Terms and Conditions of Use

1. TheSexTree.co.uk is a social networking dating site that allows Members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find new friends and new love via their ex's, friends and/or business partners and/or by their politics and/or research. By linking to someone as a sex link you you are verifying that you know them and have had sex with them. You agree if your linking to friends and/or business links that you know them. You recognise that the person you link to has to agree to the link before it before it shows as well. Furthermore you agree that you promise to be nice and constructive when filling out strengths and weaknesses against people.

2. The site offers a mix of functionality including chat rooms, bulletins status updates, forums,temptations, journals and profiles. It also allows you the user to upload articals and news stories to the world at large. By posting to the forums, comments, status updates, journals and/or otherwise you are indicating that your views fall under Article 10 of the European Convention and that you hold yourself liable under law for any or such abuses which occur.

3. These forums and journals are unmoderated to promote political speech and the freedom of expression. You agree to this, and further recognise that the site owners can not be held liable for any content  uploaded ,written or otherwise and/or for the content of links directed to any third party sites. In fact we do not care what you say or do as long as its legal as this site is just infrastructure and its up to you the individual to control your own lives and act responsibly under the law.

4. You agree that the temptations functionality is governed by yourself. you will not deem to bid or offer for sale anything illegal, amoral and or inappropriate for minors. If the material can cause offense and or is adult in content you agree to mark it as adults only using the appropriate tick box. Anyone found breaking the law can be removed or reported. We do not have the money or the legal expertise to defend you if the authorities or individuals decide to prosecute you for anything you say or offer.

5. Anonymous is only anonymous to other users. Your user ID is tracked behind the scenes and any illegal activity can be traced back to you via your email address and or the IP address which the ISP will almost certainly log.

6. We remind anyone that defamation/slander/misrepresentation/hacking and fraud are also crimes and will most probably be dealt with accordingly under the law.

7. By joining you promise to be honest and open and that everything you say is an accurate representation of what you believe at the time. Fake profiles, lies and dishonesty could find you in breach of the computer misuse act. Your better then that - we hope - so be proud of who you are and don't let the bastards grind you down into being something your not. Please try and use free speech wisely to share knowledge, educate and to build and not to destroy as we're looking to improve on government here!

8. Please think twice before responding to flame wars and trolls and don't lower yourself to their level as this is supposed to be a place for intelligent constructive minds.

9. You agree that once your profile is on here your links are permanent and can be traversed via other profiles. You can delete your profile or change your username at any time but there is a 30 day waiting period before it is deleted permanently which acts as a cooling off period. You can reactivate your profile in that time period by logging in again. Please think twice about removing yourself if you have sex links because this can upset people. Be aware that we can't guarantee everything will be removed if you do delete something though we will try our best to make sure this is the case. Either way we advise you delete sensitive content first.

10. You can hide your profile from searches and from accepting mail but you can still be traversed through the links to other profiles when people browse the tree.

11. By joining you promise to keep a valid email address at all times least you get locked out of your account indefinitely. We won't send spam - but we will use if for notifications when you have mail and stuff like that, and there may be times when we need to send out emails such as hosting going down and or indicating other problems but we promise to keep these to the minimum.

12. You agree that while we try and maintain back ups there is a risk that content uploaded could accidently be deleted if we are compromised and or accidents happen. Please bare this in mind when keeping things like journals. By joining you agree to keep your password secure and not give it to any third parties. You agree you are responsible for content uploaded under your username.

13. Again this site is unmoderated, by joining you promise to report any abuses of the system to us so we can investigate and if necessary take appropriate action like informing the authorities/kicking them off.

14. In temptations. The offering party and the bidding party on agreeing an arrangement take it upon themselves to form a contract which is binding in law. Though its up to you if you want to enforce that with the individual as we don't have the resources to manage it. If anyone offers anything for sale, and someone accepts your offer, your legally bound to provide what was offered and that anything offered must be fit for sale. So choose your words carefully and make sure it fits the description of items or the services you offer. i.e. don't describe things as luxury items if its cheap tat.

