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Date Posted: 20/Mar/2019 Journalist: gothiclight
"Philippines to charge Sanofi officials over dengue vaccination deaths"
noting another article stating "Philippines charges ex-health secretary in connection to vaccine deaths" 1/3/2019
1/23/2019 upto 250 nhs hospital patient deaths to be reviewed
1/12/2019 two clozopine deaths reported to coroner
1/11/2019 guardian reporting "top cancer scientist dies after yellow fever vaccination"
12/12/2018 rubella measals vacination deaths reported in utter pradesh
2/25/2018 that organ donationation act needs to be stopped
1/31/2018 Falun Gong Used For Organ Transplants
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Has anyone ever died by coffee poising, answer appears to be yes
Best Film Award Possibly Potentially goes to 1922 Haxan
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electricity from running water
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Falun Gong Used For Organ Transplants
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