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hannibal tv series, and babylon 5

Watching Hannibal season 1 (2013) the other day and theres a scene where,a psychologist us differentiating between neurology ad physical brain illness and psychology mental where nothing physically wrong with that in mind, why the fuck are they injecting people. With drugs,to induce a physical biological effect? Id have to say the tv episode gets submitted as evidence against psychology.

Notwithstanding that, I watched the first disk of babylon 5 season 1 this morning (1994) , and the scene of ivonava talking about her mother to Talia and the three choices either join the core, go to prison or take drugs for the rest of your life and it was mire hard hitting then I remember, ad the first time I watched that series was during a level in an era before I experienced Britain' darker side, as in discovering torture by Britain was seemingly routine under mental health, and as a clairaudient medium skills i developed since then, I know that's not sci fi when true of what the system does to people who dare speak their mind, who dare use the word because to explain their reasons, or who dare learn to develop their psychic side amd I probably ought to start cataloging that type of thing up. But good show none the less

Although actuality when the choice is take the drugs or be forever incarcerated, then I recommend reviewing the jokers 'i want a machine gun' request in the film suicide squad when your confronted with realisation that the,entire,legal system us a bull shit sham with no rights or respect of the people at all. You can't say you were jever warned about the criminal abuses of the system at all, though I never really took the warnings in as a kid at all, more the sucker punched into thinking it was all grades, and skill that secured success in the real world

And if Hannibal series 1 teaches you nothing more than don't overreach when fighting with ladder of success analogies then so be it as I muse over inter alia the ghost whisperer again

Now for something completely different, music choice?

Ace of spades or star trekin's klingons on the starboard bow? Or do you have another suggestion? Then if so then name your choice! least it be

And on that note, the purple file is located where? When considering inter alia expanding options or choice of what to watch next, suggestions? Ideas always welcome bon sûr

1978 rumpole of the baily

one on one with old girlfriends?

or a scary overview of my fight with the nhs and so called british legal system

on subject of ivonnva in pub talking to talia winters in first season of babylon 5, note real world cases such as paragraph 21 from this Victoria supreme court ruling PBU & NJE v Mental Health Tribunal [ 2018 ] VSC 564 (1 November 2018 ) which i can also testify is typical of incarceration and torture in uk mental health wards also

"21 Dr A gave evidence of his observations of NJE:

NJE spoke and wrote about her ‘working’, while in hospital, as a licensed and registered Master of a modality known as ‘Melchizedek Method of Healing’. A nurse in attendance at the hearing described NJE as being frequently active and awake during the night and that NJE would explain her state of wakefulness by saying that she was ‘working’ as a psychic healer.
Dr A described NJE experiencing grandiose delusions and hallucinations despite believing that she was not hallucinating. NJE had told Dr A that she did not want ECT because it would interfere with her psychic abilities and her ‘work’ as a healer."

then research material such as inter alia anti psychotic injection deaths, compare natzi t4, world war concentration camp and nhs death counts, and talks given such as dr shiv chopra on vaccination contamination's and of course convicted nhs killers, and of course the likes of the deacon of death injection deaths inter alia, then give me a machine gun to defend myself and close the entire mutaween nhs inquisition einsatzgruppen gestapo torture system down in it's entirety, if only to save what's left of human kind, nuremburg code

Starson v. Swayze
Neutral citation: 2003 SCC 32
Canadian supreme court

Just thought id put this image from the babylon 5 deathwalker episode here as not watched in a long time, see haloperidol injection death news articles inter alia, hardly life saving though, perhaps the referenced law cases might help you save your spirit and your soul though
notre dame de paris
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