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Vasily Shipilov

I came across a reference for Vasily Shiplov while looking for something else which said he was arrested in 1939 for 'counter revolutionary activities' ten years later declared mentally ill and in a psychiatric hospital he was given insulin, beatings, and was a regularly told you'll be here until you renounce your religion - unless they kill you first" was held captive for the psychiatric system for 30 years.

and says high doses of drugs by injections turned people into living vegetables. while the generally unbalanced were given jobs as orderlies and release was only possible if you displayed the 'correct attitude towards the soviet political system'

- reference p106-107 Karren Farringtons books, dark justice. (1996) on the section of dissident asylums p106.

looking further reference at Ref1:20shipilov&f=false
for Amnesty International: The Human Rights Story (J. Power
Elsevier, 22 Oct 2013)

which says the cases was uncovered in 1978 by the working commission for the investigation into using psychiatric hospitals for political purposes. saying he was held in sychyouka psychicatry hospital. saying 9th section run by elena leonieva maximova. linked reference says he was released in 1979.

my interest in all this, was me discovering first hand that the same system exists in Britain and does the same in 2011. (though did discover/notice health systems existence in 2008 when a Dr Burton said at the time, that Britain was not like the soviet union.
3 years later found out that indeed Britain was the same as far as democracy and the legal system goes as people are detained, declared mentally ill, injected against their will without any notion of evidence or trial, so it is frightening stuff, especially when researching the history of human experimentation on people detained, nhs serial killers, and other atrocities like people deceived for unnecessary operations for money and other things)

it raises the question why am i still in the local area? no money, and years of trying to write the news means i'm not sure what places on planet earth are actually ok, given the amount of resentment some political parties seem to foster regarding foreigners.

i tired to get out once, before going under with moving to prague but recruiter didn't take me seriously and wanted me to stay in Britain. (then what happened, starvation, detention and torture as the brain washed masses propagate the extension of that einsatzgruppen system on the young, old and everyone alike)

so is the country getting better or worse? and should i reconsider where i live currently, now or in future... a tricky point.
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