15. We are merely here to provide a service as implied with no warranty and you agree we can't be held responsible if things go wrong occasionally while using it. i.e. session time outs which delete an email in mid prose or things of that nature.

16. You recognise this site is beta software and subject to upgrades, changes without warning and that bugs can and will occur and you agree to tell us if something goes wrong so we can try and fix it.

17. Please take sensible precautions when meeting or dating people for the first time as we can't verify the quality of people on here even if we have slept with some of them. Check your privacy settings and don't expose personal information without first considering the risks. Ask friends or ex's to get a better idea.

18. By joining you agree that you are responsible for everything you post and as such any news stories or articles must be the truth and your own work. You should make liberal use of phrases such as "x alleges that y did this" or "x said that" rather then jumping to conclusions by stating facts which are mearly hearsay and rumour. If in doubt don't say anything and/or consult a lawyer first. You agree to take responsibility for everything you publish and recognise that we haven't endorsed or said your safe by allowing you to post the news. You agree not to plagiarise anyone's work. You agree to post the links to any third party research of news stories which you use when writing a news story or article.

19. We can't be held liable for what you post while drunk and or under the influence of something else. So if you make yourself look like an ass in public we wont stop you and you agree that it could lead to dangerous consequences and/or destroy your career if your employer reads it.

20. By joining you agree to flag all adult material and or anything offensive in nature , and we reserve the right to arbiterally remove offenders, and/or arbiterally correct/delete/edit  material flagged wrong - without any warning depending on the political necessities of the time or otherwise as really we don't care unless our necks on the line.

21. Again you are responsible for what you write and post and its an unfortunate reality that some people like employers will use your words and images against you which is unfortunate in this day and age but it does happen.

22. You agree that we may use your data for research purposes, but we will never pass on  data identifying you to third parties without your written consent unless we think you broke the law and/or we get hit us with a court order to reveal details. We reserve the right to amalgamate summary data, statistics and use that in advertising material without the identification of the owners i.e. 55% answered yes to this question, and we may go down the route of targeted advertising but that is unlikely at this time with the numbers we have.

23. You agree that intelligent matching is for entertainment purposes only and that it might not be intelligent at all, its based mainly on your responses to questions so it might not work in practice. So please be careful meeting someone even if it does say 97% love match and we advise a public place first rather then in the middle of no where or some ones house. Remember to take precautions and tell someone where your going and what time you will be back. Be wary of getting into a car with someone when meeting them for the first time and letting them drive you, as you may have no control where they go. It might be better having friends or family drop you off and pick you up. While we find most people are genuine it is a sad fact that there are exceptions and some people lie so please be careful and practice safe sex as we have no facility to vet peoples character on here.

24. TheSexTree.co.uk is currently hosted on UK servers and is subject to UK law but we have had them on American servers previously and we reserve the right to change the country or hosting company at any time without warning depending on commercial realities and expansion. If we change countries and or hosting we may have to remove data and or change the site to accommodate the laws of the country or hosting provider at the time. If this is the case we will let you know in writting first.

25. You may be subject to your own internet laws as well depending on where your posting from and you agree to abide by them.

26. If people hit us with a court order asking for your email and or IP address which the ISP will most probably track, we can't protect you and advise caution if your reporting the news from a country with a poor human rights record. We don't have the resources to protect you.

24. TheSexTree.co.uk is currently hosted on UK servers and is subject to UK law but we have had them on American servers previously and we reserve the right to change the country or hosting company at any time without warning depending on commercial realities and expansion. If we change countries and or hosting we may have to remove data and or change the site to accommodate the laws of the country or hosting provider at the time. If this is the case we will let you know electronically either before or immediatly after its done.

28. You agree that we may change out terms and conditions without notice and that we will notify you electronically if our terms change.

29. Again please think carefully before posting information on TheSextree.co.uk and be careful about what information you provide to other Users.

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