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ego te provoco

Beware Ex post facto

Started reading up on roman law after looking at this painting, The Proscribed Royalist, 1651, painted by John Everett Millais c. 1853, in which a Puritan woman hides a fleeing Royalist proscript.

An interesting read.

As are references to things like cicero, and Leges Porciae porcelain laws for excile instead of the death sentance amongst other things

Now is the tribune of the plebs equivalent to parliament (commons, the lower house) or not?

and what of ego te provoco as I reflec ton the times I was detained and tortured at the hands of psychology and a Dr Martin a Roman Name of origin who was the first to be ordered me injected against my will in breach of the Geneva convention and all known humanitarian and human rights laws.

As I reflect is their a joke in that statement ego te provoco when voiced out loud to exercise the righ to be heard by the people and the statement the death of the ego more likely to be found in psychology circles?

Edit: 7:09pm: Came across this news story few hours later which references the word hollow victories, as I was avoiding using that word in writing up the description of the painting the proscribed royalist due to potential dictionary connotations notwithstanding web searches on sleepy hollow and links to supernatural which potentially cover me. however i think covering psychology in article below insane: Ref2:-scotland-41108765
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