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Answers To Common Questions on the origins and the purpose of this site, and perhaps where it's going from here (also read read me faq) which is available on the drop down) as supposedly someone snooping in at 17:20pm on 12/3.2017 day i got told the information 'and they will be late as always' which tells me bullshit. but have attempted to write it up anyhow as an exercise. (see my members level blog for wording)
Q1 What was the original purpose of this site?

The original purpose of the site started in 2007, was to create a generic social networking site and to keep people talking as people were annoying me in that era over breakups, so was more for keeping lives of communication open to remember the good things and to help analyse why relationships kept failing on people in order to boost self esteem order to boost self confidence, blossoming relationships and because i wanted to start something up to make money rather then dependent on anyone else, and i was more into dating, romantic comedies, initially did it compete against the likes of MySpace, and act as a dating site amd i was more into journals blogging and no one said what they wanted out of a site

anyhow The core idea being that people signed their Exs up and got rated by them in bed and help us determine how many degrees of separation exist between lovers.

It would enable you to find new love via old love by allowing people to match make and vouch for people. However the idea ran into some teething problems namely those who said they would join didn’t when they were put to the test. Most cited jealousy and most were too insecure to go there and admit in public they had had sex let alone raye each others strengths and weaknesses. As i had no money coming in at the time and annoyed at censorship I expanded to allowing people to write the news playing into the tree of life, devils garden of eden more temptation to.cheer people up amd for commerce long term, i.e. What you want or sell but i had no money coming in amd working while.loosing your home while being starved pit for mediumship amd speaking up meant still haven't tidy it all up with the war up above on spiritual realm in the way also, as appears more image at the end of the day eith people.looking for excises to f**k rather then help is all i learned from Britain's, unfortunate with sex, knowledge, look amd power image appears to be everything over skill set and makes a mockery pf trust as i think.britain and those in money were more.interested interested people down though the dead did say some of.those judges guilty of murder in past decades as well as during other reasons, so kore a devils advocate theme as was more interested in stopping wars as family member was murdered in childhood once in that religious war, amd i was pissed off at god with clairvoyance and mediumship, churches and all governments for not saying anything as a kid, amd was more teaching that for awhile as thought that was weakest link and was needed to stop that war, then i discovered existence of torture in mental heath system, and i just wrote that up ethnic cleansing inter alia and not sure political system to go near love and betrayals made safer to ignore people so focused on compiling material to stop people getting killed on those wards where people detained without charge, evidence or trial i.e. Law cases and material for removal of inquisition (which rebranded to psychology at some point in world history), and does anyone cares about love anyway? after discovering existence of that lot!

celibacy perhaps more sensible in that system, however more then one way to play the game, anyhow site went down in 2010 as I ran out of money and lost my property, houses.

However the site briefly from June 2010 to 2012 is back and will stay up now as of 2012, as it’s the only thing I have left and people are welcome to or share the knowledge people alive on planet earth when defending people against those who.would seek to enslave all mankind as their slaves or connect the world in love as and remember love if you dare .... or allow yourselves to be found for love to be found as per original premises, but making the same mistakes over and over is stupid and getting it right first time would probably be a better plan but all that asked on terms people.stipulate at start of a relation either long or short, but still while we still breath we will continue to either add content or get back to improving code, as the original precepts of stopping wars and promoting love, friendship. People skills hasnt gone away, as i reflect on why does evil always seem to have the greater numbers in the end, leaving me bogged down in a one v many war again, as i go what was that love concept thing again?

Q2 Why did you expand into doing a news site?

Well despite the initial shock, some people were willing to sign up, and rate their ex’s in bed and were nice about it giving pro active comments in the strengths and weakness boxes. The site was growing However the sign up rate wasn’t fast enough so I decided to expand in other areas, which is where it got messy and I tried to doit as a news site and as politics site for campaigns and polling though it’s more firmly focused as the sex tree again.

Q3 Why the sextree name

My idea and I regret using the word sex but people have to get over it. It tied into tree of life for a bit as I did the occult but that idea is a relic now and it’s back to signing your ex’s up and linking the world the love.

Q4 Do you have to sign you ex's up to join?

No you don’t have to sign your ex’s up to join, which is free btw and you can message other members for free. You can act as an individual and maintain your own blog, newspaper, campaigns and find love by browsing our members all for free. However the sex tree is supposed to link the world in love, so asking them to sig up and link to you is encouraged.

Q5 So is this a dating site?

