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computer issues inter alia

phoned court this morning for witness statements to offset future issues, they asked for me to do request in writing, that means sorting a printer out and finding someone to deliver on my behalf.

system currently a mess, as had to do a code change to avoid compromising a device as need to do some research for a purchase to be sure.

so will send written request, though i think phone requests and instructing a solicitor should be sufficient and think police should have done that anyhow at the time.

also I think it covers that other appeal that was going down, as to stop that type of friviolous attack from yhe courts, we the people need cctv footage to cover us goin in and inside court buildings, as the entire bnritish legal system gone down to franz kafka test with them stopping the public entering public hearings, and given the nhs issues I think 126 worth investigating for what gets written up in reports and how to stop people getting detained, by demanding witnesses be produced and a full video audio record of all hearings made public with all arguments from all sides put up.

as closed door hearings in torture facilities, does not help me or the public out.

especially if they look and research on how every civil war or other war started on planet earth, people getting segregated starved out, ethnically cleansed out of homes no doubt, by refusal to hire skilled people inter alia at the time.

will get back to compiling resources and boosting quality of material to take those people abusing positions of responsibility down )or better ways of working) on a day to day basis as trying to work out if i need to make some calls to cover other people, or if enough has been said already on phone calls, and who to write it up as if going to make request of crown court, might as well dictate letter to upper tribunal and other courts as well, and not a letter I want to rush given also empath who picks up information (clairsentience) from the dead as well, as theirs a time to do work, and time to listen and I suppose the results I get depends on the amount of work I put into it, so yes, too many tasks too little time, and everything needing to have been learnt, done ages ago.

as i reflecting on the education system in general and what should be tought to the kids.

yes the call was recorded at my end , their is no way I would speak to nhs, police, government or courts without recorded conversations given what people are writing up and deletions out of contact data base are a pressing concern as well as far as other things pointed out that if true i would be able to verify if had the tech, but haven't had chance to get yet so that is eating into my time and effectiveness as well, when living in a world where paranoia or research is used to detain.

ordered 231 club book to read as well, though still haven't had chance to finish the franz kafka the trial book either. (or any of the other texts, and that is needed i feel) as i wounder about turn around times.

other key words that could help concept of evidentry hearings to remove bias and crap out, before going in front of a different panel, as words like inadmissible or crap would probably be better in the end rather then p (unnecessarily damaging, based on being complete bull thus needing all witnesses to be called, as people refusing to hand over paperwork or hear witnesses out to clear up and its only an issue when people are being held in back room hearings, by torturers, with panels doing bullshit in order to continue detention rather then the panels releasing because their is no evidence, motive, reason, or cause which would help anyone out by holding at all, as the longer you hold the worse it gets)

(how the hell do they do that trick with removing dictionary word from head, supposedly eating fish makes it harder to do that type of thing, as that was done once before as well, wording using all the time, known for years and it went where as they did that trick when i was on the phone at one point during detention as well, though it was restored after awhile,as now going to spend ages trying to remember what the word was, is)

and yet how much material to take down a corrupt system to stop it screwing you is needed in the end, for sound reason, common sense to win through given my plan seems to be just to try to restore all the legal concepts assumed were given to everyone taken for granted as a kid, only not in mental health or else where at all.

prejudicial, inadmissible would have been better wording, or telling them to gofuck themselves or asking tro release or provide evidence witnesses and charge to warrent detention with an explanation on how detaining would be in the public good or my own, as not one of those mental health hearings as ever lived up to being robust or competent enough to stand up for scrutiny in law, and if i have to work out what questions to ask to get those legal rights back, what's the point of having solicitors claiming money in the first instance in legal aid? as not one seems competent enough to handle hospital managers or legal tribunals at all based on my knowledge of the law.

ignoring instructions and not getting back and not lodging appeals is malpractive in my book and want to know how much money those individuals have fleeced in that system as people suffered by the assholes incarcerating.
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