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Bath Roy?

So someone called the police operation when they invaded my property. the one where they broke the bone in my hand when they shot me and tasered me three times when they tortured me in 2011. They called it operation Glenco.

Given Elizabeth bathroy , and the flct Rob Roy McGregor (March 1671 – died 28 December 173) descended from clan McDonald and torture was used, and the history of the conutess Elizabeth bathroy, not sure what they were thinking their. unless making it easier to point torture out done by Queen Elizabeth II and Britain.

Old McDonald Had A Farm

oh dem bones, dem bones

how many people starved to death in Britain?

cake, what cake?

note to self, note to self: hunt those bread recipes I compiled down, not it will help if food, electricity prices rise. however being able to make bread, get that to rise always go, ahh the death of love, the death of an erection, or is that the scaffolding of when a corrupt genocidal ruler gets hung, for the blood shed on their hands?

and yet i preferred love, and sex (At least before i realized the corrupt system, would pull people and torture people in for pointing evidence out, and speaking their mind, and being honest, and standing for what they believe in, which is an end of the corruption and stagnation of Britain)

, and yet isn't sex the end of virginity as i reflect on the murderous genocidal history Elizabeth II, and Elizabeth Bathroy and the death of virgins, and do i really want to sink to her depths? notwithstanding I never had sex with a virgin as majority of women i slept with had more previous partners therefore can not be done for ever torturing, killing a virgin, thus can hopefully get out of this post clean?

operation glenco these days seems to be more this: Ref2:aspx?Articalid=530
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