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  • Temptations - Tell people what you want and tempt them into helping you or tempt them to buy a product or service off you, or give them ideas of things they could do with you
  • Write the News - and get yourself heard.
  • Run your own Newspaper - and become a Newspaper Mogul as you share you take on what's happening in the world today.
  • Journals -Share your ideas, with your friends, lovers and the public. Privacy Controlled.
  • Security - configure who reads, what entries 
  • Forums - converse with people of similar taste on any subject.
  • Chat Rooms - make new friends, and new love
  • Profiles - browse members and see who has what in common with you
  • Play cupid -  Introduce and match make people together. Break the ice,  business or pleasure, and help people find new love and happiness together based on known experience of them and others.
  • Internal Mail - speak to other members without exposing your external contact details.
  • Photo Manager - share photos with the other members.
  • Position of the day - daily sex position, bring variety and spice and improve you love life.
  • Article Section - Share your research and your own philosophical ideas.
  • Psychic course - an introduction to some of our research and personal experiences todate.
  • Tarot course - learn, spreads and find the hidden meanings to the cards or get a reading done.
  • Law database - View cases, statute and human rights law
  • Law database - View Law Links, cases, statute and human rights law
  • Share Your Political Campaigns - Give you a chance to see if members will vote for or against proopsed ideas and help you work out a better match
  • Run your Own Polls, Elections - Poll Members or none members on a topic to see which option people prefer
  • Run your Own Polls, Elections - Rate Strenghts and Weaknesses of people you dated, and lock them down from changing their story in future, if the political winds turn
  • Memorieslist memories of the time you spent with people "on their [profile] wall" (to break the wall down, and keep channels of communication open) and to help maintain perspective so you or they don't get jaded down stream, as you boost peoples self condidence and remind them it wasn't a waste of time for you or them


    Welcome to the Sex Tree
    Where you the user get to upload the news
    Have you lost it to the tree yet?
    We have...
    who slept with my ex?

    Sign you ex's up and find out how many degrees of separation exist between lovers. Screw that jealous love. Free your mind and find pleasure instead. Who slept with your Ex? and do you really care? We don't... and well who was good in bed really? Find out as you explore the tree, and find out who's hot and who's not. Can you learn from past mistakes and take their sex tree virginity away as you take the plunge and hit that "who slept with my Ex" button again. We can.

    Aphrodite -> Venus -> Morning Star -> Lucifer ->Satan-> The Devil -> Unconditional Love Again
    More Than Just a Tree

    Relax and explore the position of the day or take a break and fight for freedom again.

    The site has a lot going on. It's a mixed bag of sex, politics, business and human rights law and covers everything from international politics to psychic development,tarot and the occult as you the user write the news to the world at large.

    Upload your own research on everything from philosophy to science to psychic development and witchcraft as you keep in touch with the world by updating your statuses via SMS text.

    We even have intelligent matching so you can find new love as we match how close you really are.

    It's only 6 degrees of separation between mankind, but what is it in love?

    Join the tree and invite your ex's on, and find out how close we really are!

    So click to register and may you find true love again.
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