Potentially but also other things. Perhaps More a Collaborative New Site these days to write article free of censorship if you feel the need to research or highlight any issues going down as the news bit started because i got disgruntled at censorship and bullshit in the mainstream tabloid press, so adapted the site to get round that, and dating only works if their is more people to match up, (news site only needs one) however that being said being the only single bloke on the site regularly login in at time of writing, does mean less competition here

As it must be said I am also still single so it can perhaps be described as political dating what with you get to see what prospective dates will promote in news articles and campaigns and polls or just as a place to hang out say hi to me.

But the site is and always a place where ex's can give references over dates to help support new love or to make it easier for people to see if their was any repeating patterns in their dating to allow them to enhance themselves or to help people introduce people to a better match if you didn't get on with someone, you might know someone who would be better suited for a person as it would be nice for everyone to find long lasting love, that being said disgruntled unmutual ex's have been known to change their mind years later so the site can just act as a place to keep in touch or to resolve differences, neutral territory (although peoples individuals politics might not be neutral and a reason why people are ex's but people can still be civil, nice and remain polite)

but I am just using it for journals, news, campaigns, polls and status updates to allow me to find things again as i got thrown off certain mainstream site in 2010 before i was taken in and tortured, once for trying to befriend too many people people and lost all my posts that i had put up, and friends. so that is why i am using this site, to preserve loss of data (all be it i still post on other networks in case i get shafted on one or another, some information might still survive (note: to self, write some data exports for people)

Hopefully you can use it to meet new people, find new love, as well as staying in touch with old loves but all things move on as you can use the news site, blogs as well. Anyway it’s a bit of everything now, so pick your preferences and do as you will on that score. I Admit I tried to do everything but it’s primarily the tree from hereon in for me as even though i live on welfare after being frozen out the I.T. industry 10 years ago it's my only going concern. (and yes I am still available for love, though i will read everything you have ever written in prospective matches, consider all politics rather than just looks these days as i got burnt after the torture fiasco (police snitches who sold me out when i said i wasn't taking meds and that got me pulled in and tortured in 2013, which lost me till 2016) as the system needed me taking meds to cover their atrocities up as psychology relies on that argument to justify everything they do, the sad truth is that they are just doing people for politics, religious scientific belief or trying to make money.

and over a year off meds (which the courts knew about), allowed me to start getting back into coding again, so their might have been a double cross higher up the food chain (as their is an awful lot of people working in mental health who are guilty of some very serious crimes) that was 20 months ago, so might be getting safe to start speaking to people again, as normal practice in countries is usually for people to get pulled in repeatedly to stop people speaking or doing anything, and way too many seem to have lived their entire lives in fear (assuming they weren't lobotomized or turned into vegetables with the drugs) as their were some tear wrenching stories when reading the European courts database on some people who had suffered miss diagnoses similarly, which is why i avoided dating and people for ages as after that betrayal and people trying to use mental health to keep people constrained, trying to go near people was deemed way too high risk and as such ended up more in the church bracket of celibacy and solitude

However ignorance is bliss, but finding out Britain was a torture state was not fun at all, and as such will probably just have to run a site for everyone else to find love instead of me (even if i still entertain the possibility of a politically like minded match (at least at times))

Other directions to go in, what with all the incidents and stars going down to allegations over stuff such as footballers, their are plenty of arguments to get references off ex's to stop them changing their mind or selling you out years later, politically as if you do some research you will find some people have spent years in prison for false allegations of the opposite sex, though the person who did do perjury usually goes down eventually but that does take the focus of dating, and more security, but i'd rather people just remembered the good times, stayed friends rather than falling out in spite.

Q6 Do you have to be over 18 to join?

Yes. However it’s not an adult site, and we may drop the age. It is/was open to uploading adult content behind closed doors but the recent Ofcom ruling around age verification means it’s a bit dodgy to implement. I tried to do adult content but decided against it. You can flag images as adult, and opt to view them, but I think squeaky clean is the way to go, just don’t ask me to delete functionality as it’s too much to bare.

Q7 Is this a sex site?

No it isn’t there was scope for an adult package which focused on people uploading adult content but since the recent ofcom ruling we’re a little reluctant to go there. Age verification is a bit of an arse and adult stuff no longer interests me, I lost my sense of humour on freedom of expression after I was detained and tortured on a mental health ward and have gone anal on it. Squeaky clean is perhaps the way to go here.

