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Satanic Witch for President Campaign :
Campaign to become the first democratically elected president of Europe.
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Attention People

Europe and the World Needs You Today!

Antichrist for president
Antichrist for president
Presenting Gareth Bowen
In the Most Eagerly Sought After
Presidential Campaign Ever Devised

Gareth Bowen for
President of Britain,Europe, Neigh the World
(Ok that's just start with President of Europe for now)
maybe Durham? Ok No chance at all unless I was labour, back to Europe?

*OLD* Notes on Parliamentary Reform Flyer - Ok this is Britain England & Wales, but were sticking with Europe for Now *OLD* So here it is, The only Psychic BDSM Satanic Gothic pro-European Communist* Witch
Running For President as The Antichrist Himself.

(*OK, this lots probably a mistake and psychic experiences are probably all past tense what with the mental health act and all. Plus I'm probably not fitting into the other categories much either now, so err yes that's move on.)

Yes I know they haven't created the position yet - I'm just waiting for the politics to catch up
Really I am

Think of It

Becoming the first democratically elected president of Europe - I can taste it now

Raw Power

Can You Taste it yet?

An Alternative Candidate for an Alternative Future
Putting democracy, individuality and liberty as the corner stones of the world, before the other leaders trash it for good.

Yeah Baby I can do Spin

Don't believe me? Lets try Nursery Rhymes

Altogether Now

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall and all the parties in parliament couldn't put humpty together again as I try and rewrite history again.

Yes I'm after the Veto which can and should be used when parliament crosses the line.

Join Us Now

go on you know you want to

Join me as I taste the power again

Je Suis Roi

(Ok perhaps that's going a little too far)

Notwithstanding it will probably be 30 seconds before I'd get overthrown anyway
(could have been worse I could have said Dieu as I skip the wars of religion but anyway moving swiftly on. Bonjour, Haben sie ein beer bitter? Merci, s'il vous plais)

Where was I? oh yes la premier democratically elected president du Europe which brings us to policies

My Economic Policy

My Defence Policy

[Ok I owe you policies and a really cunning strategy to win the countries over or is that the states over? making sure I come across as being really sympathetic in understanding their individual needs]

How About this one? and it works as a slogan to

One life, One Vote

Yeah I know I need more, so moving swiftly on

Lets start with Intent and Merchandise

My attempts to rewrite the bible from the devils perspective under the notion god is evil, and the devil is good certainly back fired, so I'm going to ignore my research and political experiences on the psychic side and pretend it never happened. Ok?

Really don't tell anyone about it at all - it's a secret
  The Book Draft Is Here

or we could just go the film route instead which does actually link to the book drafts as well. Their unreadable don't bother 

Moving swiftly on.

How about some notes I wrote on how to generate power instead? Renewables has to be on the agenda here.

je suis broke btw

Incidentally the book draft doubled as a suicide note, as that's what prompted the original 270,000 unreadable rant draft which went to the papacy inter alia as i wanted to get all my ideas down before i died. It's incomplete, and crap btw, but i still managed to uncover more then that lot ever did in over 2000 years of research, so i can't complain... really I did. [actually these days I'm starting to question it more as you forget with time what you've done and you can only go with what your presented]

Either way the actual symbolism of hanging myself with the Israeli, Iranian and American flag with an empty fuel can from my foot in an attempt to tie up all loose ends on October 31st 2008 as the "anti christ" in a futile gesture for world peace would have been wasted on the masses as they would just have censored it instead. notwithstanding one person was willing to take the photo at least, which is something I guess! Shame those who die for change are covered up in vain
Anyway ignoring that lot I've decided i want to be president, neigh  king instead. So all my energy is going there instead [not really I'm focusing on the site first as I just want to get on with it and live in peace].

The original catalyst however to defend freedom was social services who illegally broke in to my house without a warrant in 2008 after i changed my mind re the hanging idea, and they did it for a  completely different set of reasons. They had shown up without warning and I'd refused to let them in the house. To quote the key moment in the conversation it went:

-"Do you know the mental health Act?"
-"We'll be back"

This bit of the conversation occurred after I was accused of knowing human rights law - not that anyone listens to it - and I was in the bath when the police broke in as well as they came back a few hours later - no warrant - and ordered me to go with them and it took me 48 hours to get released. To quote the police in the police car when I was driven there "we only broke in because she said you slammed the door in her face". which wasn't true as they left of their own free will. They also made a reference to speeding as well.

Prior to this in 2006 there was an incident with a speeding camera - which was my first involvement with law enforcement - when the police came around twice to get me to admit to the accusation, which I thought was harassment as I had a receipt for sending in the forms and was arguing a breach of article 6 that no one should be pressured into giving evidence of a crime by the threat of another crime.

I'm assuming that their argument would have been the first visit was for a breach of section 176 or what ever it was and the other visit for the actual speeding offence even though they mentioned both at both meetings.

