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so whos the rebirth killer

2:25am 1 augut 2018 and told the lying bastard in women voice comments hearings is someone who work in the trust reporting to the judge filtering information out, undermining me saying id do anyone who spoke up for me, and told she killed a baby
in a zerian 4 or 5 years ago as she went no to anyone being reborn again and it was a quick kill but known as baby killer in some areas.

dont know who this person is, similar age more younger (being told currently someone disagreeing with bulshit as he agreed she is one life because she didn't want anyone coming back to life again and she knew the kid had been reborn so killed it that was kid looking for a father. saw image of someone female in white outfit so had to clairify if person they were talking about was dead or alive, as initial info was as though someone on realm of dead but told this person lives and works in the nhs trust who i will meet at some point but seems ambiguity on what to do with this info as they say saying i knew here dirty little secret would be safer as shes dangerous if go their in full not convinced can sit on this type of information if true)

some think members only note ok others think sitting on info till meet without advance warning on person would do more damage strategy. i don't know who they are talking about currently.

'she works for the trust, and is 12 years old currently as knows less then me but thought she knew more with something you said once on rebirth as you never went their again with another love'

one of uk judges, not durham court, tribunal court, eu court.

told shes going their currently with a judge in situ in another womens name, saying your ok but not really and would like to see and end to you before you die again in judges eyes with partial statements you haven't read yet.

someone saying put up in public, others saying not to if want to see who it is as she will be removed from room otherwise in a year when you go their again with someone else who will do the same thing sev did as she made sure of it last time with another womeno (someone dating someone else?, no a women you knew she said dont date and you win as if you do you win an thats all their is to it there, when was that? 5 years ago as someone wanted to make it up and they will keep going their till they win the war on you. have i met? no youve never met her yet the women she claimed i was dating? no she never claimed that but does read dodgy we agree, no shes just saying no to dating anyone good in bed in case they win on sex is all she said as shes shit in bed no because of you and always will be is all she said. yasmine? is person were talking about but you dont know her past so it will either be true or false depending what she did before joining services so look at her record and you will see for herself where she worked before joining the uk gestapo as you say and that is how you find the truth out on that bitch online a syou need to double check the facts to see if it makes logical sense and that is why this is now a private note till you look to see if its accurate at all and why you need to do it on facebook to lock the timestamp down before tommorow)) shes not done it to anyone yet but if you go their in full she will in spite, so say nothing and walk before those records come unsealed again with another judge whos looking to see who lied where last year with you. she has the ability to unseal records. what records? no their are no records on you sealed at this current time but their will be if you in and thats here it gets dangerous in court with sealed records as people bullshit sealed records all the time to win arguments in court, go no to sealed records and you win, just yes to explanations and nothing else. he thinks theirs sealed records on you but not really she lied and said their were but their all gone in your head is all she said as no one cares except you on love and is trying to work murder into her speak with abortion but doesnt think youve gone their yet so look away and die as she needs to know what you know on her, as shes a killer now in your head and thats all their is to it, so go no and walk unless you know who you are dealing with in the trust.

now getting told ok currently but current judge leaves in a year, and next one was going to be pushing that agenda again and that is why its dangerous, and trying to work out which direction its going, as they wanted me in the swan once which i ignored to be known to block it, but he has heard of me allegedly by reputation and isnt going their at this current time but will if their is another incident on you regarding a women and that is how they fuck you in a year if you dont take her down tonight with a call to the judges room in durham which is still open at 4am in sherburn village where you were born allegedly (now dudleym wordsley more precise 1977, now they saying sherburn village as they dont believe any of that now and you do so id watch your step in sherburn if you dont go public with that tonight as its now dangerous as fuck in the judges chamber with you if you dont quote everyone exactlly at the time as they speak.

i cant do research and dicate what being told at the time told prince moving on and another judge takes over who pushes the anti women agenda again which is why i die if i stay in durham for longer then a year without another relationship to go to at the end as he doesnt think you care about love currently and you do, so go no to going their again with another without a full marige proposal in
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