Q8 Your a witch, it's putting me off

Well pardon me for living, I have deleted the psychic course now. However I admit I stuck a pentagram on the front for a bit in my flash artwork and tried to go in with the alternative crowd being a goth, pagan but that has been removed now and I’m sticking with the way it is. The politics stuff for campaigning to be the first democratically elected president of Europe was prototyping and has been moved into my user campaigns, other people are welcome to campaign for what they want and members can say if they support or don’t support your campaign.

Q9 Who developed and runs this site?

Gareth Bowen also known as gothiclight and I’m easily contactable on the site. Just drop by and send me a mail or just use the contact us form and I shall get back to you as soon as possible assuming it doesn’t get lost in my junk mail. This fully functioning site was developed just by me, and is fully operational again. I own it, fund it and do everything here.

I apologise for losing 6 years of my life, where nothing got done due to losing my home and ending up on a mental health ward, being tortured with injections against my will after I defended myself against an armed invasion by police after my declaration of independence, but that’s ancient history now (I hope). It’s time to get back to work. It’s April 2016 and I Can now focus on the site again as I can finally sit at a computer again and concentrate on developing what you want.

unemployed for the last 9 years so I may as well get back to this as a going concern as no one is going to hire me again, ergo thesextree it is.

Q10 Reasons To Join The Site Include

You get to write news articles and help save humanity for free, get to speak to me and also potentially find love or help safeguard yourself from political repercussions years later if you current loves, Ex's back track and sell you out (As the political system in many countries has been shown to screw people over over having fun through kissing, fondling, touching,m speaking or just plain old sex) which is perhaps why marriage was invented to make sure enough people had enough witness testimony, photographic and video evidence to stop anyone doing a couple in love at a later date.

perhaps disgruntled politicians in your area not wanting you make money at the loss of their own companies businesses, or perhaps jealousy, spite or just one of those Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra scenarios where an intruding family member tries to dictate and over ride what the person in love believed.

either way assuming your safe at the moment, and that a person your dating will not go back on everything they have ever said at the time, is an act of insanity, as people do back track which is why you really want to get them signed up to admit to having gone their with you so you can say nice things about each other and remember the good.

Adding Memories against a person, and listing strengths and weaknesses will help you keep perspective, remember the good times, and help foster communication, forgiveness and being nice rather than becoming one those individuals who become more jaded over time, and loosing perspective. now kiss and make up and remember if you dated of befriended a person in the first instance, then their was a reason for it, and even if people move on, you shouldn't forget the contribution they and you made on each others lives

Q11 Who Owns, Operates And Runs The Sex Tree Site?

The site is completely bespoke and written by gareth bryn bowen, gareth bryn (gothiclight on this site) I was born and raised in the uk.

now skipping over the last 10 years, where i was frozen out of the i.t, industry after opening up after I learnt clairvoyance, i did loose some years being detained and tortured on nhs wards.

however on one occasion i picked up clairvoyance of a company trying to net cash that was coming my way, that perhaps would have kept me alive and i am assuming that if some arsehole who tried to point a url at me and pass my site off as theirs needs me to be more specific at pointing out who runs, designed and wrote this site. (all be it the site has better defenses in to stop people falling for that type of thing)

good for them, bad for me, as torture and detention and loss of all my properties was not something i wanted to live through.

so lets get this straight, this site was written entirely by me, I can write any software system you need, and have worked for the likes of the European space industry at the start of my career.

I am capable of writing any software for a company developing desktop, mobile apps or web sites, My cv web site i or was though putting a public face up was a kiss of death back in 07 as far as the industry and recruitment went. (though that era was also the recession) not enough timing wining and dining or introducing myself to those in power, back then and using emissaries, or other people like agencies who are supposed to do the sales, introduction job didn't work either but that was irreverent for the running of this site, but did explain why i lost all my properties, and got frozen out the industry for life..

(anyway ignoring that 2 year hosting outage where i lost all my properties because i had no money coming in to fund hosting, electricity, where i went months without food where i was living with what I could find on the street, and as such nearly ended up one of the thousands who died, were reported as suicide in Britain in that era which may or may not be still going on, if you look at the homeless in the streets of uk cities if you go out at night or during the day. site did get restored to resume though being injected against the will and tortured again end of 2013 did slow me down for a few more years but we perceviere, learn, adapt and rebuild anyhow,.

