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chemical lobotomys

Began going through paperwork that has been pilling up loose since December 2012 which has been left on floor for ages, last night I attempted to begin sorting it as was annoyed at interruption when looking at putting network back together again.

I found a reference to brain damage in a may 2012 document and that has put me on pause as now I have to tie that back to being caused by the drugs they use in torture on mental heath detainees.

Meanwhile I took several hours of a judge going on about cleaning which was supposedly from last year, regarding checking bit behind the head area for black dots to clean off, as told it's a recorded message that is played via spiritual plane, that stopped me putting the paperwork up online.

And the info I think could have been delayed in 5 seconds rather turn several hours as far as cleaning goes. I also has other info regarding brain repair and Mother's Mother's Mother's mother told was it Mother's Mother's mother repairing leg area by adjusting frequencies nerves respond to, as told she figured that one out in her life time, as told she took damage in that area due to someone using a magnet on a ouji board once.

I know my mother was anti ouji board but didn't know why as she bever said, and also told she never got the full story amd not checked ot with my living mother as the dead claimi g that they can pick up info from various bits of my body and ive not looked at healing ability or lernt ability passed down by genetics between the generations either.

And didn't get in my head which combinations of flea ing products make matters worse it which ones help so slightly annoyed at the information flow as I view it as a delay on me and one stupid enough to hear pit as seems to just be scare tactics, though I was told that was allowed in room when started setting network up for a test server and that is why I had to walk for an hour, im sceptical this type pf attack as someone flagging up just get the evidence and do the hacker as its making her more safe.

Not stuff I particularly catew about currently, aa just wanted to sort network oit which is why I deviated to look at where to pit old paperwork away.

The only concise info in my opinion was a comment other week regarding strepsils were adopted as of you put them in a Petra dish then you cam see the bacteria die with the sweet in as far as anacdotal evidence ive never tested.

Supposedly the dead info kicks in or that does is that to stops.physical damage been taken with that frequency open which was one explanation was being told at the time last night.

By morning I slept and woke up around 5pm as the neutritiibalist info getting from the dead just as bas but told people can only give info as good as they had in life even off they can look research on the spiritual plane also.

So that's another day wasted, while the knee stuff was being flagged up after different parts of brain throbbing of headache which told was repairs, felt area on side of knee give ingo do stuff which was when got told about the Mother's Mother's Mother's knee stuff.

Clairvoyance had flagged up as in empty head and repair previously, so was annoyed I had missed that reference in paperwork at the tine as what told when detained verbally vobtraducted that and ita over 6 years on.

Amd they continued to inject ane torture for many years after that,

Current thoughts is info in the why torture doesn't work book, though dead tell me that's their are legal cases which have gibe through if I can find them of injections proven to do brain damage to detainees and told that the judge has told other people that it's deliberately designed for that previously. Dollally was worsing used as told that's the brain person that was flagged up in earlier clairvoyance months years back of someone living in durham area. (estate was nammed)

In one of those how to research for legal action in a legal system which doesn't exist s its just a group of people rounding people.up to do.ethnic cleansing and to supress knowledge business and hope to getting back to continuing with my own stuff as any concept of love with what they so goes out the Window and that just leaves war after torture done to people who just wanted to make money on their own.

As finding out that Britain details amd tortures people using mental health as propoganda to shut the masses up was a nasty surprise in 08 and beyond, and generally puts a crimper on life plans regarding going near anyone in the country again.

As entire system just people being paid to shaft and surprises and destroy people in my opinion rather than prompting any kind of hope, happiness or love.

So that's me irked as needed to begin looming at that paperwork sooner, and it's which way do the populace go on spin, oh and someone wants me to do empty book rack on riddick sketch.

Meanwhile saw front page news article in the daily mail when went into Tesco announcing all pupils to be given mental heath checks by theresa may, I'm assuming that's a reason to go gataca or divergent as film choices this evening, or you could watch the old 60's prisoner tv series the schizoid man or watch the movie sucker punch as well for inspiration on Teresa mays mental health push for schools.

10/9/2018 Msn article

Meanwhile a discussion other day was someone wanting me to do exercise and then a comment of a bath over shower needed to be done as thag person went through things with another and think ig was baths that stopped pain in old age and then i pointed out water heaters and needing to boil water and that cant be done immediately and dead would have to give notice on that type of thing and him arguing so you dont have hot water on demand that makes impovrished country and you should be pushing that 24/7 with hot water heater costs. As i was complaining of price and fuel bills for that type of thing.

Other item of discussion was someone claiming that they have a 1 and a half meter communication range radius to others of their own kind microbes and that they pass knowledge on and someone going on about cleaning replacing shower heads continually over bath screen and criticism of bleach saying that that brand stuff kills you use something else, more expensive one less awful amd tiny pin point sensations om body are either bacteria leaving, forcefully removed or entering through epidermis usually to transmit info to others or to flag something up out of agreement or worry regarding change of pieces by mother at one point, as far as what body identifies to remove when something does damage and comments that some can help but removed for bot going as good a job in body repairs inter alia

Told still removing stuff from someone passed in the street last year which waw being ignored to work out what it was doing learn new things or because wasn't doing anything obvious

Another speel regarding something removing was that it did partially remove it but lining elsewhere in liver was two big and it got out and thats how ended up in other location and hence body to resolve that area to stop that happening again an

And a heart of the matter quib as far as showing heart in brain area to cover the Egyptians, and nutritianalists remarks on plain of the dead are also annoying regarding eat 4grames spinach a day and then a comment that 4% chance of reabsorbing back in gut because of another organism that needs chips to remove if eat certain times of day over other times of day which is safer when factoring things, that type of research not looked at yet. However other healthy bacteria taking it down also, and messages implying organisms can choose to leave certain areas alone or do other things approached also.

And this type of speel is why I'm not getting much of anything done currently

Tempted to add reference to Untermenschen, nazi doctors nuremburg trials at rnd of world war ii and the skeletal collection when nazi chose 115 jews from auschwitz to be killed for a skeletal display designed to make those being rounded up to look sub human for racial. 86 of whom gased by joseph kramer at Natzweiler-Struthof in 1943, to be sent to strassburg which is currently the home of the European court of human rights

What, you were hoping that panels had judges such as lothar kreyssig on? Would you rally with Hans litten? 1929 or otherwise? How do you think you'd fare with SS Kurt gerstein? Or worse granville-chapman, martin, pyet (more likely to just send a report in absentia) and sinclair? Inter alia
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