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instructed to put a faq up by 17:20 today 12/3.2017 to offset some issue, and then told towards the end that not true and that will teach you not to trust an ira spy in your home. wanted me to say keri good in bed rest of blurb in faq bit, as supposedly people need that amount of info for me to stop getting pulled in with everyone to court with court to verify who said what.
blurb told needed to write up supposedly before another person looks
instructed to put a faq up by 17:20 today 12/3.2017 to offset some issue, and then told towards the end that not true and that will teach you not to trust an ira spy in your home.

wanted me to say keri good in bed (however the gay winters pointed out or reminded me that her issues with not getting back together in those days was because of some bloke in high school who she chases and it didn;t work, I dont think that changes anything i ever said, however relationships and being good in bed different things,

, the full blog in members only post, however it wsas saying that ex fiances email was taken over by a kev who was dsigrunted about me stopping going to larp and that she got passed snippets on but not the lot, and thathe has been spoofing mails.

blog on the site lists the lot, as I don't think any of it is true. they wanted me to cover break up with sev but that covered in the site, as he was implying kev was going to get thrown in prision as well as me at one point, then and then they wanted to see if i got all the info back as suppoedly teresa may had spoken to that exat one point ;the real one, notthe phony one; and i'm not sure what to make of that information now, other than a roller coast ride, but the moment people talking about death if make money or people suciding to make a point for something to be taken seriously, then i had no choice but to start writing up as was getting worse and worse the more i listened and typed.

as for verification, the only number i use is the one on and that is the only address i use, and I am not replying to those emails to that account yet which are spam, which spoil everyone else chance of making money and the only other email i use and main email is the one using since university and anyone asking for mail or addresses to go to different phone numbers addresses is a spoofer and should not be taken seriously, as i will not say send to this email address, but i have been known to reply to email addresses i use which get forwarded on to me with another, but evryone has that email address anyway as ive used it for years.

i dont think taking the piss to keep me alive(rather than fulfinlg clauses where suposedly die if suceed int making money in a year are any good especially if they cite other people dying when people take the piss as i don't think i've ever taken the piss at all, as always disliked that type of thing.
I took it seriously to query with cps who i was told would say no
but i forgot to say dali lama as the person i spoke to didnt seem very good with information and I'm not sure if that would have helped as she seemed to be hearing something else when i spoke.

anyhow, I just wanted to verify if the person i was speaking to on twitter was her, as I didn't clarify that when tweeted her questions the other year, as that would supposedly cover me in a year when a judge looked at it, as was told she'd suicide in a year and then they would try to do people for speaking to her and that hse is no longer looking at her tweets (who they say is not the person i knew and was someone else) and thought id raise what i was told which that a person called kev was spoofing accounts, and working out how to point out which phone number i use to a person who doesn't want to speak to me, and me not really requiring to speak to her, if damage had done if they aren't looking at that type of thing anymore as they said she died for someone taking the piss and later comments after that given was that to cover me.

I didn't find any of the information funny, especially when life or death or if i make money i die in a year type of thing with judges to supposed agreement my mother made in 08 of someone who wanted to make money but that contradicts early school stuff about work experience i ended up in secondry school and they messed up on other details as well, and then went back on the lot and yet those images are flagged up occasionally over the years and weaved into them. So I think shutting up online is probably my prefered option or face to face, video, phone chats or the emails using i for over 20 years which can be spoofed as can probably most other things as calruvaoiynce have been flagging up loads of calls and supposedly certain things happen no matter what, either women in mood for doing sex site agin approaching me, the news too serious putting some queen judge off and if i go on the record with that it looses me money, and i mentioned it in notes online as supposed to do it at the last second with the stuff I learn, however that does go against the oh if you make money then in a year you die speal as poision already in your head which is defered to that moment, and yeah given the birds squarking outside my window after the crow campaign the next morning after posting on facebook everything linked and following orders from the judge plane i had to at least humoutr based on my knowledge reading up of cases on faith healing, reiki, shamanism and other things, even though its not conventional, however any facts they say about conversations in the background or people spoofinf in theory should easily be verified (one would hope) supposeldy if they look that far.

