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You get a lot of functionality for free, but knowing is so much better, so learn who visited, who said what and when in your quest for love, power or what ever else it is your after in this world.


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By Upgrading Your Account to Premium. You Get The Devil's ToolKit Which includes All This Additional Power For only £10 £5 a Month
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the Devil's Toolkit)

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Full unrestricted access to the sextree:

  • View Sex Link Information of all members - See their strengths and weaknesses, so you get the real low down on who they are from the people who know them best. Their ex's to help you find a better match!

  • The Free Devils Tool Kit Includes:

    See who gave you what ratings in view ratings.
    Tracked Profile Visitors -View which users keep visiting your profile, and how often.
    Track Journal Visitors - View who actually reads your journal entries, and how often.
    Tracked Campaigns - See who voted for what and why.
    See who's got you on their favourites list.
    see who's blocked you.
    see anonymous play cupid responses

    See who fancies you plus:

  • More personal upload space  for your profiles 64 instead of 10 media slots. 
  •  larger upload limit for Media. 1MB file size instead of 500k which is better for selling yourself
  • Access  a wider range of poker stars, male and female
  • Access to premium member articles
  • Access to Chat
  • Ability to manage your own chat rooms
  • Unrestricted Journals
  • View adult media
  • Ability to create and manage your own forums.
  • Reveal anonymous cupid matches from free members - you'll see who's trying to set you up.
  • Keep your anonymity when playing cupid. Match make your friends in complete anonymity, so they don't see who's setting you up.
  • Priority for site support, site enhancements. That means I won't just ignore it, doesn't mean I'll do anything, but at least I'll read it and will write a nice response.
  • This is on top of this Free  standard functionality,  you get when you first Register for Free:

    • Your own public profile.
    • Your own journal page, up to 1000 entries for free.
    • Have your own Newspaper and run your own Campaigns.
    • Your own personal URL, set it to point to your profile,Journal, Newspaper or Status Updates.
    • Update your status by SMS. 
    • Post events and bulletins with added security.
    • Send mail by SMS, and send anonymous mail as well.
    • View cupid search results, and see how you match on the love, hate scale.
    • Add questions to refine the search for a better match.
    • view your links journals on one easy page, so you don't have to trawl through them individually.
    • Post on our forums.
    • Link to and rate your Exs, friends and business partners, so you know who's good and who's not.
    • Leave comments on your friends profiles and journals,  including leaving media links. supporting a wide range of formats (audio/video and images)
    • Maintain a favourites list, of those users you like.
    • Post new stories, and upload your research to the world
    • Personalise your journal and profiles, by choosing independent themes.
    • Rate other users, on their profiles. (a range of questions, showing how far you'll go)
    • Block Users  - keep undesirables from seeing you or communicating with you.
    • Selective Security  - say who reads which entries, and can view which answers on your profile questionnaires and who can view which media!
    • Upload and view each others media adult and non adult alike (limits apply to file size if the files resides on the thesextree, unlimited pointers to external storage sites)
    • Search users and journals for free.
    • Play cupid -  introduce users to one another and break the ice between friends, lovers and business partners.
    • Public pointer to your username,  choose your journal or your profile, i.e. http://www.thesextree.co.uk/gothiclight
    • Upload and review each others media (videos, audio, articles and images) 
    • Free internal messaging to other users (we don't charge like other sites)
    • Free articles and courses on psychic development, tarot, business, and politics
    • Temptations - online auctioning site, with temptations post what you want, and what you can offer, and allow others to bid on them.
    • Track your Temptations, and view the status on your bids, ask questions of other users.
    • Anonymous temptations, post fantasies, and let the users bid on them,  without them knowing who you are. until the deal is made.
    • play strip poker against our computer players, Texus Holdem and Draw Poker, against our male and female computer generated opponents, including the pg variety. 
    • Resume saved games, so you can continue where you left off, and enjoy the video end game.
    Current Posting Restrictions On These Accounts
    Free Account Premium Member Limited Edition
    FREE £5 a Month £10 a Month
    View The Tree
    Send SMS Email
    Upadte Status via SMS
    Anonymous Email
    Favourites List
    Rate Users
    Total Upload Space 1 MB 5 MB 200 MB
    Upload File Size 500k 1 MB 2 MB
    Journal Limit 10000 100000 1000000
    Daily Status Limit 5 50 50
    Status Expiry Limit* 31 365 365
    Daily Bulletin Limit 5 50 50
    Bulletin Expiry* 31 Days 365 Days 365 Days
    Inbox Limit (i.e. Its full) 50 200 200
    Inbox Expiry* 31 Days 365 Days 365 Days
    Daily Send Mail Limit 5 25 150
    Total Friends Limit 100 500 5000
    Daily Add Limit: 20 20 20
    Forum creation Limit 10 25 50
    Daily Profile Comment Limit 50 50 50
    Profile Comment Expiry 31 Days 365 Days 365 Days
    Article Limit 50 50 50
    Temptation Limit 10 25 50
    Temptation Expiry Limit* 365 Days 365 Days 365 Days
    Event Limit 10 10 10
    Event Expiry Limit* 31 Days 365 Days 365 Days
    Publish Main News Feed
    Access To Chat Rooms
    Add Questions
    Who view my profile
    Who viewed my journal
    Who added me to favourites
    See who Blocked Me
    See who rated me
    Hidden Tarot Meanings
    Support on psychic course
    Access Our Law Database
    Upgrade to Delux Adult Package (month): £4.99 FREE FREE
    Upgrade to Delux Adult Package (year): £50.00 £5.00 FREE
    Free Newspaper
    Newspaper Pro

    These limits are designed to help fight spam, to promote fair use, and exist mainly to stop people taking the p*** and/or spoiling the site.

    We reserve the right to change these quotas up or down without notice in an effort to safeguard the site. So its a bit like government and taxes prone to change depending on the state thesextree economy is in. i.e. the more optimistic/better we're doing, the more generous we are...

    *Anything passed its expiry date, is liable to get deleted without notice, in order to safeguard space. If you still have stuff past that date, don't assume its safe, as anything that old can and will be deleted on a whim. Though i will try and avoid deleting anything if at all

    Ideally we would like to offer as much for free as possible however there are limits and these are what they are as we have to eat.


        To subscribe we accept payments via paypal  

    Buy a subscription for another member?

    It is still early days so we don't know what functionality will be coming, but I will aim to cater for paid members first. I confess I have no idea how big or how quick this site will grow so restrictions for how much people can do might have to be put into place very quickly. If there's functionality you would like to see on the site, let us know and we mightadd it, take the piss, or do something with it. I like to help, and see people smile.

    -The Sex Tree Team
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