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Speaking to an air pollutant (844 readings noted)

Yesterday evening the middle corridor was 568, and double checking it caused the air pollution to rise in my room by roughly a facotr of 5 for opening the door into that coridoor.

I decided to knock on the opposite flats door holding the reading up to anyone who would answer as it was already going beep, beep before hitting that level on the meter, and a bloke answered, and the air pollution pm2.5 meter reading lept to 844, and their appeared to be a smoky haze in the room, and told hiom about the pollution going into other rooms, flats.

He commented on it being a heater, though did say he'd stick a rag on the foot of the door as a suggestion to stop it getting out, I don't think that is works based on the levels they are producing.

He knocked on my door later and annoyed me when he said everyone smokes in the flats after pointing the no smoking sign out, as I don't smoke and live in the flat opposite and declained the invite to join th em in their room to speak to the person who lives their on the grounds of the air pollution levels and the fact it kills. (unless anyone else is going against any established norm on what people are arguing over pm2.5 readings or anything else?)

the air pollution level went up for answering the door to speak to him. (by roughly another 5)

as it was rising to 5 anyway before I opened the door to investigate the coridoor from the mornings 2, and it hit around 10, 11 after opening hte door and was around 20 after that.

This morning before leaving my flat it was around 4, 5 the coridoor was around 44, 45 at 10:50am this morning the street 3 at the crosroads, the street 10 further down as I thought to check what the polutant pupmping out near the pub on the corner were doing, and decided walking down that bit of road was stupid, and was 10 when cars were passing slightly further down, and 2, just after that, and 3 in other bits of the town.

tesco was showing as 2 by the windows of the check out abnd the library is currently showing at 2, at 11:12am and I still haven't written that letter to landlord but did speak to them on the phone yesterday, and left another answer machine message on the readings I picked up since then.

As far as solutions to removing the problem, the best one seems to be kill the smokers under the plea of not guilty self defence currently unless they stop as that air pollution isn't clearing very quick on the coridoor at all.

I am currently feeling very stupid though based on not figuring the babylon 5 clairvoyance of the fixer insect on babylon 5 being shown as the down stairs flat, as that is the one you have to use face masks to get to and as such should have checked the corridor readings before walking in to it at all times, and think based on current knowledge should be wearing full breathing apparatus just to get past [name of persons] door.

And I haven't looked at the price of that type of equipment yet, as not sure what to do, as still view smokers guilty of killing people and the smell from what ever chemicals they are using are ending up on the corner walls in coridoor and it's getting into bathroom also from them bathroom extractor fan is on, trying to determine if that sucks more polluted air from outside the door though as might not be sensible strategy to remove problem.

Currently don't know if the air fan order to blow air out the flat door (which ordered will work) and i've not sat down down to research downward air blowers (if constant blown air stream doorway would stop particle matter from another area getting in and would be wary of 1kw 2kw electricity usage cited on specs and that would be monetry cost as well as running cost also, and someone was pointing out the film infected and how they glued all the flat doors shut to stop anyone getting out also, my only qualms with that type of plan current thinking might be only if I have the food drink in for siege duration in that scenario assuming it's just surgical operation as far as when people go in.

and that's where with it currently sitting in the library, and a comment on a women i knew once sleeping on the other side of the bed, and me being asked to mention that in a blog, as i tried old phone number the other night to see if I could get extraction another place to stay but my friends and old contacts are all out, due to no one wanting war on their side and I wouldn't know for sure which way anyone goes, and that did start an analysis off of which side everyone sleeps on the side of the bed in relationship, as started reviewing which ex's slept on which side based on door positioning as was wondering if that effected duration of relationships at all. (not a study I have done) and a little bit of a diversion from air pollution which is a more pressing concern, and a comment on making room for place to do head stands (as that was allegedly cited as reason to ditch and not sure why I even took time to analyse that one, as would involve ease of moving a cupboard unit, and it's like are the dead being serious on that one? gosspip aside, and annoyed at the hacker warnings at the end of the disney princess and the frog which would need to have been watched by me 10 years ago, trying to focus on removing the air pollution problem, and it's back to trying to remember how to write a letter and writting it up in public blog instead.

also think I have to buy some paper as don't have any in, as wondering if it's worth sticking readings up in corridor for everyone else to see hough that does mean loiting in a toxic air polluted environment, other film purchases suggested is the french connection, as clairaudient comment saying i could get away with that purchase currently on dvd. (not that anyone needs an excuse to buy specific movies at all)

qualms on that are my handwriting sucks and no computers set up to write essays on and library printing costs money also on that as well as time needed to put up in coridoor to read that type of thing, as thats possibly best represented by the death of spoc in that film or something, as what is exposure safe levels on those levels at all?

Does anyone know, I know it's over limits people are citing as safe, (and 0 is better from what I understand of information read to date, and their room was showing 844 after they opened their flat door, a corridor jump from 56Cool

and wondering if it's worth speaking to fire brigade at all.

All suggestions advice, assistance in removing air pollution welcome please, as on clairaudient suggestion i have got is write an article titled [name of persons door] must die which might perhaps be better way to go then obscure blog entries such as this, and not tried any tabloid news articles either also told beating around the bush on stance, which is another possible source of criticism but I dislike confrontation and the air pollution incoridoor i'm assuming is still level over from previous day, assuming no one on their side or any other flat starts polluting again in the meantime. (unless it's rising, and is it safe to even check a coridoor safly without full bio contaminent suit on, as the dead have been flaging people in enconter suits for ages without much explanation as to the why.

remember nhs was detaining and injectiong anyone having clairvoyance or clairaudience and I haven't heard any information to say that they have stopped breaking the Hippocratic oath, nuremburg code, or stopped genocide anytime soon, and have noted reports of people still being injected on those wards, which puts off broaching the subject at all, and that war is running along side the how to stop air pollution from killing people war that appears to be being fought by at least some groups on planet earth...

hence strategies, solutions or any assistance going at all?

another comment was along the lines of, pop quiz hot shot, you have to walk to the shops the air pollution in the corridor is 568, you are travelling to an area who's air pollution is what Huh?your going their for how long, and the air pollution in your room is rising to what after opening the doorHuh noting any amount it rises by even without opening the closed door, can you do the journey safely at all? noting exposure levels in all areas

It would appear free emails accounts don't work for very long if you don't regularly log in (I still don't have working mobile phone and not purchased replacement due to clairaudience regarding phone hacker being something that puts me off purchase of new one) which means those other solutions to problems not progressed either, as I muse over contact forms on website.

those computer hackers need to be taken out also, and will get round to doing something about that perhaps, maybe at some point also, but when

not budgeted for replacement machines, repairs, os's or even identified one to use currently after damage caused and too many wars at any one point takes a person out seemingly permanently it would seem (decades lost, and then factor loss of life by air pollution on top of that, torture inter alia also)

send message with my phone number in to landlord on issue (so not in the mood for legal letter drafting, writing, hearts not in it, perhaps because it's because being killed by air pollution! or just it's the notion of work and yet my life effected because of that pollution ignoring any and all other people exposed currently)
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