this is because I don't get to see the information, as no one ever replies or speaks anymore. So I generally assume everyone walked but i know my mother had a phony email issue as she said and someone always keeps sending spoof emails on other things, and i've never identified who they were (as generally ignore that type of thing where possible)

and the idea of doing nothing to write up information said, (as in start typing, and you write what they say and wince at everything they said which tends to be slow dragged out and then reminds you of things you forgot and you times you have to go in and contradict and ask a question, which is interesting as i opted for put speech mark in typing question and starting to put question mark in when starting quoting them again though some times they go in with response others, not and some pauses and information got initially didn't make sense, then at some point started writing up on computer or on paper as needed to keep track of facts, as most went in one ear and out the other, and not remembered as lack of detail that sticks in head (trance?) and writing it up allows me to reread (even if typoed pretty bad) to see where the contradictions are, if any, and yet would still need someone to go no that didn't happen, yes that didnt happen, and so rare to get answers to straight questions anymore, and yet times say nothing, i encounter things, or people say things that indicate some of that type of information is true, so not sure how far they push those buttons really, when comes to honesty, and if should just walk and ignore the lot, but typing what someone says - is an interesting exercise as far as clairvoyance, clairaudience goes, as in dictating a book type of thing. (couple of blog entries long comments, 6 or 10 pages few weeks back which didn't have much detail in, as to what was going on, and more redent stuff getting more specfic mentioning someone i met once at a goth venue, but the recent one said a doc black event, and yet I think earlier said leeds which showed a contradiction their for accuracy and thus a reason to walk, as not sure how much time should devote to writing that type of speal up.

as was interesting, based on theological premises of certain things. (namely honring mother father kids thing cant remember if reasons stated in bible for any of that)

anyhow they said their was a time limit for me needing the info which was ticking away, and writing it up tends to get more of it, and very little makes sense initially, however cant comment on accuracy and truth of any of it, but not sure anyone can be held accountable for what other people do, as anyone has the ability to ask, and question back, and people make their own choices in the world (or should do) which should be free of intimidation, threats, cochersions or promises in my oppinion of what parents think or agree elsewhere.

and in one of those alice, and beliving is it 6 impossible things before breakfast, unless it contradicts itself, and then that is the point tend to walk on the detail.

I don't think spiritual wind ups, or practical jokes in real work are funny either and certainly not anyone trying yo do identity fraud or pass themselves as another, that being said 'anti christ' with me probably should be in quotes as being anti christ for awhile belief, for awhile, and i'd rather discount everything said from that gay winters judge on the judge plane (Which was said to be his name) as prefer proven facts, as its do you believe people on the ground, or up above, and what happens when you get cases of people on the ground contradicting, and some spiritual information backing some or one of the sources up.

anyhow hoping that is enough for today, though did get me to update the faq, so i could short cut to a specfic one which wasn't functionality i moved on this site, as told person would only read if was put as a url, regarding women ever suposedly running back to someone at that end.

either way, I hope she is well, having fun with good sex, and no one is taking the piss or trying to profit at anothers expense, mislead as not happy with sudan being pointed out, but they said he was going their anyhow. (originally clairvoyance of that when i wrote articles years back, reminded of)

just of thought of another real world example encountered
at a club oncve, i said something to something, the person didn't respond, then next thing i know someone wass having a go at me in person insinuating i had said something else, as that person had told someone thing or someon eelse something differnt who had complained to someone else, who then had a go at me.

So yes I do think some people (virtually everyone) is too stupid too have a conversation with these days, as when I am speaking to peopole I expect them to be responding back to what I am saying, and that was at a martial arts club. as i tried to help someone out once with advice as I remembered high school, and I walked in a huff as trying to help anyone out is a waste of time.

