paid a lot of money really quick to avoid increasing their problems later on.

And when i walked into town at around 2:30am i ignored a request to put my arms up in a scanners pose to say vendetta when passing a group of students by a police car as told that would help someone out, and then i saw a person in police uniform looking dodgy, skulking in the shadows and i asked him if he was up to no good he said yes and his mood brightened , came out of the shadows and started walking to the group by the police car and then i did a circuit and returned back to my flat.

Either way the comment on budget for phone calls was raised with me, ans not sure what protocol os with that as checking the courts out once got me detained for 13 days, when they failed.the Franz kafka parables of the law test and most people appear to be destined without charge under the mental health system where psychics get written up as mentally ill and clairvoyance written up as hallucination as in 2011 nhs refused to let me speak tp the police and i think the police think back then that it was me refusing to see them and it wasn't, so hoping that No truth in anyone being held without charge at all anywhere in Britain or the world, remembering articles on rendition and that one above inter alia.

Told reason he as in sunderland one which i haven't verified was being held was for saying no comment to answering who he knew and doesn't have a solicitor to bail him out and then told a solicitor i knew refused to go their because id do better job at getting him out which makes no sense as im not a solicitor and i wouldn't be able to get anyone out without knowing about it anyhow and dont have the pull in my opinion to do that anyhow, which means i probably should just walk and say nothing, but thought i ought to make people aware in case its true as they saying that solicitor knew last week now and the judge today at 4am but that's as far as its got currently as no ine knows who knew who in durham anymore and they not sure who goes to prision in a war you or that guy (police officer in charge) if true ?!?!? This getting way too heavy for my tastes as they saying they quoting the police now on me.

Edit 13/10/2018 2:55am reminded of when the dead were giving warnings about a judge leaving in a year in order for another group to push the anti equality throw blokes in prison on women's perjury agenda with no one available to give evidence or being in court because of the system trying to get rid of someone for political reasons person done anyhow warnings , implying a current judge was blocking something as in loop on simething, thought id add that remark here as pertinent to article 6, and the right to fair trial and presumed innocence with length of time people detained, tortured or disappeared for, man in iron mask book inter alia when reports used behind closed doors without people ever being met spoken to or looked at in person, also reminded of the NHS body part scandal which forgot to point out, though assuming I notice or point all things useful is foolhardy
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