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memory game

Instructions on restoring memory, about how if something in body hits it, memory will be restored and exercises which were starting to return memory but the interuptions commentry I was getting at time from instructions distracted from going further as far as which memories to access as they were after stuff, so I was told. (different people I think from dead person giving instruction)

Meanwhile remembering where items where and how arranged is getting interesting as every so often something falls in another location which commented on before but ignoring the hacker led stuff and router logs showing intrusions ive had a box left at an angle on shelf regarding apps that I could have knocked into that position, but one of theblouisnrpyo cloths that had been continualy pointed out with golds was definitely showing one way, face up, then this morning it was folded with he purple showing at a different angle and no I am trying to work out if I jad knocked it off rearranged in haste as I dont think I did, and way certain items go missing for awhile or reapear at weird rimeswlike paperwork on the floor for the court stuff, makes me think I need to tale more time as I did put another layer or licks back in march to rule that type pf intruding oitw as far as any other keys, as some asshole tenant did mark the wall outside when I didn't answer my door amd came back and put two dots over it so its getting subtle.

Meanwhile referring not remembering what each thing does re cleaning as I think one breaks tripple bonds on one thing amd soap amd water makes the other thing safer implying you have to do both cleans but specific order and how escapes ke as rar as build up of things they cant get rid of as havent taken time to research cleaning yet as some visitors from realm pf dead where saying they were allowed to look and see what's going on body at that level or in the room, others aren't and trying to work out was said previously. And either way id have to take time to back up research on the prime material plane anyhow.

Meanwhile the qyick win on the ripper only went so far, which means the molecules of the last bit seem different which means going to have to try something else, however I still remember images from ages back of an explosion in toilet ibwas shown which made no sense to anything doing, therefore implies if you mix certain chemicals in the toilet you get an explosion which would be messy as far as water going everywhere, as the other strategy i havent try which I havent yet is putting entire bottle of domestus in an leaving to see if greater concentrations break the rest down as going at the same rate stopped after awhile.

I tend to forget clairvoyant stuff at times and bites you in the ass after awhile. So any new perhaps ought to be added slow and carefully in case any truth in toilet mixing.

The dead claim to be able to remove stuff and dog u'll body cleans bit relying on them to bale you out all the time is perhaps level of trust safety youd be wary of. That being said if they want you dead youd probably would be.

Meanwhile I need to find electric key meter key I didn't put away properly and need for electric top up. So getting shafted as they still pointing molecules oit without specifics or solutions that cant fix as cleaning every 4 seconds seems inefficent in my opinion, and the longer the point something out siliently for the more annoying it gets.

Meanwhile 1931 comment in 1922 nosferatu dvd regarding clairvoyant before murnaus death was interesting as far as the director goes, history section. In special features section which i perhaps ought to add to list of ever get back to setting network up as still on data connection here.

Point of interest in that historic movie the reference to the same hour in different location scene those theirs many factual references ive seen to that type of thing through the ages also.

I was also intrigued in that movie at the height of one of the beds as for storage space beneath in one of the guest houses or whatever they are called.

And yesterday had someone claiming to be around in 1940 going on about archives and eu, london stuff and about people not allowed to kale money because of london and money from their saying records exist and town hall had them around at weekend if went down which didn't as some historian is tracing eu argument back.

Dead getting itchy many mo tha back i had someone going on about how to do teleport exercises i didn't do, as Remi ds of star gate and danial Jackson remark, and did note a research paper once on web re objects teleporting in china once.

Anyhow re cleaning its the when they go use on one area but not the other area as it causes a problem their. Wanting to.keep stuff in reserve at other times and none of the i fo was confuse at all, especially with what they saying some pitput co2 or nitric oxide none pf which i can detect with anything i have, uv stuff bot looked at with UV torch again as will just annoy me as out of sight out of mind its the stuff appear after a certain level and other comments inter alia regarding speed, and learning and conciusness with some which complicated everything at the time and afterwards when looking at medical research not pulled back yet as nhs death counts and british stats on certain things were getting worse last i heard. Someone i knew trying to figure issue out but when you get remarks regarding information they had last year and they didn't say at the time it annoys. Real time.v old information and those going in without knowing anything murkies the waters. And is time consuming as far as question answer sessions go.
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