However a few years of those ultra vires injections, and being able to resume work, shows the system and psychology for what it is, bullshit, and that faction has left me alone since then, all be it, overlooking evil, and what it is doing behind the scenes, or if they are f**king other people over, which they probably are given those torturers as far as i know are still working, running that system and i have never ever got a statement saying those abuses were stopped (though i was left alone after 2016)

however my income outside of rent is currently paid for by the state (their humanitarian aid which keeps me alive is appreciated, as i know they are capable of starving me and everyone else to death at any time, with a vote in parliament or elsewhere. which means, no room for complacency to assume safety will last

(so where does that leave us, after loss of all my properties in 2011. I run on £6,528.60 (assuming payments stay as is 26x251.10) though if weather falls below freezing for 7 days in a row, i'm told you get £25 and one was due in next few days after letter dated on 15th December, credited on 20th December (for 7th to 13th December 2017) a year for all bills, all food, all work business items, hosting, transport and everything else I do, as well and over spent by estimated £2,244.35 on outgoings over in comings (over spend 27th dec 2016-28th Dec 2017, as estimated on 25th December 2017, that would be whitby goth weekend and computer peripherals, 10 year trade mark renewals over what expected to use for year, and 3 year ssl certificates for both domains as i did plan on spending 1k from savings for my own infrastructure, ability to do the job better as really do need a server set up in my flat for testing rather than just deploying working on live servers as is, oh did buy a dehumidifier for the flat because of the mold a problem that might have occurred because items from the police evidence lock up which were taken by armed police in 2011 came back with mold on, and i started reading up on toxic mold law cases though that is not a topic i want to delve into currently, as it showed up out of nowhere after living here for years, but appears to have been removed for now, all be it dehumidifier didn't cost that much, though electricity bill has gone up this year, and the 0p standing charge is no longer 0p but lots) over in comings in 2017 as is with what remained from money left over from the house repossession incident of 2011 but it did restore my mental health ability to function as a human being and an i.t, guy, also i bought text books as well, such as plutonium files, and other books needed to replace books lost in repossession and for what i deemed knowledge to help keep out of being rounded up and tortured again, even if i haven't read them all yet.

if i have no social life, I might be able to break money, or come up with a way to produce an income stream for survival rather then being dependent on others.

middle room flat, up above, down below no land to grow crops shaft d for life unless I develop a solution to compensate, which is why focusing on the tree and this site again. if only to make Britain, and all those over paid companies that pay way too many people, way too much money to do nothing, to look bad as the one who can live on less money and do more better, has more skill and charisma then those who are taking hundreds of thousands a year in salary as others go homeless or starve.

where i was shot, tased 3 times, taken to place of torture where injected against my will to breach any notion of a fair hearing, to stop me going on the record with equality under the law, and that prime minister gorden brown said no country would be invaded for failure to pay its debts speal in order to try to avert further war by making a political point that no majority has the right to take another groups rights, freedoms away or freeze them out because those in authority have more guns, at least they shouldn't in any enlightened civilized enlightened rational society as freezing people out, letting them die as others get rich always ends in one of those messy civil war, stressful money wasting (for tax payers) en-devours that should be avoided at all cost)

and ignoring certain inkkubus sukkubus songs which also go on about certain things, and reference the surname bowen from something centuries back regarding the crimes of the rich. (that i had never listened to a the time i came up this site, or started doing human rights law, as I wounder how far this lot goes.

I am here, and aim to keep enhancing and running this site for life , all be it i am using third parties to host the servers currently as I have no decent connection at home to the internet (as i am living on ironically employment support these days (esa acronym) and that june 3 2011 to December 2012 (When released from detention hosting outage) was resolved. (21 months inside a torture facility made it hard to run the site for awhile, but wars eventually go away, (one hopes) and everyone rebuilds and just gets back to working where they left off before they were taken down. but all that, aside.

hi, i'm gareth bown bowen, this is the sex tree which i run for you, please to meet you! have you picked a side yet? love, hope, freedom, democracy, trust, insanity or war?

so ignoring the fact that in those days the i.t. industry was a xenophobic racist, or intolerant to clairvoyants who were opening up, and the fact that it was dangerous to approach companies after enduring torture in the uk as I was getting intimidated by people to stay away from politics, I need to remember to point out who runs this site and that is me gareth bryn bowen.

