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Reminders of the nhs who break the law

Yesterday was spent looking at the new giger counter that showed up, and being urged to check the readings in another location other then my flat.

It also has a nice alarm so I set it above the peak level I had set 0.25 uSv/h and it went off, seen it as high as 0.29 uSv/h twenty Nine [edit:i said 0.27 twenty seven, and did more calls on the 0.29] and it turns the beeps on and I've avoided trying to see if their is any morse code, but the ability to set the level of the alarm is interesting and the pub location seems to be lower then my flat, but i'd possibly have to double check the readings more to be sure, as that was just me glancing at the 0.09 when speaking to someone else.

I showed it to some people in the pub also, and had got into nuermburg code, notre dame de paris, plutonium files eileen welsome, hospital barbera ohare discussions weith other people but was mainly focused on particle matter meterspm2.5 and pointing that research out in an attempt to see which way people go politically.

I also bought some flowers for someone at the request of someone being told she has never had any sent to her before, which isn't something I normally humour and attempting to gauge which way that goes is always intriguing as far as politics as are the dead telling the truth.

Passing someone in the street later though snapped me out of that type of analysis as their was a snipper of commentary from one of those nhs workers who break the nuremburg code, using those dreaded words "hes poorly" and I needed to know context, past, present future and who they were hitting.

In starbucks the dead were constantly pointing a police women out, not explaining context, eventually saying she was annoyed at glass in the road outside the coffee shop on health and safety grounds.

I spoke to starbucks about it, someone in the council who was emptying bins, and then saw police show up in the area for someone else, they looked extremely focused on another task, so mentioned the stuff to security guard and bought dustpan and brush and swept it up to see which way that goes politically.

Some kids asked me why, I explained why, gave one of them the dust pan and brush at the end after asking if he wanted it, he said yes so gave it him, he then followed me up the road to give it back to me saying i missed a bit of glass on the floor, and went no to going further then that as was taking for ages, as I got most of it but the prudence of if any of that was good might be interesting debate on how much time a person wants to spend doing a task.

Any speaking to over 20 people yesterday, and me recapping what conversations information I went on the record with, in the evening I was being urged to read the doctors of hell book, and the dead were pointing out the number of people the doctors on the front cover had killed in their area to secure control which brings devils arithmetic scenarios on the table again, as dead reminding me of those who say nothing and those who quietly merge into the background, and those who are actively trying to take people out and what means they are using to do that.

I woke up this morning hearing a snippet of female nhs worker using certain keywords that pissed me off, and told she's one of those who lies, given the rhetoric was the same type of thing they used years ago on those wards, I am now in a numbers war of who speaks to the most people to remove that type of person.

Everyone one of those nhs workers who crossed that ethical line and broke the nuremburg code and who actively lie I want them removed, what remains is how many people a person has to speak to to remain safe, and how many conversations are safe in a political war and how much reading around anyone does at all.

my strategy was to compile data in news articles to point things like the hippocratic oath and doctors trials of nuremburg out, regulation 28 reports on mental health ward deaths and of course any other supporting material I can find.

As not sure how to remove that type of person from doing harm other then fire them, and might have to determine how stupid the british public are, I generally assume stupid given brexit votes and the fact that mental health system was ever allowed to break the law when it started detaining people without trial, charge or evidence as the dead commented on judges ordering murders before, and I generally have to assume that the education level of certain courses is none existent given the crimes people in the nhs partook, and partake in...

how many of them are stupid, and how many of them know what they are doing, and the use of filters in information regarding how things are phrased.

Some try to use incompetance to remove that type of person from office, but I always will view it as deliberate genocide by the people working in those positions and told that replacing the photos on that book with certain nhs book (same type of political play) they want to stay in office in their cushy genocide surpression job, and how many people do they have to kill to stop being taken down, and how many people do people like me have to speak to, to stop me or anyone else from getting taken down by their crimes.

nuremburg code, doctors trials should have been an end to it, and the question is is their power waning or rising, and to what extent as theres only so many people a person can speak to, and it's who says what in what circles and what if anything anyone is trying to do.