And this problem is exasperated when that type of response individual is encountered in people in government or office, or services.

when writting something quick, i've noticcd I can make the same typo on the same word repeatedly when trying to keep up with speech, and if i am stressed then irarely proof read, and need a cooling off period before people look at a statement to tidy up english, if their is a lot of typos in then its rushed.

speech facew to face is better, but their is very few people i met who are capable of hearing clairvoyance, clairaudience out in full these days as people do stupid things, as i try to be verbose when explaining things.

so yes, some if not all the planet are too stupid to talk to, as for working out how to have a secure communication in iutial dating if a person gives you their number in person it's accurate, years later or disgrunteled people its perhaps less reliable but if I am contactiong a person with an account, I would use the account i wanted communication back on, as it is possible for a person to send a fake message using someone elses details, and try to get them to write somewhere else, but in real life i have been lax and used the email messages get forwarded off to, as certain work accounts proved unrelaiable, and less usre if i want to publicise all those accounts as public email accouts by me keep getting spammed by people and some of it is targeted and not sure how bad it is, i.e. with strangers or if people knew from years ago.

and to make matters worse, too many people don't answer questions back these days, and I would ahve to assume that no one who recognises the content matter I am talking about or who responds back is mentally retarded, and thus not a competant source. (as I hark back to what my view would be of stuff in law, legal system which is not necessarily the same as anyone elses either)

as when i got confronted with statements that had been said behibnd closed doors, with something that wasn't heard probablym, i corrected the sensai immediately, and was annoyed for life. (interestingly enough a comment in the speak i got in the blog, which said i was from a high school i never went too, would make sense in the context of that person, as only just been reminded of that incident now)

I also now have the issue what to do with stale accounts on the site, as I could verify people i knew, possibly back then if they want to, but not anyone else, as no one bothered providing details to do further security checks on, so I might delete that all off, at least in cases where no blogs updates por profiles where put up, but linked people and linked statement ratings not dating as i know they were true at the time, and some of those peopl in that era i spoke to on video.

also another case, was when the chinese women who i chatted to when she workeda work gave me her home email, that conversation had gone on for ages, was real time and the convesation resumed with same facts at the same time, (i think people in china were being payed to speak to people in Britain, as part of her sales job) anyhow some people fall into the lost friends category and verifying people after is a waste of time, and not everyone rekindles or looks old friends up no matter how brief.

and anyhow even if someone from that era wanted to speak to old friends, i'd expect them to just jump on aperson and say hi, as i would just treat them as a person until proved otherwise, by what the say or do on vid, phone, person or text, but if a person is replying to a message or speaking, and they are respndingi n to what you say, then their is less likely to be an issue, then when someone is sending messages one way, or not responding to what they are saying.

however that being saying the 2009 court stuff i did, when went down to longon would have been better done via facebook and text messages, though courts in my experience have never appeared to get back to people or respond to emails sent, but do use them against people (when thinking of repossession era) which means their customer service sucks, and is none existent.

but their is some spam emails i didn't reply to on garethbowen from the other week as too much stress was going down, as was just a link to a russian site, and the site came back russian, and now someone is sending phony viagra and other emails, citing differnt email addresses, but some spam bots use emails that bounce if you reply, and you know what. i no longer care, i expect peopl eto verify and speak to people in person, and ask questions, and if they don't or start saying something differnt, i assume they are took stupid to speak to (As the casse of the crown prosecution service person i spoke to, who i would have to clasify as mentally retarded based on what I was saying at the time) as not sure how how many people if any are still getting fucked in court these days, as britain was detainging tortuing people without letting people cross examine people, reports or evidence and that is in my oppinion and i have seen cases references in my best that suupport my oppinon from courts like the echr that say those lower treibunals, forensics and all other services are f**king up, which is why speaking with peopol eis a a waste of the time these days for the most part.

that being said, their have been times in my life where I wanted or felt the need to speak to people especially with learning new skills or certain experiences, but those days phases generally wear off, and most people just ignore people after awhile of the other political alignments. as for some reason, (As like the republican democrat what they hear from each other jokes on facebook that were being done once) which means I raely speak (or small talk mostly) as friendships don't form in old age the same as childhood, but i generally ok with that.