I am capable of helping you host a web site, or domain pointer to page on my site, or to write you internet, desktop, mobile apps or even lower level code if need be, (though i still haven't got round to writing the operating system, compilers yet which are on my todo list, but are low on my list of priorities currently but there none the less)

if anyone is trying to bullshit anything to steal cash, or if you know who did. let me know either on this site, or at or on 0749067002 and I will love to hear from you. and if you need any software written, or want to see any enhancements done. i am happy to talk with you over your requirements and help you out on anything you need. just ask and i will see what I can do, I am here for you! really i am, (so given oct 31 (or dec 25 depending on what base your on or are using) happy Halloween, or happy holidays Christmas and all the best for the year ahead.

and at some point I will write better faq blurb or something later on, but surely something is better than nothing here? or are you one of those all image, look and feel, no substance types bullshit types?as i am fully capable of doing all job roles if needed, but the people choose where their money goes in the end, so yes an uphill struggle, perhaps? or is it downhill from here

up, down, left, right, which way to go, when, where and how do you want it?

let me know on the site

Q12 Why choose to host with others and not in your own flat?

That was an ROI on the cost of cable to home v cost of using hosting on servers with other people on as they have a better internet connection.

Though pros of hosting are that if i was taken down and tortured again my site would still be up, and if it were the other way, which is perhaps less likely I would be able to take steps to get it back up again.

disadvantages of using other peoples servers, is that its awfully risky sticking ones neck out to give money to others, if they screw you behind the scenes, if one were to look at companies implicated in the prism s candle of a few years back, or if someone else using the server crashes it, thus causing my site to go down and relying on having to contact customer support in order to reset the server or application pool rather than doing it yourself is also a disadvantage of using other servers as talking to customer service to get anything done takes longer than doing it yourself a lot of the time. (that being said, i still haven't found the time to configure and write my own email server software up in my home, so awkward to comment on that at this time)

however that is on my todo list, as is a lot of other things. accounts is 100 year hosting, is annual, however i do have the technical ability to run on the if so required. (As its the same middle tier, back end i wrote). either way i will always do my best to make sure this remains up, if only to make the world safer, cheaper and above all less risk of being pulled in and tortured if people can look, and see for themselves what went down, as it's generally just bullshit when you detained in a facility being injected with drugs that can turn you into a vegitable, with what gets written or falsified in reports afterwards.

with that in mind, i really am going to have to start socializing talking to more people, to stay alive (measuring against the risk) of if you speak to the wrong crowd first, you might get screwed and taken down as well) so an interesting can of worms indeed. speak to people, try to do anything, die, do nothing, say nothing die. so yes, pick an outcome, remember myspace turned my stuff private and facebook kicked me off in 2010 and reports in 2011 which i wasn't allowed to see, and were never handed over were inaccurate, defamatory and bullshit. (so either the police, or the psychologist or both were lieing, hard to say which without everyone being pulled into room, and questioned, to work out who in the system is corrupt and who is not

anyone ever detained under mental health knows legal system is a joke from that point on, as i consider the unmutual phrasing, and that old news story of fatality, with being hit by Russian umbrellas, and do i really want to encourage being hit by umbrellas type of thing. (clairvoyance other day had someone going there)

Ref5:> is company paying for hosting currently, if anyone cares though they are using a different data center for over currently, pulsant data mk limited so i'm told, and the person who runs storm says that' in maidenhead, uk. If my sites even so much as show up at a different organisation, or location. mentioned elsewhere. take a screen shot, and point it out to me please using the contact us form, or my phone number on my site please, thanks

Q13 Do you have to be logged in to see or use site functionality?
Yes, though sone articles, statuses,,journal and profile entries are viewable by the public, this is a member permission thing and up to the person who writes the article, journal entry or status update.

If human rights statutes are public currently, its because i decided that theor existence needed to be circulated as in my interests for people to respect human rights, if court cases are private its because i don't care. As i lost interest in the legal system after being detained and tortured and saw the british legal system for what it was an abominable joke, amd a waste of f**king time and besides i lost my law books in the repossession as i never got them back and regrettably. didn't log the cases at the time i was reading up on them so not a great loss amd besides if your being rounded up shoved in back of white vans, without a phone call access to a lawyer as your taken to a secure facility to be tortured with injections against your will by unethical morons who threw away the Hippocratic Oath, who dont recognise their own treaties or statute their government signed, and as such reciting cases seems pointless after that as those declared mentally ill for political, scientific religious belief are not treated as equals under the law, its a power hungry system gone mad as doctors and politicians suffer a hierarchical god delusion which only looses them the peoples respect, looses the peoples support, looses their jobs, and the future stability of the country and the hope and future prosperity of any generation who follow.

So you may as well pick up a weapon and defend yourself to the best of your ability when that moronic brain washed majority shows up with guns in an effort to boost their own failed egos, or some other such thing. As the iq of the people doing their dirty work appears to be the iq of the lowest member divided by all members in thier employee, as even trying to reason with them seems a pointless waste of time as i tried when detained and didn't work, and just destroys your own psyche and soul in the end. Eo that is why i walked on maintaining the law database here, though the cases entered previous to that time before i was detained tortured remain for members to peruses though was manly a link to other legal databases in the end as they were doing a better job of it.