This lot may have been the origins of the original escalation and had me scared to answer the door for months, and had me waiting for a court date that never happened.

If anyone read my psychic course (which needs a rewrite its unreadable) then they will now I had another incident in 2007 with the police after my ex twisted my wrist when I broke the lock and tried to restrain her, she hurt her wrist when she twisted out of it and later went to the hospital after I'd gone home and I think the hospital called them. I only mention it as I think that's the reason I think the person from social services was carrying a grudge. My mother had mentioned it when she contacted them in 2008, hence another escalation.

Either way they accused me of saying "God is Evil, The Devil is Good" when they came round using the mental heath act (were back to 2008 again in case your loosing the plot) which was a bloody book title as everyone got stroppy about me being a "satanic" witch and I was accused of not making any money on the human rights merchandise I'd done.

I'd fallen out with my parents over religion and had stopped speaking to them.

Anyway I put the whole incident down to Christians,morons, "Christians" (same thing) with a grudge. This was one of the reasons I ended up renouncing citizenship under article 15 (right to change nationality), and article 17 (right to property) of the united nations declaration of human rights in order to form my own independent state in 2011 at the time of the police siege.

Anyway that's ancient history and I ended up spending 20 months on a mental health ward because of the incident. Long story repossession, falling out with the court system, going without food for several months after I failed to get on the benefit system. and things of that nature. [2008 to 2011 was spent surviving on nothing trying to get a site off the ground and an argument over council tax in 2009 which I have a few outstanding issues over. . There is a campaign on here which shows the breakdown of what went on, with letters and so forth. 2010 was spent in the courts with repossession hearings and where I hungry for a couple of months without food eating what I could find on the floor.]

But skipping back to 2011 my main problem with mental health is with injecting people against their will. I was in my room minding my own business when around 6 members of staff came to my door and held me down - I had a broken hand as well so couldn't resist - shortly after after I tried to send a letter to the hospital managers after my admission onto the mental health ward (the one with the needle was the one i'd given the letter to) and I had another injection when I was trying to speak to legal representation on the phone at the next hospital as well. (immediately after) [there was also more at another hospital, but I'd given up resisting after the first one after I realised human rights weren't going to be listened to.].

Anyway the first injection caused my tongue to swell up and my jaw to rip itself apart for a period 48 hours which was painful as hell, and all this was prior to seeing legal representation which has to go down as one of the scarcest moments of my life as when I did get to see someone I couldn't speak because of the injection.

The key thing (for me at least was) I wasn't allowed to see a lawyer at any time before that point and i'd spent 2 days on a normal hospital ward with a police escort standing over me with a broken hand prior to being taken into a meeting room where I was sectioned at the police station which worries me as I didn't want to get sectioned or go with them at all.

I remember sitting in the police cell and seeing a standard (long pole) with an eagle on top of it and heard a voice saying "the eagle has landed" which was immediately prior to me being escorted out of a cell into a room full of people who sectioned me. I shouldn't have been that surprised. I likened it to being shoved in the back of a van and being carried off like the SS which is how it felt at the time - notwithstanding the injections - they kill you with kindness. Hard to stay upset at people who keep asking/making you cups of tea all the time, even if you are held indefinitely. I didn't really want to break away it was a last resort with my attempts to legally justify my position.

At the first hospital the doctor also came to my room and said something along the lines of "The hospital managers don't agree with me, but I've found another doctor/social worker who does and we're going to section 3 you" and they sectioned me on Easter Friday. I remember one of the patients drawing on a bit of paper "irish eyes are watching" which I thought was dodgy at the time.

The original argument lost somewhere down the line was the many do not and never will rule the one, so they can take their "democracy" and shove it up their arse, as no majority has the right to take our freedoms away. This being the council tax argument (they weren't even democratically elected). Ergo I broke away and did it on my own. Stupid thing to do as I pledged never to surrender the land and it wasn't treason because Britain had signed up to that treaty [united declaration of human rights] and I was mearly defending myself and I'll skip legal arguments over breach of contract with the banks or the fact gorden brown had gone on the record saying no country will be invaded for failure to pay their debts inter alia which is why I declared independence during the siege. (that and I didn't want to loose my home and had nowhere else to go and argh...)

(What was it? one against many and I'm so going to go splat here and did when a superior fighting force came in via my kitchen back door when I tried to close it. They had opened it up when I was in the other room during the siege. I came in and saw the dead bolts on the open door and ran to close it which is when they kicked it open and came in armed. 3 Tasers and a bullet (Baton round) broke my hand when 3 police officers came in through the back door in full body armour with assault riffles, taser attachments on the end. Oach, it hurt at the time.