i know i said i didn'tw ant swore of sx and relationships but that was one bad experience at the hands of the system interfering in friends family life in 07 and how psychoogy kept using stuff that was thrown out meant I deemed to high risk, and decided that marriage ws the solution to keep people safe from kissing, touching having relationships as it is a lot of people witnessing consent to stop people getting screwed by politicians in your area. (I wrote that up in a faq on once) as I think their was regarding that r word, in wives which i never condoned, and in 2011 had never commented on, as I think if peopole don't want sex in a relationship anymore then they need a divorce, and the dicorce has to be as public with same paperwork as the wedding, as i heard a case once of a person being done in durham because they wern't aware of paperwork an ex got on them in private, and they had no legal representation at the time, and cases of people spending years in prison for people commiting perjury in spite are way too much numerous in my opinion, and I generally think defensive first. (and hope for the best later)

so as for kissing for public, i would never kiss exs i didn't like in public, and ones i did like i didn't care how many people were watching, and the more witnesses that people are consentual when in dodgy political areas probably the better, that being said people outside of relationships might be ish if they have no one to date, and if people suicide or die because they are lonly or upset then that is aslo a problem that needs to be addressed, and perhaps needs better matchmaking facilities to find people compatible matches, or better gigs social gatherhings where people can meet like minded people, or people remembering to invite friends, or people they knew to parties so they can meet new people rather then spending eternity alone, depending what stage of life they are in.

as their are times i wanted love, and times I thought it was too high risk, and not sure women would go all the way and alst anymore, as the risk of walk out just messes you around, can cause you to loose jobs, home and everything and as such their is good arguments to not ever do sex, or date again unless your stupid and like high risks which really need to be mitigated. (perhaps why people proposed marriage and prenub clauses on what happens in a breakup before moving int together, as way too many cases of women (perhaps even blokes) going back on things at a later date. ergo get it in writing first, but you still need people to chill and tidy the writing up, and legal contracting and writing technical statements that are not ambiguous, that wont get hijacked or thrown out of courts (i.e. will is stressful, time consuming and not something i would or qualified to do)

if in doubt, pick up the phone speak to the person you think your dealing with, don't go in with hearsay, and as for wars and pollitics, I generally think people pick up weapns because they or people they knew got screwed, if people draw in other sources, and start citing them its to show the abuses of a country are more widespread and not issolated, as I used evidence and started highlighting nhs issues, in medical systems uk or nhs like plutonium files and other things to stop people citing paranoia, as I can testify to me being held down and tortured with injections drugs against my will, and that is why found the nhs guilty already, and all i cared about was liviung in peace and trying to reconclile old love in the early days then help people find new love, but anyone swithing to news, or knowledge sharing is genreally doing it to stop them getting screwed politically in their area (in my oppinon) and peaces if the opposition walk, or if the enemy go back on something rarely get pointed out in writting, so people keep building up things that strengthen their side over the other side, (I.E. news stories, sources that take people in their area down, in case needed at a later date) as political system that use mental health to bypass the law try to detain peope for delusion, and thus news sources, and other people who have had similar experiences in my oppinion are used to get round corrupit systems like that, but in my oppinion no one should be detained for writting, or giving an opinion or a belief, so I view governments with mental health system as corrupt when they detain and torture people without trial, or try to say that a person can't speak, or go to trial because they are mentally ill, as that was issue i had, being detained and third parties saying not fit to testify over something, and I needed to do a brain dump at the timeo fhte 2011 siege, as was kept too long, to write it up, or at least needed access to a computer, in order to write the essay over it, as i gorden brown did say no country would be invaded for failure to pay iuts dewbts and think that people arguing democracy as an excuse to round people up torture people as mentally ill, are the root cause of all these wars, and ergo a decleration of independence from britain in those days was to avert war (by politely trying to get them to correct the abuses in the legal system and by government, media and the masses), and britain invaded, and well cassle docterine, and the nuremberg trials and relocation of people illegal inter alia, and the other court case i pointed out at time, about uk court siding with women who was singling knife around in kitchen window inside her home which was on front page of a newspaper at one point, hence why noticed it as reasons why I thought that could be sorted out, however remembering earlier cases, i'd need need to do it as essay, access to a computer, or facebook but mouthing off is easier at the time, not so easy when being worn down, or brainwshed with people trying to get you to plead guilt (under notion you might be released) so yes extremely messy all round.

