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Getting info relaid on bad guys via spiritual plane, ones paid to crash sites. Or rather one supposed to be an it guy who only leant to hack would probably be more accurate going fron what seen, or is that lerrt to run hack programms written by others? .

When i get round to finish repairing my home network to keep the hackers out and sort a replacement ide oit which i will most probably write myself, i will get back to improving the site to resolve the issues then i will get back to compiling the evidence ans take the hackers down though i am bogged down with other stuff currently, and then it will just be back to compiling research, so they bought time f**king people over, but they forget obe thing i wrote all the code this site., runs and maintain it and so they are just wasting their own time.

they really are pathetic, but that is life, lol meanwhile whatever, trying to cover torture up doesn't change the fact that torture us dobe with people who have no fair hearing and just detained and stigmatised under the so calles notion of mental health see earlier judgement of nuremburg for more opinion info on that one.

Meanwhile on a security standpoint wpa2 going down on wifi with krack exploit always worying, especially when a person wants to trust the people living nearby to you, and yet sadly trust on planet earth always seems to ebd in disappointment and the dead think u need to be kept informed of certain info which i dispute as far as usefulness goes, but we endure make do anyhow.

Then you get dead pointing out hacker assholes who worked for the banks who did penetration testing without consent also if belive the info i hear, either way corporate world seems to be focused on destruction starvation and over inflated salaries so yeah whatever, changea nothing as reading up ob security vulnerabilities from landline scary also as well as back doors f**ks un other peoples stuff, so yes concept of trust which someone asked do i trust anyone sadly every time ive trusted ive been disappointed to date, hence assume tge worst and be please ty surprised if dont get roynded up executed by people who obviously are suffering from issues with in security in sex to do what they do inter alia bon sur, hard to be pro active after torture in my oppinion add and todays film is minority report as it eould be funny, not a funny film, was bemused at starting to feel sleepy when watching next before the sleeping pill scene was mentioned though and film watched before that was village of the damned which id forgoten the plot of, but i didn't think the girl was that bad in it after watching it. As far as her treatment of adults though double checking something with her if she existed might have prudent. Oh wait i watched vampires inbetween children of the damned and next as someone wanted me to watch one of the scenes as not watched the film in years. (the church scene) films watched on different days to humour freud and next, same day commentry.

Walking around today u discovered that the replacement rebel alliance badge had broken off, so s**t backing their, and ought to have used glue to keep it in place, so that's me on my own then obviously.

Meanwhile earlier today i was asked to say you have a boa constrictor to a woman, i refused then told if i said you have a boa she would say bo and that's because the bloke who's loving with her wants to get one, then the comment was if you tell her that then it gets her into a conversation and he uses that as an excuse and i thought that was just silly, so ignored the request.
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