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a war of nerves

Soldiers and psychiatrists 1914 - 1994, ben Shepard

Slightly Bemused at reading chapter 4, p49:

'the guiding principles of psycho-therapeutic treatment at the earliest stages should consist in the reeducation of the patient so as to restore his memory, self confidence, and self control

' For this restoration of his normal self, a judicious admixture of persuasion, suggestion, explanation and scolding is required'

Memories of the old witch punishments aside and remembering an article talking about a prison death by guards in a hot shower.

I thought this amusing because in my opinion the torture regirme destroyed self confidence and memory and ability to function as well, and given their was a reference to a guy chapman I. Chapter 3, trench work, p33. And the name pf the female psychologist who was responsible fpr ordering torture end of 2013, start of 2014 upto 2016.
I thought the quite on p34 poetic

'their is no one that can help you. You stand alone with soft frail flesh against the might of high explosive. Oh how one loves mother earth. She is the one protector whose aid one can invoke. In her bosom is some chance of safety. How persistent she is, imperturbable, better then strong timber or steel that splatter and warp'

And something else to consider, 'then after the weight - the explosion, which guy chapman remembered filled him with terror in which my body seemed to dissolve and my spirit beat panic stricken as a bird in the abyss of winter waves'

And then I look at the date the book was written. The year 2000, I met her in 2013, why is she not dead, oh wait o e has to do ones own dirty work. So not worth the hassle to hunt down. But yes dr charlotte granville-chapman along with many other psychologists and orderlies who in my opinion deserve to die for the lives they are paid to ruin, but as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind for now, but troop movements as in noting law cases or books or material to stop them hurting another human being or to throw every single one of them [psychology] in prison in my opinion is prudent for now, why where they allowed to kill and ruin so many lives? And how many more to follow? How many deaths, how many suffering at their order and their hand?

Relax I am too apathetic to take the risk to kill any of them as dont want the stress of dealing with enemy forces, which is why I look away and just read books instead, however they do pose a clear and present danger to the safety and well being of all human kind, and when a person is detained in that legal system, that's a differnt story as entering none concentual deals out of fear to be indefinitely detained destroys your soul and will power irreversibly and that is why no tears would be shed by me for any of their deaths in war, and yet any any all people who died and suffered by their hands will be remembered, and one hopes that they will be disarmed without any more misery on either side, and end to all war, or is just a grandiose delusion and the only thi g that's ill follow is a refusal of the gestapo to ever back down, for the death toll to escalate and of course another civil war? Before trials of the people.on the loosing side, assuming they ever get the concepts of a fair legal system which they themselves denied, however bkt granting impartial and fair hearings does in turn backfire as does vengeance, or alienating people, which is why customer service skills ans keeping people on side matter, and yet not a skill psychology or the nhs ever appear to have grasped, as they not very bright, unless they were deliberately trying to alienate the generate war in which case they were highly efficient at causing people to break away for ever and ever, and ever more, not that it matters, as people.lern to come to terms with their kind, and take the necessary steps in an mitigate through what remains of their legal system, via peaceful means, probably futile, but anything is better then nothing, at least one hopes, but not necessarily so

Tick, tock, the sands of time move on, the people ever fickle which way do the votes and attorney generals go in war, with each passing year, who will be detained, who will be ignored, or will it just be a lot of people just building up notes hoping it all goes away, only it never will, so whom is won over, whom is lost, and what will the future bring if any for all concerned, hope, love or just death in a futile war that should never have been allowed to.happen all because one group of people tried to enslave in hierarchy another group rather than leave each other alone through a meeting of minds, hand on a ball, to pass the shackles on, to continue to read, to make notes or.just enjoy what time is left on planet earth, before everyone else destroys it no doubt

Quick notes aside. A Lazy day, as I resume reading again

What's with the national guard line at the end? Is that a line Too far? Shocked, and appalled determining the effects of that one

Also noted reference to Paul dubois, Swiss school on page 12, and given the photo similarity of Paul herman nitsch to dr sinclair who worked at farnham ward, lanchester road also before dr chapman (watch scanners iii film regarding the tape recorder office scene) i thought that bit the book an interesting read
book was got from reading this the previous week
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