Unfortunately it appears I cut one of them on the lip with the sword I was holding, the one in the middle wasn't wearing a face mask during the affray which was rather unfortunate and I spent 20 months on a mental health ward because of it and now means I have a criminal record as well. Affray and Assault occasioning actual bodily harm which is slightly better then the 3 counts of attempted grievously bodily harm they originally hit me with, which wasn't funny at all that and I've been diagnosed with scitzophrenia which is something else I'm not happy with. One hospital said persistent delusion and I foolishy went on the record with psychic experiences against an atheist doctor so they changed it from psychosis after my first tribunal. Teach me for trying to be a smart arse.

Presidential Spin now the conflicts moved on: "I stood as one against many and took a bullet in defence of the land" which is now a shallow attempt to rally the troops to win the army over. Bit insulting really as I don't really have any military experience and it was only a baton round which broke my hand even though they were carrying live ammo at the time. It seems all good leaders seem to need that [military experience] to become president these days. One suspects everyone will see through it and again it's insulting to anyone who's lost their life in defence of the people but its how my mind works. Actually I'd need experience in power as well so it's a bit of a reach.

We'll skip over civilian casualties for now - too many people have died across the world - and lets just say don't f**k with a witch as its getting too serious now. I shouldn't have done it and I should have handed my keys over but I had no where else to go and didn't want to loose my home mais c'est la vie je devine I could drag arguments from jesus and mohammed in which is the only issue we agree on, but it wouldn't change anything here. Everyone needs a home and the uk tax payer is forking out more money now, then it would have been to cover my mortgages, but it changes nothing really in the end. Books and dvds are getting out dated now anyway so rooms for libraries are getting a thing of the past.

Back to becoming President? As I steal a phrase from Obama

yes i can, and yes i will so nerrrrrrrrrrrr

Deleted my rant about habeas corpus and Guantanamo bay as I called Obama a spineless Muppet because he's a bloody legal professor as I'd have just let them go. but anyway, I apologise for that as we're supposed to be allies and seriously the strategy of being nice to people and making then cups of tea is better then water boarding if you want repatriation and/or to be left alone.

Everything that follows is old and I've not had time to go through it yet. I hate deleting stuff, it's a bad habit of mine. All the doctors say I was mentally ill when writing it so there you go.

policies and views prior to 2010 as flyers go they are pretty awful
Lost in the Woods? Then Find The Tree. [1]*
Legalise Drugs
Right to Bare Arms
The Environment
Budget Cuts
Health Flyer
One life, One Vote Campaign
Mock up of my new taxation/budgeting system
Parliamentary Reform inter alia
Health Care Debate [2]*
More political Stances (The European Dream...)
My Expenses ToDate ( December 27th 2008 to Incarceration in 2011) [3]*
My 2 page CV
My Career To Date
[1]* the main contenders for the thrown of Durham are both called woods and they have been duking it out for years. A play on words is so tempting for publicity.
[2]* the observant will notice I don't have a health care policy and its masquerading as debate flyer instead. I have more views on mental health these days since my 20 month stay on a mental health ward, but I'll avoid talking about them for now.
[3]* Since being released from mental health my disciple has gone to pot and I'm spending a lot more on food and have started going to the pub/eating chocolate again and I stopped tracking it the rest is going on the site and publicity if I get off my arse I think.
Back to power, where were we?

The Ultimate Aim of the Presidency

To protect the people and ensure they have as much fun in life as possible, free of fear and persecution without it being at the expense of others and to ensure that future generations will share in the same prosperity and happiness while also raising the standard of living for one and all.

Incidentally spirit [insert god or what ever you want to call it here] said I had to learn human rights law by a certain date which I did and lets face it Joan of Arc got screwed so why should I be any different as lets face it I'm only in it for the money and don't care what direction the site goes in as long as it grows as I suspect there are far better candidates then me, seriously would you trust a satanic witch in power? Especially one labelled a paranoid schizophrenic. I wouldn't, so perhaps it's time to get back to other peoples campaigns and me to promoting this site, and still I keep coming back to it as I'm obviously just an insane schizophrenic witch who doesn't know when to leave things alone and should be doing programming instead notwithstanding it's probably all over now anyway as I move too slow mais c'est la vie je devine and it's probably only a means to an end anyway what with the butterfly effect of random interactions so yeah who cares as it's probably time to move on and do something else.

So aurivor for now, meanwhile I'm sure I will get round to making policies/making them readable at some point j'ai esperer but I suspect I've moved too slow on the whole thing and it's all over for now and we'll skip the nuclear war scenario and the bit about having to speak to a women to avert it, as that's all bound to be delusion and just fear as I hardly speak to anyone these days, and no I don't know which women, when or what I'm supposed to say as it was all years ago and is thus bound to be b*llocks as most things are notwithstanding the conversation could have already taken place as in theory it could be anything what with the butterfly effect and all, as the knock on effect could be years assuming it was true which means no point worrying at all. So why mention it. Another drink?
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