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the dead and bacteria

Its one thing when your asked to shine a UV tourcg on the wall saying you'll see something flourese, its when they jeep pointing out bacteria of different types asking you to wash certain things, then they go in with clean wall, then clean all wall as bacteria is thinking of moving, then they say dont wash all the wall and certainly not without looking despite previously saying if you font clean all of it, it will develop resistance as they say at that point that that one is needed to stop another type moving into that area.

So seems contradictory and,at sone point someone snaps, and that wall did have different type on before the uv touch was bought and i havent read a micro biology book since gcse. So a little unsure where i stand on anything as they were doing a tun fiwnbof what my body supposedly going and also bacteria,entering head from clean and how it can all remove itself quickly or stay around or do things.

That's when i got throbing in certain bit of head told it was improving something to break telepathic link with another who was up on that type of thing so you can work in private,,then a comment on improving hearing to restore lie frequencies and how you'd have to tell your body so it doesn't remove any enhancements done as they wete saying lower frequencies done, pitches.

This is on top of other day where pinpricks on body wete highlighted and told combinations if open or closed trigger or do or stop certain things occurring in my body.

Remembering them or writing them down might be prudent as told one set is what says if person gets strong for stays slim and hitting them in reverse order stops muscle mass being built up on those people also. And others,yo flush system from toxins, told being fought as matter of course in a country these days. You can visually think open closed, ask body to do it also so told.

This type of thing at 41 is hindering me sorting computer stuff out. As trying to work out which bacteria i want on certain walls,over another based on function is not something ive encountered before nor is being told bacteria show itself up as it adapt as well after cleaning more then told.

Given what told in the air, as well as outside i'd rather live in peace.

Its when they say you need to hoover immediately after doing it when the hoover is broke and at time of night where unable to purchase new one, as bot money factored in currently either. Supposedly that bloke he did biology a level that one, as a rule this type of have ignored except for the UV bit the other day and the other discussion regarding component parts which other supposedly cause alzhimers if certain foods 4 (10 components) with bactera are present and a mention of how in 80s Britain were feeding elderly resident two types of food one they knew did damage another they didn't and the residents didn't know about the experiment at all, though not looked to see if that true but bio war in durham was mentioned previously as having been used, tried, researched by some.

Told one component was in system and given Bhs and human experimentation torture done on mental health detainees bot particularly happy. Given very few if any seem to teach anything these days. As either its a wind up or true.

So raises issue with eating food, drink in those establishments and elsewhere, as distinguish between ignorance and those ego do it deliberately to either kill, or to see if something works, As if damage shows years afterwards that presents a problem when it comes to f*&ks from local area type of thing.

So that trust and who does one trust the living or the dead other intelligencs and is it possible not to research now as those type of conversations are annoying as hell.

As told certain foods stay in system for years or for different lengths weather i can back that up by reading (or even look at) research in the physical world is another issue.
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