I want all those nhs workers who are doing that type of crime removed so they can do no harm again, as that type of phrasing the dead mentioned just pissed me off, worse when your detained and being eroded with no access to law or order, when they use force to inject people when you know of the injection deaths and when you feel the pain of what they are doing to you, akathesia style symptoms which make seconds seem like days for years on end and what's the most effective use of my time in that war, as showing pm2.5 meters and putting gier coutners asking students what they think of that is perhaps not efficent as I didn't show those items to everyone in the pub and I do want to compare notes with other peoples readings also to double check something, it's the 1976 voyage of the damned "by their nature jew" though they insert other labels these days and those who were never detained in that system might not and hope never know the fear of what it's like to be detained by a majority of mass murdering psychopaths who have no redeeming qualities at all, pieces of shit, payed for by you the tax payer, as others tried to argue things like patients charter and no to treatment without consent of the person they are treating, and as such their knowledge and I've never seen anyone in psychology back anything up with how they formulated their conclusions or their research like ever, and yet most others seem capable of showing rational, and even supporting with evidence and other testimony at times...

so an unpleasant reminder of that war, and those nasty pieces of work employed by Britain who prey on the vulnerable while in office....

as i try to gauge how many conversations are safe to get into, and do I need to be more specific to take that type of insidious asshole out before they ruin any more lives on planet earth.

(pompeii trailer before the escape plan movie on the dvd sums up the sentiment, as does the tech war, as far as plot goes, i hope people aren't stupid enough to hear psychology out and yet psychology is still employed funded and the genocides in nazi germany, the einsatzgruppen happened and I know what they did to me when they detained me in 2011 after they took my properies from me for failure to pay due to no income coming in, and that's where I was with it this morning, speak to a coupe of people, reclaimed the pm2.5 meter that I had left in the pub (which i need to charge) which gets me into a conversation, and then I look at the drinks bill for even getting into conversations in coffee shops and pubs, as I try to work out best most effective use of my budget in getting a task done, the the removal of that type of employee from nhs and government for my own and other peoples best interests, as one person person looked scared, wanting to flee at moments when I was testing what to go in with on conversation on them.

pipettes and syringes also being flagged up in various areas on some locations, and background chatter, but don't know context) pipettes making me raise an eye brow and getting full story from the dead on context might take me awhile, assuming i ever get an explanation on some things at all

softly softly, or do I need to toughen conversations material up as looking away while the nhs piss off even more people was actually cited as effective strategy for their own downfall also, but I need to stop pm2.5 matter getting into my room, and the giger counter 0.1 to 0.27 usu/h readings and commentes from the dead showing the attacks ont eh camera network up (as some alarms being triggered when out the home also) mean I need to get into some other conversations, and comparing notes with readings in other locations will help me make a better informed decision on where to go next.

(that might have been interesting to point out, unless it encourages them more, but they are already trying to do that, and i haven't tried speaking to the supplier yet to see what they know, as no one seems to go on the record with tech research at times and I have confirmed some of the hackers attacks before, as I forgot the time I queried email with ubisoft years back and told them wasn't me, as didn't even chase up look to see if anything came of that...

(That phone number wasn't easy to track down at the time, but lost my mobile phones in the interim, and someone was trying to get me to sort my network out last night, not happening as I don't have the funds to do those purchases currently and won't use savings unless the other problems are removed as the only thing that stopped me from being taken out compleatly was the knowledge of some savings to make purchasse, but would have been better if had insurance and yet insurers cite they won't insure if break ins occurred, and they did put plug stickers on items on that one occasion however that was ages back now, though i'm told they took blueray dvd player out in an execs home, which is the reason they stopped stocking it, as they just put a plug sticker on the one i owned, according to the dead the exec thought it was crap hence reason it was not stocked, but it was a person who did one of those stealth break ins that had taken it out as far as I understand the explanations told. (dead say that was a tesco manager in dragonville store, the one who got stroppy with thesextree poster once a sun professional, which sounds like a political play by that group (and so many groups pointed out) and it's how much is true of anything anymore.

isn't politics fun? (ou pas) life and death, and how to tie up a blog, what note to finish on, as I can regurgitate stories from the living on the dead (or any other entity supernatural or otherwise) and how much physical evidence do I have not much at times, and yet is any needed to stop being rounded up in a devils arithmetic style film ending, and which way is anyone going with knowledge teaching these days, as far as which groups or armies are gaining or i hope in case of nhs them loosing influence, and the dead comment on the courts and justice system so even throw away statements like that, after the franz kafka stuff don't sound good in a journal entry such as this!

oh what fun, and the tea, beer bill is what?

doing a sign saying remove the nhs who broke the nuremburg code might be more effective as for reach, unless try fliers on pm meters or something, ahh which
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