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Air pollution coridoor v flat readings

after 5pm yesterday woke up to see the air pollution levels high

17:16 pm2.5 was showing at 34 and rising

17:22 (31,42,30) three readings on second page of decice, 42 the particle matter 2,5 one

It stayued above what people are arguing as the safe limit till 1:30am in the morning (25)

When i check in the outside corridor at 15:37pm it was 387 and the pm2.5 reader was beeping before it hit that level. the upstairs landing was seen to peak at 476 and above and downstairs 122 landing thus making me assume it was one of the upstairs flats responsible) unless anyone is going to argue gas flow off if particles rise or go down... (Logic check here please?)

I went to the pub for few hours, particle matter pm2.5 readings in pub were around 10, and cost of drinks £2.05

I know the doors don't stop the particle matter getting in they perhaps slow it down if you don't open them, but don't stop it, and perhaps slows a third of it, as it takes two doors to get to the 44 in my flat, fuck knows what it is in any other flats, the laundry was showing at 009

When I queried the Police they say its environmental health I should be speaking to and you guessed it time of issue out of hours, left answer phone messages with landlord association, environmental health, the council desk and spoke to few lawyers via the law society phone number this morning and that opens another can of worms.

mainly commercial lawyers not dealing with residential which is the numbers the law society gave out, as i'm not sure why anyone is distinguishing between commerical and residential as far as environmental health particle matter and those saying that one of the leading causes of death and one clairaudient comment back after a call for another set of numbers was commercial lawyers are the ones who defend the people who are causing the pollution I h ope that's not accurate, anyhow not sure which way to go with any of this lot.

the fact the air pollution this morning had dropped to 2 for much of the morning when was woken up out of bed with phone call, was good.

but will the levels stay low or do I have to go erin Shostakovitch on anyone ass and if so who to use...

as my opinion is is that anyone smoking is committing murder or attempted murder (wishful thinking, which way do courts go on poisoners cited as reducing other peoples life?), and given no smoking building it's who do you hit first and what to do about it, as notion of hot air blowers in doorways has been cited as possible way of limiting damage, as well as eviction or killing air polluters under self defence with not guilty plea, as I just want the air pollution problem to go away in order to live in my flat in peace, as health effects the dead mentioned early before looking at particle matters such as wrinkled kin on foreheads does seem to be true and anyone else would perhaps be advised to start keep track of all numbers properly in a log, or buy one that logs all levels on an sd card or something.... (waiting for one such pm2.5 reader to show up)

person upstairs whos' door i knocked on to see who was cauing it, (no answer from the others) wasn't very amenable to pm2.5 meter air pollution readings being pointe dout arguing that what he does in his home is his own business, my arguments saying that when air pollution starts getting into other homes then it becomes my business, and me needing to go to the pub for thinking time.

So which way is this one going to go, and will people start looking at door and door seal design, and obviously what to do about windows not being able to open in my flat and other questions such as that...

as was taking readings 10:10am was lowest pm readings (1,2,2), 13:44 was up to 5 (2,5,5) dead commented on smoker in another flat having lit up and I suppose this is where the obvuscation game begins with people trying to mask cooking, cleaning or anything else as cause, haven't seen readings that low for very long time!

thus making me think the air pollution people started taking the piss just after I originally purchased got the air meter in, how longs that been now?

I some maintenance work, when dead told me too, and that didn't seem to effect reading was around 10 at that point in the evening, either way whom ever is doing the air pollution is an asshole... and not sure what if anyone anyone is suggesting proposing regarding the entire thing...

Still open to suggestions and ideas as removing air pollution problems I don't like confrontation with murderers and any such other scary types who don't like pm2.5 readings pointed out (they very scary people and not sure who's speaking to who currently in Durham as far as information flow goes)

oh dead commented on my targets (that clairvoyant image) they showed me ages back, as air pollution is one, go their and we kill you another (anti theft, cctv) prevention of hackers, stopping people getting treated against person being treated consent (target imagery was one of those images they never explained), and money saving up to buy to the kit do the replaces of the damage those people who I was told entered when I was out caused, that bill or computer replaces not sorted either, and as such means this morning and yesterday was how to stop air pollution and their are few interesting plays at least in film as far as health service goes on some of that.

I was being told some person trying to hit target to remove problem off me, was being pulled back off one target by someone else. They didn't say who

Meanwhile as I write this I think I need stuff to quieten down, to see what happened with all the calls that were made before writing proper letter up

however given this morning pm2.5 had fallen to 2 or was is a cunning strategy to take detear me from making phone calls from previous days nights air pollution out or as damage limitation for previous harm done, as would be thankful for the air pollution to be stopped for ever, so making calls to stop or get stuff in place if it kicks off. if that was the case effective plan at least for as far as tone of conversations pushes but will it last,

or is it going to turn into erin brockovitch style, given the amount of times it's previously gone over.... it was creeping up again before left the flat, and I am starting to think 2 is when no one is smoking in the building at all...

I've been asked to detail it in writing with landlord, and don't have working computer at home due to hackers.. (as none of that stuff repaired sorted yet, researched either)

anyhow in my opinion dealing with air pollution coming from other sources is scary as hell

started showing some readings to cctv, as well as jotting in note book though I suspect I should just have logged properly in own book from the start (or some might argue that) as one muses over which way everyone is going over the entire pm2.5 meter thing

anyone buying pm and other meters is perhaps sensible in my opinion as they would at least be able to figure it out (one hopes) perhaps, argh stress
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