The site is free to join has been for over ten years. The idea was to do a range of free and premium content or functionality to fund it. Though that concept never took off, but keep it up anyway.

However some functionality has been publically visible at times and not at others. I might revisit at some point but unlikely any time soon. As i thing getting rid if entire legal system police social service and NHS in their entirety would be better wat to go as dont think any are good all a liability and all represent a clear and present danger to the inset of war, destruction of a country and the planet as a whole.

I do not make money running this site, its funded by me and whom ever that person is clairaudience keep quoting currently can go f**k themselves, hence this reminder that most functionality was always for those who signed in and who joined. Also i focus on expanding areas people are interested in, over other areas unless i have a pressing need, whim or desire for something.

So yeah whatever, bye

See progress page or the forums or bulletins if you need to see if any site functionality added. Which happens whenever i can be arsed to write any.

Q14 contact form when none members write in
while I endeavour to read email that is sent in on the contact form of this site from site members, none site members are less of a priority.

Also I didn't get around to write the code to do a reply to external email addresses of none members, as I stopped doing development when the hacking stuff was flagged up by the dead, and still haven't sorted replacement compiler out, and have been uninspired by any operating system either windows or linux based.

You would be advised that my primary language is English, and french I might be able to read, other languages I'd require, dictionaries and to do translator look ups.

Though not used a foreign language consistently for a very long time. (actually more like ever)

Therefore anyone writing in with information would be advised to be clear as to why they are sending me information as far as research goes, as recent cryptic emails with links and some tech blurb, which seem nonsensical to me written in English didn't make sense at all.

The site is also not anonymous as far as recording ip addresses go using that form, so I tend to raise an eye brow when getting emails in the same style on the same ip address with for example different Russian reply email addresses put in to reply to as not sure what your trying to flag up with them.

The last lot were medical orientated, though I didn't follow the links at this juncture, so I am assuming the person is familiar with me given I was detained and tortured on mental health wards, and are trying to flag something up with me, or do something with me, so yeah what are you talking about, and why?

if you want to flag information up, why not join the web site and write a news article yourselves on here for free if you have a desire to publish a news article, though you would be best being clear about what you say, as the emails had no paragraphs or anything in at this end, and i couldn't work out relevance, or why, issue and so am going to ignore as sales.

Also unsolicited sales emails will be ignored, as I if I want to buy anything, I will just search on the net for it, so your wasting your time.

though if I were in the mood to learn Russian, which is not on my list of things to do anytime soon. I would perhaps put them through an online translator to read them.

Please note: I currently have no issue with a person joining the site to write product reviews that highlight the good and bad points of a product if you want to try and sell something good to other people, or even listing as a temptation (though the site doesn't allow sales, transactions a this time, and I never finished that functionality anyhow which was written quickly before the 2010 starvation with no cash or bank account to pay for hosting hence why the site went down mid 2010, that was before the 2011 siege, incursion I was in as was more interested in getting a job to pay mortgages, bills in that era)

All that aside, If and when I sort the router out to get online from home (i.e. when not putting up with hearing the dead out which tends to be extremely time consuming), I might get back to revamping the site to improving that functionality on this site (or have every intent of, I just don't expect to get back to that type of thing anytime soon), but if no person joins the site or expresses an interest in that functionality being available, seemed little point progressing that code in the first instance. though that would be a better place to advertise a product if you want to do that, rather sending emails I am unlikely to read through using the contact form to me.

Ergo I suggest you either be more clear, specific as to the why, and relevance, and you'd be better off just joining and writing an article if you have something relevant to share for everyone else.

and after that i'm going to have to double check whether my stuff makes sense to anyone also. as far as writing style goes, or can be improved, bolstered with relevance, specifics removal of ambiguity. *wincing at reviewing clarity*

So to once again clarify. I have a backlog of stuff I haven't got round to doing, so reading mails is not high on my list of things to do at this time.

but thanks, anyhow

bye, aurevoir, paka (that's me trying to remember bye in Russian) i haven't even memorised the Russian alphabet sounds either, just don't go their and uk library computers don't appear to be configured to allow foreign keyboards for typing on either, though not looked at permissions, oh wait just done web search ???? [pa-KAH] i'm told is bye in Russian, ??????!, ? ????? ???????, just looks like squiggles to me)

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