that would be pull someone into court, before detaining, them, and go not guilty at that time, and if case files are presented by the people complaining then judges, really ought to read all the case files, and respond to all arguments presented in them, as well as the follow up bit, when a person can add more in writing, as easier to make statements when have access to the web, (with cash to pay for hosting)

as i was detained way too long in 2011 and that destroyed my ability to function as a human being, because britain is a corrupt torture state! and should never be injecting people against their will.

though 09 i declareds independence, and all future court corropondence seemed a waste of time in those era, and when i tried doing writ of habeous corpus, they accepted pasperwork over the phone, then ditched it as some court clerk said no an dwithdrew the hearing, and that wasroyal courts of justice breaking hte law again, and trying to get out of a facility when your being detained and tortured (or going to be tortured via chemically labotomised which stops your ability to sit at a computer or write) is extreamly hard worn, and appeals that take months doesn't helpe anyone out and causes loss of business.

so I thought all legal representation i had in that era was incompetent and couldnt argue anything and that they are selling clients out to enter pleas that they shouldn't be agreeing to because anyopne goo would have got me off, as I don't think anyone can testify to anyone being scared especially when they haven't met them as i was blackmailed into pleading uilding to affray in 2011 against the armed police who attacked me, to erode self defence by me, and yet it was them who attacked me, and i dont think they looked scared at all and even if they were listing a load of names of police officers who were in body armour and facemasks when they shot me, I wouldnt know who they were so no barrister should let me have pleaded guilty to names read out in court, as I didn't know their names was just a lot of armed soliders with assault riffles storming into my house to shoot me, and the only thing more or less, that I paid attention to was that nozzle thing which i thing bullets come out of and the taser attachments either side which i discovered shoot out these wires which embed things into your skin and shock you with electricity and that it hurts, however one of then did have some exposed skin which weakened their scariness when they stormed, as I had a sword and as such meant weak spot in their armour, and that type of thing gets people killed on both sides (hgowever lack of vision wearing masks at larp events inrterfears with some peoples ability to fight as I never liked wearing facemaks in sword fights, as larp events and wearing masks going from uni days, that obscures proliferl vision , anyhow i digress that legal representation and the courts trying to shoot people up from speaking, and i think they broke every law in the book when i was detained but trying to get compensation back after doesnt get your life or your career back, so I just compensated by publicly writing it up online, linking to news articles that could be used in emergancy learning to phone more politicans up in an emrgancy none of which ever reply, and or getting copies of embassy phone lists (not tried tyhast one, did add surpreme court phone numbers to my phone though since then, however no gurentee you will have access to your phone when being detained and tortured at all, and they injected me when trying to speak to a lawyer the first time as well so that ruins fair trial as well, and explains, and that is why countries go to war, the arrogance and abuses of the people working in office, which cause people to pick up guns, and censorship in the press over what people are pissed about, and courts not writting up all the arguments for and against in rulings and jsut detaining people because someone invented a scary dictionary word and they are too embarssed to question what it was, and yet I should have learnt and memorised law cases (Still havent which would help me out) i never did as i thought in a just and fair legal system, everyone would argue what had been rulled previously in a persons favour anyhow! not sure which direction britain going in currently thought the organ donation act going through parliment implies britain going down the swany, and that british mps all mentally retarded as no one has ever written to me saying britain has stopped torturing injecting people on mental heath which is what they were doing 2011-2016, so i assume that britain still is breaking the law, and i just hope they leave me alone and bother someone else, but i hope the resources I put up on on my interests page do speed people up in making a better defence getting out, or for taking corrupt psychologists down, and I will keep adding too it when I can (which I get no money for, but if too many people are brainwashed the other way, then it increases risk of it coming back on me, and I so hate wars, as they are stressful as hell, though war zones with guns and bullets like syria might be even more stressful, as not sure if having gun or ammunition distresses you or not, if food is scarece, people droppping bombs and other things is any good? as i think that might be even more stress then currently under as well, but deteined and tortured is stressful as hell especially when injected with drugs that stop you writting anything up, and or stop you being bale to speak that make you look retarded as that is illegal in my view, and way too the matrix scene, as i reflect on v for vendetta and other films ) either way anyone being detained and torture for political belief, and by legal systems which bypass the legal system arguing mental health ). , and , or know who they are (as in the case of armed police who stormed my premises when they broke the bone (which i ought to look the name up of as forgotten which one as far as technical accuracy) in my hand, and when they tasered me three times, as one officer in the hospital said they did fire a a batton round, as not sure if it was that which broke my hand, which caused it to swell up to unusable and or me going months thinking i might never use it again, and, that anonyed as i think legal representatives need to argue to their best of their ability and frankly I think they all sucked and people being sold out, though instructing people to appeal, when being detained and tortured or trying to remember cases you couldn't remember is an interesting task (As far as mental competance goes) so you get f**ked at both ends of the spectrum in a corrupt world, as i have zero confidence in britain and british judicery which is why i declared independence from britain but not europe in protest of what people were arguing at the time in the media, and the arguments are your supposed to use local legal system first. (that being said didnt use europe either, as they didn't fill the paperwork out for me, as the notion of writing it up which the echr expect seemed too much hassle and they take years to hear anything which doesnt help you if your detained, and if they had have gone no that would have killed me as well, as uk supremem court didnt exist in those days either, which means certain things do need to be done with a person shouting down the phone in that instance, as i dont think anyone should be detained on hearsay, fraudulent reports (which need the person who wrote them present to cross examine before they are ever detained, at least to work out which person lied, as gets dodgy when you know people, lie or write things up behind closed doors, but you narrow it down to either one or more people, as their is always that element of doubt and thaqt is why people like i walked on some women as too high risk, and majority of people in britain as 2 years of torture, no i wanted world peace, as my grandad was killed when mistaken for an american when someone was retaliating for the bombing of lybia in 1986 and the fact chruches were bullshiting people regarding occult, and schools not covering, regarding listening to god also anoyed, as i know mental health system and psychology is bullshit, and if you break one doctor, or what they teach then it makes dealing with health services high risk after that, as you would need to see how they formulated their conclusions and science doesnt seem to teach how they foru,ated their facts nymore so it ceases to be science and becomes a religion, while religious people or psychic who cited how they developed their skill set are more science, when other people do the same things and get similar results experiences. i.e. aleicester crowley writing up horus book of the law when in egypt that one time (19th century), given this lot is a result of information revived via supposed some judge on the spiritual plane.

