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nhs history introduction

decided or rather being urged to write history of nhs and legal system up, and i started doing this briefly last night and the computer shut down and lost the draft I was working on, and that left me annoyed, as was a partial save in the restore. I got given the advice that judge Judy would say delete it all, and rewrite in a single pass, I decided to have a break and am attempting to sumerise in the library, as some of the arguments might help people out, as it is just a single case now, that has been dragging on for over 12 years, which included loss off all my properties and life, to only discover what Britain does in those mental health facilities which explains the loss of america in the wars of independence 1976, northern Ireland and everyone else they have ever dealt with at any timee and of course devolution amongst other things, or even circa 409 ad declarations of independence by britains from the then roman administration at the time though it's still for the most part people living locally in charge of the local area fucking people in the end, depending on definition of local that is... And 1600 years later, 2009 I do the same type of deceleration as the people then it would appear, regarding durham and magistrates because of the royal courts of justice judge pearls comment on democracy it cant br argued, or would people prefer the 410ad Visigoth sack of rome reference in? As I was objecting to british legal system and British human rights abuses as didn't want to be invaded by balifs as demands for money with no income where wearing me down stopping me functioning to do any job at all, rather then the bigger ideal notion of the eu, or no to homelessness and not to be starved out inter alia as i look at history and turn around times throughout

my concern is, is writing it all up quick without full detail in prejudicial if dont cover all the detail off as everything said done, or hearsay with no sworn testimony is all they use to deatinng people and done drags your entire life in, to have some or all of it up as it's all going to need written up in full at some point and its just a lot of people trying to misquote at the end and that prevents enjoyment of writting anything up, if only as a warning to others in what to avoid as far as preventing deliberate misleading by those abusing human rights, as i think all of them are guilty of torture and worse, though any fire fights with legal system are quite small but detainment long, not guilty and i regret their use of detainment to get guilty pleas out of people such as me (no experience of being tortured via injections at that time, and wasnt expecting brition to go that far in breaking the law and injections destroy memory and make a person go isanenin custody for that long in my oppinion) , coherced confessions to be released such as me who were just defending ourselves. as it screws the legal system and everyone else over with any argument the country can do in turn and makes a mockery pf no country will be invaded for failure to pay its debts, as just makes them all hypocrites in the law as far as defence goes when they say one thing for themselves and another for everyone else, amd as such all convictions on any one who pleaded guilty after bring held in custody sans impartial and fair jury trial needs all those convictions over turned in my opinion now which will probably be everyone who ever been done the legal system now, as i think everyone working in that system perhaps bar a few exceptions (one hopes) is guilty of perverting the course of justice and their job descriptions of doing their best to help protect tge people at all, someone thinks that a 2000 point essay is needed in complaints now with the song vision thing having been cited, and that is probably possible if all the legal fuck ups are remembered in their totality with everything done gone and done so far, the dead also suggesting i buy a basket ball hoop for my single room flat also, which would make for an interesting fifth element how to get that one in.

currently two pages, and most of the legal fucks ntoed had the time haven't even been covered in full, as other issues become more pressing as time moves on.

for instance, not checking the recorded delivery in 2009 case needs to be check out, as 7 dayu case file £100+ train ticket when having no money in, only to have the appeal case thrown out (that case that caused me to make the announcement of seperate state from britain in protest at it's a democracy it can be argument comment made in court, and me citing the ship money case of the civil war inter alia from that point on, to the 2011 sieeg, and of course my references to the franz kafka tre trial book and parables of the law, when they detained me from sitting in a public hearing (a test i've never done previously, and of course the letter I originally wrote in trying to stop people getting f**ked on wards like that)

my nhs case history
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