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revisiting (relearning) chess

White to move on game I played as white today on the 28th, finish the game with mate:

The added complication I had with this game is me having not played chess or used a computer in ages was that the dead were going on saying such and such would do something at each move which was breaking my concentration as far as analysing moves ahead and I didn't know how strong the chess program was either at the time, the dead were not something i had to worry about in my younger days, though noted the program was set to easy at the end of.the game, winning without sacrificing the queen might have been another way to go if pieces are loss of life

Full game:
1. e2 e4 Ng8 f6
2. Nb1 c3 e7 35
3. Bf1 C4 d7 d5
4. e4xd5 Bf8 c5

5. Qd1 f3 0-0
6. Ng1 e3 Qc8 f4
7. Qf3d3 Bc5xf2

8. Ke8xf7 Nc8 a6
9. Ne2 g3 Na6 b4
10. Qd3 f1 Nb4xc2
11. Ra1b1 Nc2 d4
12. Qf1 d3 Bg4f3
13. b2xc3 Qd8 d7
14. Nc3c4 Nf6 g4
15. Kf2g2 Ng2f2
16. Kg2xf2 f8f5
17. Ne4g5 kg8h8
18. h2h4 Ra8d8

19. b2b4 Rf8f6
20. Bc1b2 Nd4xf3
21. Qd3xf3 f5f4
22. Ng3e4 Rf6f5
23. Rb1g1 Rd8e8
24. h4h5 a7a5

25. h5h6 g7g6
26. Ng5e6 Qd7f7
27. Ne4g5 qf7e7
28. Ne6g7 Re8f8
29. Ng7xf5 Rf8xf5
30. d5d6 c7xd6
31. Qf3d5 Rf5 f8
32. b5xa5 f4f5
33. Rh1h3 b7b6
34. a5xb6 Rf8e8
35. Ng5f7 Kh8G8
36. Nf7Xd6 kg8h8

37. Bb2xe5 Qe7xe5
38. Qd5g8 Re8xg8
39 Nd6f7++

The joys and tribulations of being a Gemini, looks like i will be needing to practice more in the days ahead to improve concentration and stop distractions like the dead getting in the way of focusing on a game in hand
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