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Parlimiantry briefing papers

That moment when you see religion worded as a disability in a parliamentary briefing paper and wounder what to do.

I was trying to locate full numbers of people detained as they keep wording it as new referrals, and prision amd detention centre stats and learning difficulty all seem to be separate figures.


Looking back at this entry, noted me getting detained doing the franz kafka test was on 6th July 2018, this entry is 15th June 2018, and I'm making this note on 18/5/2019, let's remind people of shindlers list before we forget to see which way people are going on this type of thing

Note to self: Franz Kafka born 1883 got his law degree 1903, university of Prague, died sanitarium turbocoloses 1924, hans litten qualified 1927? detained dachau concentration camp 16th October 1937? Dead in concentration camp 5th feb 1938
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