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gothika a good movie (Cont)

soap and
needing to wash for an hour slowly, for toxins in skin to be released into detergent to clean something up, which implies having to do porn, take your time to remove certain toxins in blotchy skin.
as allegedlly it leatches into soap, which has to be periodically washed away to stop reabsorbtion and haven;t had chance to see how much truth in that at all, but I assume humans started using
soap for a reason, other comment from another source was eatching chicken korma to remove that type of thing as well. a namne of a substance was given but I think that was a code word for something else.

as a rule i don't particularly care if staff and patients have concentual sex, as have dated people who had left services
who are no ex girlfriends and lanchester road and at times I think the brotheral route would be better then pushing people down the war route when it comes to people
getting killed, as they don't follow legal procedure or fair trials at all in those detentions and injectioning people against their will illeal as I have no issue with people being naked
in the bay windows with signs up saying get me out of here if it gets interest from town, as the more people who know people
are incarcerated on those wards the better in my oppinion.

also their was a spealk about how people were doing that in france at one point (village of an ex) post office window people going in to be viewed, or that was a fantasy
and did roberta go their as well with that type of thing?
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