so yes, this faq will be tidyed up at one time, but i think i covered most if not all opinions off at one point or another if not on on and repeatedly writing up the same thing, because a waste of time, and perhaps just needs to be done well once.

i so hate britain, the law, politicians, and everyone know.

and if a country doesnt want to be invaded and wants to cite defence then they have to protectindividuals and smaller countries, minorites the right to do the same, or they just get classed as hippocroitiucal when it comes to equalt under the law, which is why you have to stop sending armed trropps to repossess the places people they live, and if you are going to give people money for a house because of the job they do, then I take that as you having verified they are capable of it, in which case in a dispute regarding loss of work, you should help them get in again as people shouldn't be loaning money anyhow and should be giving it to people instead if you think it helps, as this profiting at anthers expense idea is obsurd. (In my humble oppinion) didnt the churches argue something similar once? luther and usury and others? how they got the donation gig perhaps? ability for sanctuary to be granted in cathedrals, churches or vatican in times gone by? as their had to be time when someone argued something from first principles rather then relying on precedent set by another before!

think how the law can be used to you in turn, (worst case liz hurly from the film bedazzled, or is that one of the better cases?) and i think this faq entry gone too far (and needs tifying up, but yiou can always speak to me in person if you want. ) see for my phone number and details if you need me to clarify anything at all on any subject at all, as my responses to email currently seem dire!

please stop pamming me links to sites I don't care about, I speak english with a little french my russian is none existent as didnt really memorize any words for long, and at least i wrote my web site to try to switch toggle to foreign language (as does show in russian) and they dont seem to have any options to select language, or to pick up which language browser set to, and wasn't on my work account at the time to reply to that initial message, which seems to have prompted lots of spams in retaliation for it being ignored, and that is also annoying as well.

so i will reply to emails, calls if i think it important.

please verify who you are speaking to first!

however that being said,
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