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sex dwarf

Someone on the spiritual plane claiming a nhs surgeon deliberately tried to sterilise a dwarf in 1982, and left him paralysed from waist down while doing another op and this has been done before they know 3 or 4 surgeons like that who have never been done.

They say guy in time bandits knew who he was but not soft cell who got the lyrics from him on the spiritual plane as he wanted to fo damage in a tear and,never did as someone walked in a huff and knew it was true but not really as do you

Told 'willow guy doesn't know him and never will but he was ok really only just'

Looking on web found a 2015 article regarding north Korea and dwarfs.

And horrified while seeing if any on web on story told not on the web at Sweden read also on quick web search, with how sterilisation went on to 1976 and covered british sterilisation acts elsewhere, when pointed out first nation genocide of aborijional Indians in canada.

Was told nothing on web, but looked anyhow as I assume their'd be record of a dwarf been operated on and paralysed waist down somewhere?

Oh also someone who's a cat blokes side kick on spiritual plane, nothing to do with cat in apartments who's living person, who's been a cat for a year told killed someone with a cocktail stick and when that person? reincarnated died as baby because of damage done previously as damage was in same place if they ever looked and they never will look as no one keeps that record anymore except you.

1986 told was year bloke who was died as baby doing reincarnation to die as baby when I queried it.

Told the cat side kick on person was killed by surgeon in retaliation for killing bloke with coctail stick, being told 'their is record which you will never find if you dont know why' 1984, 'they said it was something else on file but it was that as surgeon knew and thought he could be funny in an op with tweasers and did it deliberately to kill' told 'the cat had killed more people and that's why he was on death row in the states but got removed and never heard of again but was the coctail stick why he was killed in surgery and,not death row as they kill people late in life for that kind of thing unofficially of course including you as they trying to use cleaning as an excuse to kill people now on the sly'

Both countries
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